How can I do Medifast Diet without paying for online / meetings?

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Quick question: How can I do Medifast Diet without paying for online / meetings? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Are you starting Medifast in October?.

Did you start Medifast in October?.

Do you just like the month of October?.

Do you just want a GREAT group for support? venting? questions?.

Join us!.

Tell us a lil about yourself!.

Let's all go through this together, one packet at a time!.




Here is the link to last weeks thread if you would like to catch up.

Here is the code for the banner to put in your signature. Just take the 4 ****(asterisks) out from the front and back..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Hi Everyone!!! Welcome back kat, glad you are feeling better and thanks for the info on the medication..

Sandy, OMG... how scary!! So glad you and your friend are okay. It could have been much worse. Hope the aches and pains go away quickly. Isn't it just a couple of weeks until your DH comes home? How exciting!!!.

Congrats to all who got through halloween!!! And to those who got right back on program!!.

I went to my doctor today. He was totally blown away not just by my wt. loss but by my attitude too. His plan is to take me off insulin YIPPIE!!! I am going down to 10 units morning and evening and then 5 units and then off... WOOHOO!!! Once he has my labs back, I may even get to go off other medications for high cholesterol and triglycerides. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!.

Have a great day, week, month, year, life!!!..

Comment #2


Thank you! I am feeling much better..


That is AMAZING! I am so happy for you! Isn't it a great feeling to be getting healthier day by day..

Comment #3

Hi Dagr and welcome to the Oct. OP'ers. This is a great group of losers... LOL... how bout telling us a little about yourself? We'd love to hear and you can check our older threads to read about each of us. Great job you're doing so far!!! Keep up the good work!..

Comment #4

Willow, that is GREAT news!.

Welcome, Dagr! I started the program on Oct. 14. You've lost a lot more weight than I have, though. Way to go!!..

Comment #5

Welcome Dagr!.

Congrats Willow! You've come a long ways in terms of your insulin I'm sure it will be a great feeling once you're finally off of it!..

Comment #6

Hi everybody-.

I havent posted in two weeks but Im still here.

After the horrible flu, it's been one thing after the other. All good stuff, but I've been crazy busy. Just came back from NY. It was chilly up there, glad to be back in FL. I've been doing great. I LOVE Medifast.

Bought a magic bullet blender to stay on it while I was away..

Fulfilled my first goal - to lose 10 lbs. My next goal is to lose 20 lbs by my trip on Nov 19th. Only 9 more lbs..

Hope everyone is doing very well. Too tired now, but will try to read back all the posts..


Comment #7

Thank you for the warm welcome......

The cliff notes version:.

I am a 30 something who is trying to fit in her 20 something clothes..

The weight came due to combo of things....thyroid, laziness, and having a job where you sit down all day. I hope to learn from fellow MF's and become a "Loser."..

Comment #8

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the kind words and support about my accident. You guys are the best! I still have a lot of neck, stomach and knee pain but hopefully my doctor will see me soon so I can get rid of it. I hope it will go away on it's own. Hubby comes home next friday and we go on the cruise the next Thursday so this is not the right time to be hurting but then again when is the right time? It is just a shame that you have to go through all this even if it wasn't your fault. Things happen..

Today is my 4th week weigh in. I can't believe it is been one month! I didn't think I would lose much this week considering I haven't gotten much water in and missing a meal here or there but I did lose 2 lbs for the week so my grand total for the month is 13.4 lbs. I am happy with that. I hope everyone has a great day and I will write more later just wanted to share my weigh in news! Have a great OP day. Welcome dagr and welcome back Jennifer!..

Comment #9

Morning everybody! Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. Just was enjoying time with my family and had a great time over Halloween. I did take a tumble head first off the wagon, but I've got over some emotional obstacles and now am fully prepared to head into the 200 teens! Before I was dealing with such fear issues, I never would have stayed there for long. So this week my goal is to at least maintain and then next week be a trail blazer!.

Today is my DH birthday and I am gearing up for the celebration! He will have his standard pizza bun dinner and I will have pizza bun in a bowl to go with it. It will be OP and probably over zucchini ribbons of some sort. Just have to figure out the toppings. I'm thinking like a BBQ chicken pizza with 3T onions, shredded lowfat cheese, and a condiment serving of BBQ sauce..

I will NOT be indulging in the birthday cake, but will take lots of pictures of it since Marvin the Martian and Daffy the Duck are on it! Can't wait to see it. Instead I think I'll have a brownie with maybe some cream cheese on it..

KatGlad you're back and sorry you got nailed by the flu. Being sick is sooo hard!.

SandyAccidents are so scary! I'm glad you're okay!.

JenniferCongratulations! That is awesome!.

Dagr, welcome to the group, and Willow congrats to you too! I'm sure it is a great feeling coming off of meds! I remember when I was pregnant and they kept having to up my insulin how horrible I felt..

Oh, also thanks to everyone who said they liked my profile pic. I like it too! It was taken at my sister's bachelorette party in April after a day of massages and facials! No wonder my skin looks so good!..

Comment #10

Hi everyone! I have been soo busy with work and the twins that I really haven't had time to post. I do read and keep up! Everyone is doing great!.

Sandy - so sorry to hear about the accident. Hopefully you can rest, get your meals in and still do great before the cruise..

Willow- that is awesome about the meds. My Dh is on the plan with me too and he is having to lower his insulin quite a bit. He goes to the doc in 2 weeks so I am excited to see what his doctor says!.

Not too bad of a week so far. I was down 2 lbs this week. I think exercise is actually slowing me down. It makes me healthier overall and I am good with 2 lbs being gone forever. Work is still awful for food being around but I am really trying to just avoid those areas. DH and I have a good plan for Thanksgiving so I am stoked about that.

Hopefully 30 by Christmas..

Welcome Dagr and welcome back Jennifer..

Sorry if I missed people. I hope you all are having a great Tuesday and a great week!..

Comment #11

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! I'm finally feeling better after going off program Friday afternoon...I saw 208 this morning but I won't change my ticker until Sunday. I did avoid all Halloween candy on Sunday, which was good. I also managed to get 125 crunches in last night. Ever since being pregnant, I have love handles that weren't there before...Just trying to get rid of them. I am contemplating exercise, however I'm not ready for the slower losses that come with exercise. It's unfortunate that it has to be that way.

I am amazed at how time flies...I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already three weeks from this Thursday!!! I have some major pounds to lose before then...I WILL DO THIS!!.

Have a great OP day!!..

Comment #12

Welcome to the Medifast fam.



Nice job getting thru everything OP Welcome Back!.


Enjoy you DH's B-day! Your plan for a chicken BBQ pizza sounds yummy I don't think it's your skin in the picture(even tho now that you mention it I see the spa glow) lady have a beautiful smile.


Congrats on the 13.4 lbs gone! Hope your doc appointment goes well..


Great job staying strong at work!.


Thank you for the Cauli Pizza recipe link...I made it and the first crust was a epic FAIL LoL but the next way came out really good it might be a "trigger" for me.

So sad because it really was delish...I found myself wanting more that the 1 serving and getting cravings back....I guess it's going to take longer than a month on Medifast to fully kick my "love affair" with pizza.....


How's it going on the C25K?.

I'm feeling so much better! Now that I'm actually back to normal I can't believe how bad the flu kicked my rear this year. I was excited to start working out again but the weather is starting to get sooo cold here so I am afraid I'm going to have to pass up my Aqua Zumba for regular Zumba. I'm also going to take up yoga. Meditation was recommended for me because of some anxiety issues I have. Now with holidays coming up what better time to try and focus and center myself all while working out.

So what are ya'lls plans for Thanksgiving? How are you spending it? Are you already x-mas shopping?.

I'm debating on going home for T day but I don't know if I want to go now or save the trip for christmas. Since I live so far from family I usually only make it home for 1 or the other. I am the worst procrastinator. I tell myself every year that I will get shopping done early. I never do though. It will be the week before x-mas and I'll still be looking for the "perfect" gift.

Hope everyone is having a terrific OP Tuesday!..

Comment #13

Hi Kat! I'm glad you're feeling better...sorry about the triggering cauliflower pizza! Hopefully you can enjoy it when you're a bit further in your journey.

I eat only two max per week...and I try to eat them early in the week. My body likes salads with chicken or tuna better than the pizza. It is a good food for those days where you want to stay OP but others are eating yummy stuff around you!.

I just had my 4th meal (no, not Taco Bell.

) of the day...It was soooo good. I made the pancakes in a shaker jar with 1 tbsp of sf gingerbread syrup, the rest water. I let it sit after shaking for a good 10 minutes and then nuked it in a mug for 1 min 15 seconds. I then mixed 1 tbsp lf cream cheese with a sprinkle of splenda. I cut the "pancake muffin" in half and spread the cream cheese mixture on each half. SO GOOD!! The pancake comes out so dense it's unbelievable!! You all must try it!!..

Comment #14

Mmm, Julie, that sounds wonderful! I've got some pumpkin pie syrup but no gingerbread - I wonder how that would taste? I've only got one packet of pancakes left. I'm ordering two boxes next time because I love them!.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week! I finish up my third week tomorrow and I'm trying to decide if I want to weigh in or just wait till next week. My losses are so small that I was thinking it might be more of a boost in confidence for me to weigh every other week so the loss *seems* larger. Of course, I couldn't resist stepping on the scale this morning just for a peek, and it says I've lost 3.8 pounds. The way my body is, though, by tomorrow morning that could be back down to 1.8 or something. Decisions, decisions, LOL!..

Comment #15

I woke up this morning and my neck is still bothering me but not as bad as yesterday. I am trying not to take too many pain killers. The emergency doc gave me vicadin but I really dont want to use it. I heard it's addictive. My lower tummy is all bruised so it hurts to get up and down. My own doctor cant see me till Friday so I guess I have to wait until then.

My sister already started her therapy today. Too bad I have to wait. I hope this doesnt affect my cruise on Nov 18th. I really wanted to do some excursions but I guess I have to see. Anyways, my hubby is coming home next Friday! Yay! Just out of curiosity, can you do medifast if you are pregnant? We will probably wait until he gets back from Afghan next May anyways but just curious.

Thats good news for me but now Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I love the holidays! We actually celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah since I am Catholic and Hubby is Jewish so the more holidays the better! I hope everyone has a great day! There is so much to be thankful for. I love life even though it throws curveballs at you (even ones that hurt such as the car accident!). Have a great day!.


I hope you had a fun time at your hubbys birthday celebration! The BBQ Chicken Pizza in a bowl sounds really good. Do you use sugar free BBQ? A massage and facial sounds nice about now. I know I could use one. Im glad you are conquering your fear issues. Before you know it you will be in onederland!.


That is what I was concerned about when bringing exercise into my daily routine. It seems to be slowing down weight loss which sounds crazy because it is suppose to be good for you. I cant do anything right now anyways but I may still include a 30 minute walk on my treadmill daily once I can do it..


Your crunch ticker is moving along as well as your weight loss ticker. You are doing really good. I got more than love handles to get rid of lol more like cinnamon rolls but I will get there. Wow that pancake muffin sounds good. I will have to try that but I dont have gingerbread syrup right now but I am going to try it with Caramel or English Toffee. Keep the recipe ideas coming.


Thanks for the info on Nyquil having carbs. I always take Nyquil because I hate taking pills. It is a mind thing. I did get my flu shot the other day but not sure if they work well. This is my first year getting it. Im glad you are feeling better.

Is it a Spanish type of dance aerobics? I am going to be spending it with my hubby and his family. We are going to eat on the military base with his entire family o that will be my lean and green meal for the day. The rest of the day Ill eat my Medifast meals. Since hubby leaves the day after Thanksgiving, I will head over to my parents house for the weekend. I havent even thought about xmas shopping yet lol.

I tend to shop more online than in the stores..


I have the same problem. I weigh myself one day and it says one thing and then the next day says another. Most of the time I weigh myself five times at one time until I finally get a number that repeats itself twice in a row lol. Scales are so funny or maybe it is just me...

Comment #16

Happy Hump Day All! The weekend is in sight.

I hope that everyone is doing well!.

Sandy - No you cannot do Medifast while you are pregnant. Ketosis is very bad for a fetus. Speaking from experience, I would advise losing weight before you become pregnant. I was about 240 when I became pregnant and wish that I hadn't been that heavy. At the end, it was very uncomfortable and also ended up with gestational diabetes. I know that sometimes GD has nothing to do with weight, however I believe that if I had been at a healthier weight, I may have not had GD...Just a bit of unsolicited advice.

I'm glad you're feeling better!.

I hope everyone has a great OP day!!..

Comment #17

Happy Wednesday!.

We had a great B-day celebration! I ended up skipping the BBQ sauce for me and just had chicken on top of zucchini, asparagus and topped with low fat mozza cheese. It was good!.

Sandy and JulieI weighed 232 when I got pregnant and I really don't want to do it while that heavy again! I got GD really early, probably meant I was pre-diabetes, and I had so many doctors visists every month, one to see an endocrinologist. Then at the end of the pregnancy I had to go to the hospital twice a WEEK for non-stress tests! UGH! That lasted for 2 months, I think. Until I was there every day because I was developing pre-eclampsia..

Kat, I'm glad you're feeling better and thanks for the compliment about my smile! That is always nice! I am about 85% done Christmas shopping. YAY! I have packages almost ready to go to Canada where my DH family lives. For thanksgiving we are going to my sisters with my parents etc. But I think it'll be a good time. My sister is a low carb dieter so she won't be upset if I refuse something, so that'll be nice!.

Tabitha, hmm...maybe take the 3.8 lbs...LOL....I am thinking of skipping this week too just so it won't get me down since I am really just OP 2 days or so when it comes to my official weigh in...

Comment #18

Good thing I asked about getting pregnant with medifast. Hubby wants one now but I want to wait. That way we can both experience the pregnancy together. It would be so lonely if I was pregnant while he is away. Honestly, I never heard of GD. Is that diabetes in your instestine? Is that something that lasts even after your pregnant? Ill make sure to get healthier before getting pregnant because knowing my luck I will get everything in the book.

Is it 35?.


That BBQ chicken bowl sounded yummy o I just came from buying Walden Farms no sugar BBQ sauce at my local grocery store. It is so much cheaper buying it there than on the WF website plus the $9 shipping rate!..

Comment #19

GD is diabetes you have while pregnant. It goes away once you give birth, but raises your risks of regular diabetes later and if..

Comment #20

Sandy - Gestational Diabetes is diabetes when you are pregnant. Most of the time it goes away immediately after you give birth. There are varying degrees of GD. I had a pretty mild case...Didn't have to take insulin shots/pills, only had to watch carbs and test my blood sugar levels 5x per day. Doctors consider "advanced maternal age" when you give birth at age 35 or older. Doesn't necessarily mean you will have any complications though! And don't worry until you have to!! I'm just giving advice that I wish that I would have had when I got preggers..

Comment #21

Sandy, I too had gestational diabetes, and mine was severe enough that I had to give myself insulin shots twice a day. Thinking back on it, I was probably already a pre-diabetic before I even got pregnant. I was 32 and my doctors considered me at "advanced maternal age". I weighed 204 when I got pregnant, but when I discovered I had GD in my third trimester and they put me on the strict diet, I began to LOSE weight. My doctors were fine with that, since I was getting enough calories and was obese to begin with. My son weighed 9 lbs.

And he was born 3 weeks early (by c-section)! He had gotten so large that the docs were afraid he'd get stuck in the birth canal if we waiting for him to be born naturally. I was NOT interested in having that happen, LOL!.

I gave in to curiosity and stepped on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-in, and I've lost 3.2 pounds this week! It's not the 3.8 that it was yesterday, but I'LL TAKE IT, hee hee! Heck, I only lost 3.2 pounds in my first two weeks TOTAL, so I am overjoyed about it! I am heading into my, uh, pre-TOM week, so we'll see what the scale does to me next week. I'm going to up my water intake to see if that helps with the bloating. I'm going to have a challenging week next week. I've been asked to make some appetizers for an auction we're having at church on the 12th, and it is going to be soooo hard to resist tasting them. They involve crescent rolls, lil smokies, brown sugar and honey and walnuts and they are incredible. Just thinking about them is making me want them.

It will be a huge test, but I am positive that I can do it!.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! I'm off to update my ticker.....

Comment #22

Tabitha, congrats on the weight loss, that's amazing! All through my pregnancy they said DD was going to be about 10lbs because of my GD and she came out at 7lbs, lol. I didn't by any newborn clothes because I was afraid she'd be too big and then it was like, uh-oh. She wasn't a tiny newborn but she wasn't the monster they prepared me for too..

She was long though, so they take length and then calculate how much fat they will have. She was just a lean baby, and that's why their calculations were off. Course they don't tell you that part, I found out when researching. I did have to have a C-Section though after 4 hours of pushing on NO DRUGS! And she was sunny side up, which I guess was missed during the weekly ultrasounds I was having, or she flipped last minute...

Comment #23

I also had GD with the boys. But I have PCOS which if you don't get the weight off, you are basically pre-diabetic before you even start. I had to do 4 shots of insulin everyday !!! Our case was though that we are kind of on borrowed time. I never could ovulate right and we knew it was a huge problem. This was our third attempt at IVF after trying other means for nearly 5 years and 2 miscarriages. I was lucky to carry my twins as long as I did.

Now, I concentrate on getting healthy so I am here and get to play with them!..

Comment #24

Thursday weigh in...only lost 1/2 a pound, but after being bad over the weekend, I'm just glad I didn't gain! I've still lost 11 lbs in less than a will be a month on Nov 7th, so I"m hoping to be in the 180's by then...i"m currently at 190.5!..

Comment #25

Morning Everyone! I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!! I've been working at a different worksite for the last three weeks and am really tired of commuting 100 miles per day...I usually only commute 40...I get to go to my regular worksite tomorrow and only three more days next week! Yay! The scale isn't being very nice to me this week...We'll see what Sunday holds...I am feeling really good in clothes, so I'm trying to focus on that..

Tabitha - Woo Hoo!! Great loss for you!! Keep it up.

Halobabe - Congrats on your loss...the weeks after going off plan are tough!.

To all that commented on the pancake muffin with cream cheese frosting...I think this would be good with pretty much any type of SF syrup, honestly! I just happend to have the gingerbread one...Has anyone tried this? I'm supposed to be getting a new order on Monday...Very excited for that!!.

Have a fab day everyone!..

Comment #26

Hi Everyone!!! Great weight loss Tabitha!!! WTG to all who lost weight this week!!! Sandy, I am with you about not being pregnant while DH is gone. Your hormones are so up and down, that I would think it would be very hard!! Julie, what do you do that you travel so much? Will you get to stay at your regular work site once you get back there?? That has got to be hard to commute 100 miles, geez!!!!.

Well, I am having a good week. I lost 2.8 pounds for a total of over 20. That means I reached my goal of 20 pounds gone by Thanksgiving. My 2nd goal is 40 pounds gone by Christmas, and now that I have started exercising, I should be able to do it. I just started walking, very slowly, but hey I did a mile and am just going to keep doing it. I also got into a pair of size 14 Levi's the other day SHOCK!!! I haven't been able to wear those in years.

I told a friend that my family is going to have to bury me with my Medifast... LOL....

It seems like we Oct. OP'ers are slowing down a bit. I emailed Heather and haven't heard back and now, where is our token dude??? I hope everyone is doing well whether or not they are posting!!!.

Well, I am off to search for that pancake muffin recipe Julie. I am hoping you posted it here and I just missed it. I didn't have pancakes until today. Oh, hey, has anyone checked out EBAY for Medifast meals??? There are all kinds on there, some priced fairly well. I just ordered 4 boxes of cappucino, for the same price I would pay here but with free shipping. Y'all might want to check it out... OK, take care and I will be back soon!!!..

Comment #27

With two extra days this week (moving weigh in day to Friday), I'm down 3.6 for week three - putting me at 235.4 for my current weight..

I've been MIA for several days and will be so for another two or three.....hectic week around here - too much to keep up with and no time to post I do read when I get a chance..

Everyone have a good weekend...

Comment #28

Halobabe - great news on the weight loss, even after a bad weekend!.

Willow - wow, 20 lbs! I'm just hoping to get there by Christmas with my slow self, LOL!.

I've been fighting a sinus headache for 2 days now. I think it's because we've got our heat on now and the air is dryer. I'm going to start using some saline spray to see if that helps..

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #29

Oops, I missed Elaine! Wow, congrats on your loss, girl! I'd be thrilled if I could lose that much by next week!..

Comment #30

Elaineway to go! That is awesome. Wow!.

I peaked at the scale this morning even though I said I was skipping this week's weigh in because of my OP issues this week and I am down a lb to 219! I broke out of the 220s! I'm so excited! I will be back to weighing next Thursday. So 6 more days of awesomeness to go!.

Wow, Willow, you are awesome! Way to go 20 lbs is intense!.

I noticed our crew seemed to be getting shorter, maybe we should try to get new people invited? I hope our token dude will check in soon! I miss him!.

It's totally raining the last two days, boo! DD and I spent awhile playing at the mall, it has a little kid play area. She had so much fun. I think I'll bring her there again today. She was smiling and bouncing around the other kids. I think she thought they were playing even though they were older than she was, lol..

Last night I made mock Sheppard's pie. It was so good! I will post my recipe for it later. It was pretty basic, but REALLY good..

TGIF guys!!..

Comment #31

Hey All, I'm still around and lurking. I read every morning, but nothing interesting to post(I've never been so I just move on. I'll start posting more again! Congrats on everyone's losses! We've gotten past Candyween and now just Thanksgiving and Christmas to go and I think we can do it!.

Moving into November it would be interesting to see how much all of us combined lost last month! Today is my 5th week weigh in and I'm down another 5.2 lbs, bringing me to 279.4 (woooo under 280) and 36.6 lbs lost!.

I hope you all have a safe and OP Medifast weekend!.

Oh and Kat, c25k is going slowly, I messed up my foot playing basketball with the guys last monday so I haven't really been able to do anything this week...

Comment #32

Hey ya'll just a quick check in since I didn't get to yesterday..

I'm seeing some wonderful WIs Congrats!.

Seems quite a few ppl have been missing for awhile. I hope all is well with them. I've noticed a trend on threads where if you slip off plan some people disappear out of shame. There is no shame in this game. We are all human!.

I was reading in a different thread how some ppl have alternate ways other than our "MF land" to reach people real email, facebook, phone # etc. I am willing and going to send ya'll a PM with my info. That way if I go "missing" for over a week or so without notice ya'll will have a way to reach me. I understand life gets busy and sometimes we just don't have time to post but at the same time if I fall off the wagon and just need a encouraging word sometimes knowing someone cares enough to check up on you is going to give you the get up and go you need..

I want each and everyone one of us to reach our goals!.

If you are willing to share your info go ahead and pm me with it.

Here is what the msg in you inbox is going to look like! If you want just copy & paste with your info in a pm.

Name: Kat.


Phone: cell/house # (mine is a cell).

Time Zone: CDT Texas.

FaceBook/Myspace: I have both but don't use either much so no info here..

In the Note I put just a lil info so we won't be bothersome instead of supportive.

Note: I'm more of a txter than a caller and I usually won't answer a # not saved in my phone. Call me ANYTIME if you need me. Time Zones don't mean a thing(I'm a night owl anyways) I will return your calls/txt ASAP but I am notorious for not replying immediately..

If I go "missing" for over a week without notice....

Preferences: 1st. Email.

2nd. Txt.

3rd. Call.

Anytime is fine!..

Comment #33

Ok so I think I sent everyone my info if I missed you I'm sorry just let me know!.

I want us all to reach our goal! I will support ya'll as much as I can!.


Please post the Sheppard pie recipe. I'm still loving the buffalo chicken pasta toss.


If ya'll like something with a lil kick and just yummy check out Jilly's recipe for the buffalo chicken pasta toss in her blog..


Woo Hoo! You are rocking this! Hope your foot gets better soon!.

I like Conrads idea of tallying up how much we lost together for the month of October.

So how much did we lose Oct OP'ers?.

Conrad 36.6.

Kat 35.4.

Total= 72 lbs so far!..

Comment #34

I lost 10 lbs in October!.

Hi, Conrad! It's good to see you! But sorry about your foot.

I am going to be doing up some recipes in my blog tonight. Both of them require the mashed cauliflower recipe, but it is totally worth the effort!.

Kat, I sent you my info! Thanks for the good idea!..

Comment #35

Hi everyone! I have been checking the board here and there but I really didnt feel like writing much. I had a lot of neck and knee pain for the past few days. For some reason when I was scheduled to go to the doctor for my follow up, it kind of diminished. Hmmm things always seem to get better when I have plans to see the doctor that day lol. I guess that is a good thing because I feel really good now except the knee which hurts a little. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

I think I need to stop being a daily weigher because my scale is just not budging for the past few days. I guess I will see what it says on Tuesday. I have never really cheated except the very first day but maybe I am not getting enough water or maybe that is why they tell you not to weigh yourself everyday lol. Do you find it is easier to stay on this diet than others? When I was on other plans I used to always cheat and get fast food but not with this one..


Wow 3.2 lbs in one week! Thats fantastic! Those crescents with smokies and walnuts sound to die for. I have never had them mixed with honey and walnuts sounds like a great mix. Something sweet and salty..


Congrats on your loss too! A loss is a loss and your right at least you didnt gain..

Julie that is a lot of miles to commute. Do you like going to different work sites? Looks like a good job if you like variety and a regular change in environment. I tried the pancake muffin mix but with chocolate syrup and with the chocolate chip pancake mix. I am a chocoholic lol. Tasted very yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe..


Congrats on reaching your goal of 20 lbs gone by Thanksgiving! Also, congrats on fitting in those size 14 Levis! Pretty soon you will need a whole new wardrobe! I know I cant wait to get new clothes. Thanks for the heads up on ebay. I will check it out!.


Keep up the great work! I wish I could say I was down 3.6 lbs for the week but I just dont think that is going to happen this time around..


Congrats on hitting the teens! Everyone is doing so well! I saw your shepherds pie recipe on your blog. It sounds really good and I love love love shepherds pie. It is amazing how creative Mfers get when they really want something. How do you make mashed cauliflower? Do you add anything to it or just mash cooked cauliflower?.


You are a speed demon at weight loss. I want what you are having lol. You always seem to lose a lot each week!.


I lost 13.4 lbs for October. Also, thanks for your info. I got it! Thats a great idea!..

Comment #36

Kat - October was 17 pounds for me..

Sandy - most people are mixing one or two wedged of LC cheese (flavor is your choice) into the mashed cauliflower. I bought everything for that and the zucchini noodles today and am looking forward to trying them this weekend..

Conrad - Wow!!! Congrats on another great week and I hope your foot is better soon..

Running crazy - but I read everyday....just no time to postChampionship football games for all three of my boys teams tomorrow morning. Always tough b/c the games overlap and with all the water intake, there is one (really awful) port-a-potty....I generally keep my fluid intake to a minimum in the morning Sat - then try to catch up all afternoon.

Looking forward to no more Sat games for a bit!!.

Have a great weekend -..

Comment #37

Hey Sandy.

I boil/steam the cauliflower than measure out too cups and put in my blender with a wedge of LC cheese. For the shepard's pie I used French Onion, but for my buffalo recipe, I used blue cheese. Yummo! I do put a little water, but that's only to help my blender out. It does ice really good, but it needs help with dry ingredients...

Comment #38

Kat - my October loss was 31.4 lbs.

Jilly - I'll have to check out your blog, I'm a terrible cook so I'm hoping your recipes are dummy proof! hah.

Sandy - Glad to hear that your neck is feeling better and I hope your knee recovers quickly. I just follow the 5&1 exactly, rarely snack, and don't use condiments except for a little cooking spray if needed. I also switch my L&G times up, some say it helps. I'm not sure if it does just what I've been doing. In relative terms, the percent of weight we've both lost isn't that far off from each other..

Elaine - Thanks! It's getting better, but still a little messed up. Hope your sons do well tomorrow!..

Comment #39

Good morning!.

Baby is up, so I'm up. Funny how that works!.

Conrad, my recipes are usually pretty easy and very quick to make. I don't have much time to really spend alot of time focusing on what I'm cooking, so I throw them together fast. And congrats on your weight loss so far! I am not sure if I said that last night when I posted. I was so tired and on my way to bed!..

Comment #40

Happy Saturday, my fellow Oct-OPer's! I hope everyone is doing well!.

I had a *teeny* little setback last night. We went to a friend's house for a Friday night get together (we usually do this every Friday, but this is the first one they've had in a month because they were moving, so it is the first one since I've been doing MF). It involves copious amounts of wine and ALWAYS some munchies. The husband is an *excellent* cook and always has some kind of fantastic appetizer(s) laid out. None of the people there know I'm on an eating plan because I'm not comfortable sharing that yet. Anyway, I turned down the wine.

And was doing great with the food since it was in the dining room and I was sitting in the living room. Then they decided to move everything to the coffee table in front of the couch I was sitting on..

Yeah. I did okay for a long time, but all I could think about was how good the little mozzarella rollup thingys looked. He also had some very thinly sliced salami next the rollups. Finally, it overcame me and I had one of the mozzarella rollups and 2 slices of the salami. Sigh... On a good note, I did NOT have any of the crackers like I usually would have.

That was definitely a learning experience for me and I am not beating myself up about it because while I did go off plan, I did THINK about what I was doing and realize the work I need to do involving social gatherings with food. I'm right back on plan this morning. I'm not proud of what I did, but I'm not feeling like a total failure either, which is a change in how I always felt on other diets..

Thanks for reading that ramble..

Jilly - congratulations on breaking 220! Another milestone reached! I used to live at the mall play area when my son was little. We were poor seminarians (DH is an Episcopal priest) and it was cheap entertainment, LOL! When my son was done at the play area, we'd go look at the fountains, ride the escalators (over and over and over, LOL), and go to the arcade where he'd sit in one of the cars for a racing game and "drive". Good times..

Conrad - you are amazing, man! Way to go on your losses! Oh, and I hope your foot feels better soon..

Kat - I'll be sending you my e-mail - great idea!.

Sandy - I am so glad your hubby is coming home soon! How exciting!.

Well, I'm off to start the day! You all have a great weekend!..

Comment #41


Thanks for letting me know how to make the mashed cauliflower. I need to go get some cauliflower now. It seems like you can make a lot of things with it such as rice, potatoes, mac and cheese, etc. I need to start making it a stable in my house..


I think I am going to start switching when I eat my L&G. I always eat it late at night because that is when I am hungriest. Sounds like a good idea. So if you use no condiments you eat your L&G without anything, no spices, etc? Wow, I am not sure if I can do that. I have a hard time eating meats as it is with spices. Thanks for all the tips! I hope your knee gets better soon!.


Two slices of salami and some cheese does not sound too bad at all. That's great your were able to eat only that. Those social gatherings are always hard when everyone is eating and drinking right in front of you and everything smells so good. Yay for being back OP!.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I just talked to hubby and he leaves on Tuesday. They usually give them three days to get back because they have to stop in Kuwait. I am jus trying to get everythign planned out on what we are going to be doing and getting the house all cleaned up. Nothing exciting lol. Have a great day!..

Comment #42

Hey Sandy,.

Except when I post special recipes, I eat my lean and green without condiments and it's not that bad. I guess it depends what your lean is. If I use egg beaters, or cottage cheese, I don't even miss the condiments. Sometimes I do with beef, but I am usually a chicken or turkey gal anyway..

Of course that being said I'm working with a salmon burger recipe right now that probably will use almost all 3 condiments, LOL, but most of the time I do eat pretty plainly. It makes condiment meals more special...

Comment #43

Oh and Tabitha, sounds like you did awesome to me! if you are worried just have a few extra glasses of water.

It should flush it all right out of there!..

Comment #44

Thanks for the support, you guys! I forgot to mention that one woman brought some homemade cookies - she called them Snickers Surprise cookies. They were covered in powdered sugar and looked wonderful. The hostess put them on the coffee table right in front of me. Arrrggh... Strangely enough, though, what I wanted more than anything else was the cheese and the meat..

I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead and spill my guts to these people and ask that the food not be put in front of me or just struggle through and begin learning how to keep from "tasting" things. I guess I don't think I'm ready for the additional scrutiny I'll be getting if I say I'm on a diet. Any thoughts on this?..

Comment #45

I wish I had advice, but I haven't told anyone really except my husband. I haven't told my parents because I don't want the concerned looks and 20 questions. I did mention it to my sister just yesterday..

Tonight we are going to my sister's for her husband's bday. Just cake. I am bringing a Medifast brownie with cream cheese on it so I feel festive. I already told her I'm doing it so she's fine with it. Mostly I am worried about my mother. Last time I was on a strict diet (and lost 60 lbs, kept off about 40 of it) she would give me grief about it whenever we went out to eat, or did any social eating at all.

I'm hoping she'll be so focused on her granddaughter that she won't have enough time to try to get me to eat cake, cookies, pastry, and ice cream. I don't know why in my family the dessert course is bigger in the main course, but it's always been that way...

Comment #46, LOL! We're going to visit extended family at Christmas and I'll get to share it with them then. Gonna have to practice my answers to all the questions I'm sure to get...

Comment #47

Yes Kat - the cauliflower should be steamed first - get it soft enough that you can mash it or blend it..then put in the cheese to melt, stir and eat.....I'm actually fixing some right now for hubby and me..

Off to see Megamind with the kids at a dine-in theatre in a few minutes.....even the salads there are going to require modification!!..

Comment #48

I tell.


That I'm dieting...for the support!.

And so they know to keep fattening/sugary foods away from me! Then when someone (always is one) who says, oh you can have just one...I have to tell them, would you say that to an alcloholic?.

I have a sugar addiction...which physiologically, is very close to the same as a alcohol late father was an alcoholic and so I know I could be genetically predisposed to having this my brother (who died in April) was a also genetics! I am doing much better this weekend. Slept until noon! Have only had 1 Medifast meal so far, but have stayed on plan! I got a new shipment yesterday!!! I tried the brownie...was okay...but got me through the fact that my family wanted regular I didn't deprive myself! The Cream cheese topping sounds wonderful...I'll have to try that!..

Comment #49

How do I show my ticker???.

I started out at 201.5 on Oct. 7th, and am now 11 lbs lighter at 190.5 I'll weigh tomorrow to see how much I lost in a month!..

Comment #50

Good Sunday Morning/Afternoon Everyone.

I have been MIA for a few days, but have been on plan and doing fairly well. I weighed in this morning and am down another 3.6! That's 24 lbs in 6 weeks...not too shabby! I'm now 6.2 pounds away from my Thanksgiving Challenge goal of being in Onederland! I can't believe it...Historically, I've never been OP for longer than 7 weeks, so this week is a milestone for me. I have no doubt that I am staying with Medifast for the foreseeable future.

I have been totally slacking on the crunch challenge that I initiated.

I *will* make that goal also. I see others have been rocking their crunches! Great job ladies!! This week I have a self-imposed challenge of not drinking any diet soda. My consumption has gotten out of control in the last week or so and I want to see if not drinking any soda will have a positive effect on my weight loss. I still am getting my 4 liters of water in per day and have started drinking some caffeine-free herbal tea at night..

Kat - Thanks for the PM...I will get back to you with my info. Now that the holidays are approaching, I will need support..

To be honest with everyone, I really don't foresee myself being 100% on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. That's just my reality and I'm okay with it. I will get back on the horse the very next day. I *do not* plan on going crazy for four weeks straight during the holidays..

I wish everyone a great Sunday!!..

Comment #51

Hey Julie!!.

If you need support or help feel free to contact me anytime! Support really helps me too. I love the crunch challenge you started, and I try to do them every day! I didn't get a chance today because of a big headache, but I'll try to double up tomorrow! I think they are really helping, right now they are the only exercise I am getting...LOL.

WTG on being OP for this long and blowing your old record out of the water! My record before this I think was two weeks, which is pretty lame I'll admit. This time I am in it for the long haul!.

Last night I felt so good and proud of myself! I passed up on my BIL birthday cake which was lemon (my favorite) with raspberry mouse filling. I had my brownie and even when my mom offered to just give me a little, twice, I said no thanks, I'll just have my brownie. She said 'all right' sounding slightly disappointed and that was that!.

I felt so proud and good about myself. I swear it 'tasted' better than the cake, if that makes sense! I don't know if I'll make it through thanksgiving day and christmas day OP, but I am going to try as hard as I can because if I give myself permission to cheat, I will be a raging bull at the buffet table!.

My mom still makes the same treats I did as a kid, so I might give myself permission to have my favorite. We'll see what I weigh when we get to Christmas! Thanksgiving will be easier for me to pass because to be honest I've never liked her apple pie that much, but I've never told her that, so always ate it, year after year......

Comment #52

Hi guys!! I haven't checked in much because I have had 2 sick little ones. Twins are hard to take care of, but sick ones will run you ragged. So even with no sleep hubby and I are doing awesome OP..

Hopefully this next week will be better. Hope everyone had a good weekend and got that "extra" sleep...

Comment #53

Kat - I lost 10.4 in the month of October..

Comment #54

Awww, poor babies, Becky! I hope they are feeling better..

My total, puny weight loss for October was 6.4, Kat. Better than nothing, though, LOL!..

Comment #55

Halobabe I tell everyone I am on a diet too. Most are supportive but you are right there is always one lol that is you can just have one. They just dont understand that just one thing can throw you off keotosis and you will have to go through those horrible 3 days again just to get back on it. It is funny how some people respond to me being on this diet. I have gotten some people who have said I will gain it all back as soon as I start eating carbs again or they think it is just a fad diet. I think it is true you can gain it all back but not if you follow the transition phase, right? Oh and I had another person say your breath will smell if you are on a low carb diet lol.

Congrats on being 11 lbs lighter!.

Julie congrats on your 3.6 lb loss this week! Just out of curiousity, why did you stop at 7 weeks? I have seen quite a few people who return to MF. I guess I can relate for quitting other diets such as WW because I had horrible cravings for sugar and junk food but with Medifast I havent gotten many cravings yet. Congrats on passing your milestone! I am going to try to stay OP on the cruise and on the holidays but I am not sure if I am being realistic. Luckily, I am not having any of the Thanksgiving food in my house but rather going to a cafeteria style dining so you can only pick up your food once. Not having the food around me will help a lot but Im not sure about the cruise. We will see how I do.

Jilly I love lemon and raspberry together. That must have been one helluva cake. Good for you for passing it up. I really like the brownies too especially with the crream cheese icing on top..

Becky I hope your little ones are feeling better soon! Congrats on staying OP while they are sick!.

Tommorrow is weigh-in day. Wish me luck!..

Comment #56

Hey Sandy, good luck with your weigh in! How are you feeling now after your accident? I hope you are doing better! I don't really need negative comments right now from my loved ones, so that's why I have not told them it's medifast because I know they will google it and read all about it. Maybe after I have lost another 20 lbs or so....Transition is what helps your body adjust to eating more real foods..

Personally I think I can snack on the puffs and the pretzels indefinitely if it keeps me at my goal weight. I love to feel like I"m snacking. So if I'm gonna snack, I might as well use something that tastes good and actually has nutritional value!.

Becky, I hope your twins feel better soon. My DD has only been sick once, but it was not fun and I can't imagine having to go through all that with two babies at the same time. I always say God gives you what you can handle, and that's why he DIDNT give me twins!.

I have cooked radishes for the first time and oh gee, are they beautiful! And tasty! It looks like a frying pan full of red bliss potatoes. I think I might try grating them for hash browns and mashing them. They are very low carb and low calorie, so I think I might be in Love!..

Comment #57

Glad I'm not the only "Raging Bull", lol ...if I give myself permission to eat anything, too!!! My sugar cravings go berserk! I will cheat a little ON Christmas, but not Thanksgiving...but I WILL get right back on track the next day. It gives me something to look forward to...besides, I will be shopping all day and won't have time to eat!..

Comment #58

Jilly I feel pretty good. I have no more neck or shoulder pain from whiplash but one knee still isn't back to normal yet. Atleast I am not limping anymore. I know I have to see a doctor on this but I have these knots (like hard bumps on my lower belly from where the seat belt restrained me and where I have these big bruises) and I never thought anything of it and I didn't tell my doctor anything about it. Well, my sister had the same thing on her chest where her seatbelt was and her doctor said they were blood clots and she had to have them surgerically removed by being drained by a huge needle. I don't know if I should go back to my doctor or not for just that.

Thanks for asking!.

Do radishes tastes like potatoes? These look good and I have never tried them ever. Then again, I had never tried zucchini or squash either until recently lol and I love them...

Comment #59

Hi I didn't see a new thread for this week, so I am posting here!! Congrats to all who lost since I last posted and to Tabitha, you go girl!!! I love what you said about savoring the cheese and salami and not just wolfing it down!!! That really is what life will be about once we each reach maintenance, so good for you and I love that you did not beat yourself up!!!.

Becky hope your babies are well soon... that must be so tiring and stressful!!.

Jilly, good for you on standing firm with your mom and Julie, congrats on not sabotaging yourself. Halobabe, I am with you, I tell everyone that I am on MF, and yes I know there are eye-rollers out there who think oh yea, just another pitiful attempt for willow at wt. loss, but now they are seeing the results because this food plan is so extreme, that after only 1 month my wt. loss really shows..

Conrad, I started out using all my condiments every day (and probably a shake or 2 more) but now find that I use very little. Funny how that happens..

Elaine, congrats on your wt. loss and what the heck is a dine-in theater, movie theater??? I have heard of dinner theaters, with live performances but not one with movies....

To anyone with the sweetheart challenge button, what is that challenge????.

Sandy, I know you must be getting excited... how awesome to see your hubbie again!!!! I bet he notices a difference!!! I am about to go check out your blog.... I need help with the pancakes. Oh and Julie, I tried your recipe but it was just mush not muffin... LOL... need to look for more recipes I guess.

I've gotta look for another brand!!.

Ok, I am off to play for the day... will stop in later. Have a great OP day my friends and fellow and sister losers!!!..

Comment #60

Oh also my sister was in the car with me in the passenger side. The car hit us from her side so she has to go to physical therapy and now the surgery. I got lucky...

Comment #61

Willow yes! I am excited! A couple of more days and we will be together! I don't have any pancake recipes on my blog but check out.


She might have some on hers. I love the chocolate chip pancakes. I either make them into one big pancake with walden farms pancake syrup (It has 0carbs, 0calories, no sugar. I get it had my local grocery store cheaper than their webiste. I think $2.99) or I take the pancake and stick a veggie sausage link in the middle and wrap it up around the sausage. Have a great day!..

Comment #62

I'm back. Sandy, I love your blog. I so appreciate the time you have taken to work out the Medifast recipes, honestly!!! I can't wait to try some, but when I went to print one, I got a message saying I wasn't invited to read your blog, even though I was able to leave you a comment. I don't get it... can you help me to print your recipes???..

Comment #63

Hey Sandy,.

They don't taste exactly like potatoes. There is a bit of a tang to them, but I really like them. I don't like raw radishes, but the cooked ones are great! My husband is aghast that I would cook them, but whatever!..

Comment #64

Morning Everyone!! I was going to start a new thread but Kat's looks so pretty I'm hoping that she can do it...How is everyone this morning? It was one of those good mornings that I woke up feeling skinnier! I love that.

My jeans are baggy and I can fit into some cute jackets that I have again!! So only 17 days until Thanksgiving!! I have 6.2 lbs to lose to Onederland. I know I can do it! And I still plan on posting some progress pics!.

Tabitha - 6.4 pounds is great! Keep up the good work!.

Becky - I hope that your boys are feeling better. It's no fun for the mom and the dad when kiddies are sick!.

Sandy - Thanks! As for not being able to be OP for more than 7 wks, I started Medifast in March after I stopped nursing. I made it through April and then got sick with a bad cold in May (was sick for 4 weeks straight)...I was a total baby and went off-plan and didn't get back on until September. It was my own fault. I told myself that it was impossible to be on plan during the Summer due to so many things going on. As for losing motivation, I start feeling better about myself when I lose and tell myself that I look fine and feel so much better than weighing 256 pounds so I tend to quit. I am much better prepared now.

I am not unrealistic about being 100% on plan...I know life happens and sometimes this is not possible. It *is* possible to not be perfect and still lose the weight. It's all about the choices that we all make. I'm glad that you're feeling better and that your DH is going to be home very soon!! Yay!.

Jilly - I really want to try the radish recipe! Where did you get it? Good for you for continuing our crunch challenge...I'm going to get back on track tonight....I need to do 162 per day to make it. That made me laugh out loud. We'll see if I can do it. I may need to double up, doing half in the morning and half at night. I will PM you my info too in case I go MIA. I'm not anticipating that I will but you really never know what life can bring you! As for Thanksgiving, I'm planning on having "tastes" of some things, not going crazy...We'll see how that all works out..

Willow - That's weird about the pancake being mush! Did you mix 2 oz of water in? Mine turns out the same every time..

I get a new shipment of Medifast today!! Yay!! Have a great OP day ladies..

Comment #65

Willow Im sorry I never knew I had it set to private lol. I just fixed it. I hope it works now!.

Jilly I am going to have to give them a try. I have heard some people make them into french fries so they must be pretty good...

Comment #66

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.