How can I find if a Godaddy domain name is taken?
First question I got is How can I find if a Godaddy domain name is taken? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. Ladies and Gents,.

I wanted to inquire about your own refund status for names you "won" and paid for, but that eventually got renewed by the previous /img/avatar7.jpg. I'm still waiting for my first refund. I used PayPal, which I thought should be even quicker than a credit card refund..

How's it going with you?.

Did you use: Credit card or PayPal?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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Db won 5 .com via tdnam..

3 renewed by owner got automatic refund (credit card).

1 renewed by owner never got automatic refund had to remind them to refund me. $xx in high value of all the HostGator name I won (still waiting for credit to show up on my cc).

1 not renewed got a email from gd that "transaction would complete by june 16" don't know if I would actually get ownership of the HostGator name..

But their are tons of BUGS @ tdnam.

I still get email from gd from the HostGator name I won but didn't purchase everyday..

TDNAM need more work way too many bugs and need a major improvement in their control panel display. SMALL FONTS color etc..

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I won about 20 days ago, how do I tell if the owner renewed or not?..

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Check whois once every two weeks. also tdnam would send you email if the original owner renews the HostGator name stating "auction has been cancel/or close" since original owner has renew the HostGator name ..

BUT WATCH OUT FOR REFUND sometime they goof up and won't refund you the money. I had to remind them several time to give me refund...

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Tdnam sent me two emails saying my bids had been topped.... which was great except for the fact that they sent the emails TWO HOURS AFTER the domains were closing..

ARGH! Bugs galore there...

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Still no refunds.

I "won" (Subject of another thread) and paid (I guess that was about 3 weeks ago now on that one?) via PayPal. Of course, the name had been renewed before the auction had even ended..

However, still no refund via paypal, nor any refunds on the other names that I have 'won' that magically are owned by someone else for at least another year.


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There seems to be major inconsistency. I got some refunds in only a couple days after notification. I also had some the same day (May 18th) that I'm still awaiting refunds after two tech support requests, the last of which was several days ago. They currently owe me almost $600..

It's getting too messy for me to keep track of what they have and haven't refunded, so I'm not real big on TDNAM right now, and not bidding anymore..

Major Bugs!..

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Thanks for the replies guys. At least I'm not alone on refund troubles..

It's really such an important thing. Under the conditions they are running the auctions, it becomes more important to keep track of how much money you got 'floating' and when to expect it refunded. Heck, this should be the type stuff that was worked out from the beginning of the launch. Suddenly, you need to hire a personal accountant to participate in what.

Should be.

Very straight forward, simple auctions...

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I have just received my refund. The money is in our PayPay account, cash..

After many contacts with both TDNAM support, and GoDaddy support, what seemed to finally work, was contacting a gentleman name "Ian", whose information can be found below..


Billing Specialist.


He needed my receipt from the auction I won, where I made payment thru the GoDaddy system. Please find yours, and contact him. It will look something like this (email receipt)..

> ..............................................................

> Winning bid for MCR.BIZ.




> LOGIN NAME: whatever.

> RECEIPT NUMBER: 2445378674.

> ORDER TOTAL: $59.20.

> CUSTOMER SERVICE: 480-505-8877.


> ..............................................................

Hopefully this is the beginning of getting caught up...

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Good to hear you got your money back..

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Just 2 days ago I "won" , but it was renewed only minutes after the auction ended, and I received the "sorry" email from GoDaddy minutes behind that..

Still no refund, however..

Ian... here comes NamePros.


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