How can I find my iPage webpage, I lost the address?

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First question I got is How can I find my iPage webpage, I lost the address? Looking forward for any answer. Another question on my mind: Yikes!.

I have SIM enabled with my logon ID and transaction key, and the following settings.

Transaction Server.


Transaction Mode.


Transaction Method.


On the I'm in test mode..

Suddenly, when I'm testing a transaction, there are no payments types to select and the system wants me to select a payment type. Not sure what happened..

I have tried to turn Credit Card (Not For Production Use) on and off, but still no good. IT reads like this should be turned off, but then does that disable credit card processing? Anyone know what I might be missing?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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If you select a zone for any payment method, that payment method will only show up for customers who are in that zone. I had to really read the verbage on top of the zone option. This is what it says:.

Payment Zone.

If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone..

I hope this fixes your problem.....

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Ah you are a Genius ! Thank you so much!.

Now I just need to figure out my next errors:.

The following errors have occurred..

(270) Line item 1 is invalid..

(270) Line item 2 is invalid..

Any Idea?..

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Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me how you got your SIM enabled? I want to use's payment form, but currently have our personal store's oscommerce payment page coming up..

I went to admin > modules > payment > but didn't see any option to switch from AIM to SIM. Any help you could give would be very much appreciated..

Thank you!..

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I enabled SIM via oscommerce, Payment Modules. However, until I uninstalled "Credit Card (Not For Production Use)" the system kept going to the oscommerce credit card data entry screens instead of the payment gateway. However I got that fixed, just to hit a hard error that I cannot figure out. Do you know where the oscommerce logs are?..

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I am all of a sudden feeling very inadequate with osCommerce! I have access to our admin section and our FTP iPage site but I'm not sure how to uninstall the "Credit Card (Not for Production Use" or to enable to SIM via the osCommerce > Payment Modules! If you could provide any further directions (step by step if possible), it might help me get started..

Regarding the logs, ours are on your FTP iPage site for instance, I get to our logs by going logging into our FTP iPage site and going to the Catalogue directory. For us, this directory has the following files:.

- admin.

- download.

- images.

- includes.

- log.

- pub.

... and a number of other pages.

When I click on the "log" file, it provides a osc.log in a .txt format..

I hope this helps!.

Best of luck,.


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I figured out the following errors:.

(270) Line item 1 is invalid..

(270) Line item 2 is invalid..

They were caused by not having all of the tax informaiton setup correctly. Specifically, by not having the TAX ZONES setup right. Fixed my tax zones and these errors went away. All working fine now...

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I use osCommerce with I have been using them together for 2 years with no problems. For these two years, we have NOT been using an SSL certificate because the payment form goes through

We were just migrated to a new iPage hosting company that offered a free shared SSL certificate, so I installed it. Since then, the payments have not been processing through The whole checkout process takes place, but never received information..

When talking to, they said that I probably need to change our cart over from SIM to AIM. I do not know how to do this in osCommerce..

In the first step: Delivery Information, the browser goes to:.


In the second step: Payment Information, the browser goes to:.


My understanding is that this URL should read and/or post to.


In the third step: Order Confirmation, the browser goes to:.


My assumption is that this URL should also read and/or post to the gateway URL..

When I click Confirm Order I am taken to the final step: Finish (relay response page). The URL for this page in is:.


However, it shows in the browser as:.


Can you help?? I am not receiving any errors, but I know it is not going through because 1) the items stay in the shopping cart and 2) I never receive any notification from also says they have not received any information..

Thank you for anything you can offer!..

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