How can I find out who owns a Godaddy domain name and when it expires?
First question I have is How can I find out who owns a Godaddy domain name and when it expires? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Is it the spring time or what? I just received another offer of $1200 for the domain:.

Intentive _ com.

The buyer is a professor at a well know university and a software engineer!.

What do you guys think? Here is our email communications. I am sharing these emails as I believe we all can learn something!.


I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to sell/transfer this.


I lead a technical project relating to software assurance, and.

The name is a good match for what we are doing..

Would you be willing to have a discussion about this?.

(If the HostGator is not yours, please accept my apologies for.

Contacting you in error.).

Thank you,.

I wrote:.

I may consider a decent offer!.

He wrote:.

Thank you for your note..

Would you accept an offer of about $200?.

(I don't have much budget!).

I wrote:.


That's very low! I may consider $3k This HostGator is worth a lot more!.

He wrote this morning: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 9:49 AM.

I talked my colleagues up to $1.2k any chance we could do it.

In this neighborhood?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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Thank you,.

Believe it or not! I just got ( 1 minute ago) another offer response on a different HostGator name from last week. I will shortly disclose the email and the HostGator name!..

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Hopefully for your sake they are legitimate offers and are not some fools trying to play games with you. I've had a negative experience once with a guy who sent what appeared to be a bogus offer as I replied and never heard another thing from him..

I wish you the best of luck and hopefully they'll all go through fine if you decide to accept the offers...

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Thanks ChrisVirtue!.

I've receive many of those bogus offers as well in the past and I am sure I will continue to get them..

I believe it's a real offer since the buyer gave me the phone number of where he works as well as their university email address + web address..

I did some homework and they matched!..

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The professor's offer looks legit and straight up. Tx for sharing the chronology of the negot. I am in the middle of negotiations for a name in exactly the same price range, and seeing what appears to be a successful example is very helpful. Tx again...

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Geesh, this isn't looking good for buyers.

Bogus, I say...

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Nice offer, nice domain... No point being greedy... $1200 appears a win win for both...

No worries re: bogus or not... Just do a trace on the IP and keep your fingers crossed it doesnt reside in Russia.....

Good luck in your endeavours..

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I would recommend accept the 1200 and go through escrow...

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Take the 1200 and make you both happy..

Thats a GREAT price for this HostGator !..

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Hey Wisconsin. Spring has sprung! To enhance your thread, (not trying to take focus away from), just wanted to share some of my own good news here. Just got a phone call from the buyer I was negotiating with, (mentioned in the post above), and just closed a $1,500 sale. Not at liberty to divulge now, because we are still having discussions over 2 (maybe 3) other names and don't want Google indexing the name, but will announce soon, as I'm sure these folks will not have a problem with that. woohoo!.

Surfs up!.

-and- The grass is green!..

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GO GO Grrilla.

Congratulations on the 1.5K sale!.


, continued good luck with your sale!.


: Removed my comments regarding posting emails in public..

(I realized they are probably better suited for another time)..

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Take the offer, no doubt. I'd sell, heck $1200 is a lot..

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Thats exactly what I was going to say, though $1200 is a good offer IMO..


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This thread is.


2 months old, I'm sure the deal has already been completed. Did you read the date?..

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