How can I get free iPage web hosting with frontpage extensions?

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Quick question... How can I get free iPage web hosting with frontpage extensions? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hi I am using Dreamweaver with tables and am having a problem. When a link is clicked on the page, the new page loads, but with a cm gap on the right and bottom of the page. This is lost if the page is refreshed:.


I have set all the borders etc to 0 but it still does it!.

Please tell me how to stop them appearing!.

Thanks Ian..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Hey, nice iPage site m8..



Because U R using pixel measurements in your table cells. <td height="blah blah" and that's restricting your main table. Lose the height= from your table cells, there are images in there anyway - they will hold the height of the table cells for U (so long as nothing in the same row overflows them)..

To vertically/horizontally align the whole thing in the browser window, U may need to use 2 nested tables. Just make a new main table (1x1) and plonk your existing code in the <td></td> of the new main table..

Make sure.

U use <td valign="middle"> in the only table cell of your new main table..

If U need the code give a shout, will have a play with it but may not be back now until 2mora. Hope this helps...

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Quick fix (a kludge), sorry m8, I missed this..

Change all your <body bgcolor="#ffffff" to <body bgcolor="#3366ff".

Page background will be the same blue then...

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Don't forget.


He's your friend, he tells you what.


You mat have made!.

Several things you both are using there are deprecated like bgcolor and height, replace them with css.

For example:.

Body {background-color:#00ff00;}.

Td.1 {height:100%;width:100%;background-color:#00ff00;vertical-align:middle;}.

(but as brummy said if you don't set a height/width value they will size to their content).

Body {margin:0 0 0 0;}.

Champians why have you got a load of links at the bottom of the page the same color as the background?..

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Yeah, he's a good friend of mine as well, use him all the time. bgcolor in <body> tag deprecated???.

CSS background-color: WDG validator always says don't use it as background: shorthand property is more widely supported, so I always use that. I dunno - is it more widely supported?..

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I see. CSS, background-color: or background: shorthand property?.

Everything I see tells me that background: is better supported?.


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Yes with regards to NN4 it is better supported, although background-color should work, and it wouldnt be a bad habit to get into using shorthand.

I think browsers have a mind of their own!!.

And taking NN4 into account this would have to be used for the margins.

BODY {margin: -10px 0px 0px -10px;}..

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Hi. ignore that 1st link and background etc, it was just an example. The background color is irrelevant.


The boarder moves my tables etc..

Please help me!!.


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Hey leoo,.

Yeah, I think/hope we're on the same wavelength. I'll go with valid code every single time, standards and guidelines are all geared towards summat - compatibility, compatibility, compatibility. This is one of the main reasons I joined these forums - good help and opinion is always available..

Apologies to champians if this seems I'm hijacking his thread.

(not my intention).

, but reckon I'd get a mod chewing my ear for starting a new thread about support for NN4.xx. Searched and read some great threads about it,.


Although, as I mentioned earlier in this thread I reckon NN4.xx should be well and truly ditched now..

Eternal problem for a webmaster isn't it? Do U code to support older browsers? And if certain tags/attributes are deprecated, should we then code to Transitional or Strict? And what about using a custom dtd, wot then is the purpose of a custom dtd if we're venturing away from the defined standards? I've thought about a custom dtd to include Flash on a page..

As stated, a lot of questions with lots of possibilities. Yeah, I wanna learn a lot in these forums, and hope I'm starting to get the hang of how forums work..

Cheers m8ey..

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I downloaded your page and saw the problem add this to the css.

Body {margin:0 0 0 0;}.


Yup I think we are, and I agree that nn4 should be thrown in the bin but my logs still show about 7-8% using nn4, so alas i'll have to keep it in mind, but if you can get the info from your iPage site ok in lynx then your golden, afterall content is what it's all about (unless you have a graphics orientated site).

I only just noticed you used the wdg validator, I think liam and co did a good job with it!..

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I can't catch your meaning champians? Border moves table? Follow wot Leoo has just told U and do it in CSS, delete everything in your <body> tag, and add to your CSS..

Body { margin: 0; background: #3366FF; color: #.




Haven't got a proper iPage site up yet, and I agree content is king but wot to build a iPage site about? I'm workin' on it. See my thread in the Introductions for a quick template page. And yes, I'll be sorting the bgcolor's.

How U do that /added business, I just clicked the "Edit" button and my previous post vanished! As mentioned, I'm getting the hang of forums alright!!!..

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Lol, i'll go have a peek at your page now, I also just used 'edit', I typed in '/added' so that it can be distinguished that it was added and not part of the original message, don't know what happened to yours?..

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