How can I get my Godaddy domain name at the top of a yahoo search?
First off, How can I get my Godaddy domain name at the top of a yahoo search? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... So what did get you in to the domain??.

I guess having my own part of the web and with a good name got me in to domains. I now have two...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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I dont actually know, NamePros was just so welcoming, and I just started posting here (when I joined, I knew NOTHING about domains.


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Well the first HostGator I bought was for my website....buh now I buy domains to RESELL for some NP$..

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$35 to ... And that was for one domain.


Actually, got me into domains, an early free slip account for students/educators..

Good times.


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I heard sold for $3million. I did a search for 'domain forums'. Went to dnforum and saw it was like $40 to pay so I said crap. Looked down on the search a little bit more & found this forum. Loved it ever since..

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So what did get you in to the domain??.

I needed a email address that had my name on it...

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Totally lost my rabbit a** mind but having fun & starting to make a bit of $$$ but good thing I have other ways to 'put the food on the table'. The income is almost totally from sites with some level of development and a bit from parking clicks..

Actually it was while trying to find names for development projects...

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Well I joined beacuse I had a gmail invite I wanted to sell, and then I found namepros off google, and then just started off domaining too!..

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To cut a long story short... A guy offered me 250 ($480ish) for a HostGator that was left over from when I was thinking up company names and reging everything I liked - I thought "hmmm, that was easy" (LOL) - "I might try and make some money out of this", anyway I am still trying..

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I'm into domains because it's closely related to my main focus, which is Web Design...

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Well, domains are related with what I do/want to do.

Webdesign/development. So I figured...might as well get in on the game...

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Web Design Business Needed a Name.

Retail HostGator prices were way to expensive.



Reseller Agreement (.au & .nz ccTLD's).

Now 5 Reseller Agreements & 3 Hosting Operations.

Plus HostGator Trading Business & 1/2 Share In design Op. In UK.

Not bad for 12mths since first HostGator (June 18th 2004)..

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I was searching for web design support, and found this site. Exploring the HostGator name sections, and asking a lot of questions here got me into domaining, although I don't do it as much as other people!.

Thanks namepros!.


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Stabbed in the back by a relative in a family business, so I started writing online as an outlet for my frustration. Hadda pay for a couple of domains, so I found to raise some money, then spread into affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, I now own dozens of small niche sites I have developed, and started buying domains ahead of time, so I could plan my GoDaddy site development months/years in advance. A few people contacted me offering to buy domains that I was holding onto, and somehow I wound up here trying to figure out what my sites/domains were worth..

I do not necessarily buy domains for resale, but to develop - if I live that long, lol..

I seem to divvy my online forum time in between this forum and an affiliate marketing forum...

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Have been interested in The Internet and computers for years so decided to make a website and started out with one of those.


URLs and finally wanted my own domain. Got it from Network Solutions back when you where forced to pay 70$ for two years. They lost my first payment by check so I ended up paying 140$ for my first domain.

Began to register more domains when they started to drop in price back in 2000...

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Hello all,.

I'm not quite sure what made me start buying names,but whatever it was I hope I dont see/feel/hear it again..


I only ever wanted 7 names,got them and now have 120 (paypal makes it to easy to reg names) wish it was harder then id only have 7..


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I got into it because of what a psychic told me in the South East Asia a few years back. She said "You - HostGator - Money" so I got into this busness but found out later she actually said.... "You Da Man Honey"...

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I got into domains originally to start a website. My friend got me into websites, and after about a month or so, I was addicted. After being a member at for a few months, I learned about the potential reselling domains, and decided to give it a shot. Been doing this ever since..


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I got into them cause I need one for my site..

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That IS choice!.

Or chioce or choce or choivr.....

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I got it first for a website/business.

Just took off from there..

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I got into them because I couldn't live with cheapo sub HostGator names..

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Ha Ha Ha! You must of been mad then!..

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Im being serious now... it was, I saw a add for .coms back about 3 years ago when they wer about 15$/yr. I was instantly addicted..

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What triggered me to buy a HostGator name is the need for my very own personalized online portfolio of graphics work. From that time onwards (after seeing huge buy/sell potentials) I have been buying HostGator names like h*ll!.. Its a great game!!..

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Been in it since the .com boom, and still in it today. I find it a nice income...

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I was paying $10 a month for internet access when all I used it for was the email address. Also I've spent the past few years moving towards starting my own business...

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Well, there was this Australian guy I met online who needed a logo to be modified. He asked how much would it cost. And me, being not a greedy Filipino, only asked a HostGator name as payment. After I received my HostGator registered in, visited and found a buyer there, visited his GoDaddy site and got his email. I sent 3 domains to sell him. One was worth 100$, and the other two I think valued at 20$ or less.

And the rest after that made me hooked on HostGator names...

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Namepros and all it's members has always been part of my success! Thanks so much NP! I owe you guys much!!!..

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NamePros got me hooked.

I've always been more of a website developer but I now also consider myself to be a DN investor....

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I`ve been making personal websites for as long as I`ve had internet access (that would have to be around 8 years now). Then after working for a local hosting company I got interested in the hosting side of things.Last year I bought my first HostGator for my hosting startup and somehow this year I ended up in NP (wish I could remember how exactly)..

I`ve only got one hosting customer `cos after coming to NP I started buying domains and selling them and developing my own sites.

I`ve just forgotten about the hosting business altogether since I saw I can do much better developing my own sites.I guess you can say NP destroyed my hosting biz before it even started.

Thanks NP!..

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Only got a HostGator after 8 years! Wow!.

I got mine in less than a year!!..

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A fellow employee mentioning domains indirectly got me into it!!! She told me how her husband had been buying HostGator names, and was supposedly making money at it. She even told me how he picked short names..

So, now I am into it. As mentioned about... I think it has to to with some type of love for words....

Funny thing is.. the people who got me into it, no longer do it!!! They said "people don't buy short words anymore, they buy anything.. no matter how long it it"!!!! Ha!!!.


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Always been into computers, registered some DUMB names in 1997, not knowing what I was doing and how much I could of made today. Then about two years ago I started to realize the potential of the industry...

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I had to buy one for my forum and then I started posting here and now I'm really into it...

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The .US landrush. But then it still took me almost a year before I started selling any names.....

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I got into domains after remembering a story I read a few years ago about a guy called Mike Roe who registered the name and sold it off to Microsoft for a few grand. I thought this sounds like easy money, why don't I try it? I did, but then I realisedd there's no such thing as free money....

I found this GoDaddy site by accident by typing in the word 'domain' and '360' into Yahoo, and found this place...

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360 and Namepros?? What has 360 got to do with Namepros??? LOL..

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There was a topic that had 360 replies, and typing it in got me into that...

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