How can I go on Nutrisystem without my parents finding out?

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First off, How can I go on Nutrisystem without my parents finding out? Hoping for any response. Another question... I have lost 40 of 70, but still no loose skin. When does it start to appear?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Okay, smartmouth! I know you're talking about me!!! lol.

Anyway - I started to "sag" when I got to about 170. Then I dropped another 10 pounds. The loose skin is the product of residual fat (since the skin itself is very thin what you're seeing is a thinner layer of fat). As young as you are you might be doing enough to keep up with the weight loss. Your exercise program is diverse and pretty intense and it might be all that you need. Ask woodrowinvegas_baby.

I think you and he are about the same age..

Remember that I did almost all of my exercise in cardio which plays havoc with lean muscle mass. I think I gave up quite a bit of muscle doing that which I'm now working to get back...

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I have found keeping the skin hydrated with a good lotion helps it renew and firm up faster in the arms. Around the gut, my loose skin (fat layer) really started to show when I got to 15% body fat. I think % fat is a better measurement than pounds lost...

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Great question - I have a long way to go before I get to that high class problem..

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Be careful with the shoulder, Dick. Hoping you get an October 1st consult! Maybe you can lift legs?.

Hey...WHERE did you get loose skin?.

And...what do you think your lean body mass is? I want to estimate your bf% at 160 and 170..

I guess if I get it, it will be about 170 start also. I am starting to think I will need to go to 155 to be "done". Am shorter than you and that's where I was as a senior in college with good strength...

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Expand on the lotion and hydration please. I am innocent here...

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I have lots of loose skin on my abdomen all the way down. Also, some on my arms and legs though those two areas are showing the most rapid improvement. None on my back and my love handles are almost completely gone now...

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Some of it also depends on your age. The younger you are, the faster your skin "bounces back"...

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I've literally got a 4 inch roll at belt level..

All, and I mean all, my weight was in/on my gut..

I'm told nothing short of surgery will ever get rid of it..

I'm told with the excess I have no exercise, creams and/or anything else will do much good..

I do have some excess skin in my inner thighs, covering mr johnson and some in/on my upper arms, but nothing like my gut..

At 61, and since I don't do exercise, I'll just live with it..

Surgery is not an option for me...

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