How can I move my 123 reg domain from a free hosting to an Economy?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How can I move my 123 reg domain from a free hosting to an Economy? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... At normal prices $8.95+0.20 Icann fee it would cost me $274.5.

I am aware of regs at $6.95+0.20 Icann fee.

That would cost me $214.5.

Anything better?.

Thank you..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

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I don't think so, I based it on $274.50 (8.95).

I think if you join something (discount HostGator club or something like that).

You can get them with a better % off.

I see that in my account where my domains are listed...

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No you can't use both coupon codes, one or the other...

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They have a HostGator discount club or try another registrar...

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If you buy 20 more ... you can get the 50+ HostGator pricing which is $6.75 (+ $0.20).

Or ....

If you plan to reg/renew/transfer more domains during the year , you can buy a Discount Club Membership ... costs $89.99/year ...coms are $6.49 (+ $0.20).


This thread.

To check if it is profitable to buy a Discount Club Membership .....

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Get godaddys e-mails. They often send promotions. Only problem is they usually dont give discounts to re new a HostGator but they do sometimes..

Oh, AIT is cheap and they dont charge extra to keep your name private!..

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Thank you all, I will go for the 6.75+0.20 pricing , I did not know about that..

And I do know that it is not possible to discount an already discounted domain..

Also, no I don`t think it`s good for me to get the discount club membership....I don`t reg hundreds of names...

Comment #7

Please tell me where to apply for this 6.75$ membership? I usually buy a lot more domains but neve knew about it..

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The $6.75 (+ $0.20) is for a bulk purchase of 50 or more .coms together (or a mix of some TLDs).

Go to >>> hover over Domains on the top left >>> click on Register in Bulk (5th clickable link from the top -7th box from the top-) >>> scroll down to see the pricing ....

The Discount Club Membership is a different thing ... you pay $89.99 per year ... and then you can reg/renew/transfer .coms for $6.49 (+$0.20) ... and other TLDs in low prices ....

Go to >>> hover over Domains on the top left >>> click on Discount HostGator Club (8th clickable link from the top -10th box from the top-) >>> scroll down to see the pricing ....

Before you buy a membership , I suggest you read.

This thread.

, to check whether it is profitable for you or not ....

Lastly , if you have an executive account (~250+ domains at GoDaddy) , the Discount Club is $69.99/year ... see the above thread for more details .....

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Nope, 123 reg only allows you to use one coupon per order. Imaging adding coupon codes onto coupon codes & keep discounting the domains until they were practically free..

Comment #10

123 reg will give you special pricing without the membership fee for larger portolios if you get an account rep assigned and negotiate it. However, they have to process all requests and shopping carts on request. I got a $6.95 price based on keeping 200+ domains with them. The real pain is that you can't shop on your own and auto checkout. I have to have my rep process my cart during his working hours. The advantage is that I also get this pricing on tdnam purchases, and am not dinged the 3% funding reduction enom does if you pay with Paypal or CC.

I get better pricing at two other registrars, but decide based on the situation and urgency...

Comment #11

I have done it at GoDaddy, thank you all...

Comment #12

Adop - executive accounts (~250+ domains) can get the $6.95 (ICANN fee included) per .com pricing ....

Discount Club get $6.49 (+ $0.20 ICANN fee) which is even lower ... check.

This thread.

To see if it is more profitable for you to buy a Discount Club Membership , eg. if you plan to reg/renew/transfer 271+ domains in the next year period , because Discount Club for executive accounts is $69.99/year (ask your executive account manager) ... the "271" is explained in the thread mentioned above ....

Also , ask your exec for a coupon code that he can give you so as to track your purchases ... by using that code when you reg or renew domains , you can then ask him (via a simple email) for a refund towards the executive pricing ... I have done this many times , but check with your exec before you make the first purchase , so as to make sure that the same applies to your account ....

That way you can hand-reg or hand-renew by yourself (paying the regular price , no other coupon can be applied) and then get the difference (from the exec pricing) refunded .....

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I'm going to use moniker, after they set my pricing to $6.95.. hm not sure if that includes the icann fee.

I'm regging hundreds of domains and I won't use 123 reg even if they offer .com's at $5..

Comment #14 $6.75 & no extra charges. They are the most secure and well run company in the business...

Comment #15

I did not even know that fabulous offered registration service..

Comment #16

Bluerazor's pricing might be worth a look if you want 123 reg features...

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