How can I put my database file SQL to 123

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First question I got is How can I put my database file SQL to 123 Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Im thinking of re-starting my HostGator 123 reg website to list all my domains in my portfolio so others can view what I have and buy..

What I'm asking is what is better?.

Adding Prices: This way they know what to expect to pay BUT may scare off a lot of buyers who dont want to spend that much or feel could find a name less..

Make Offer: this makes it so they HAVE to contact you if there serious about the name. On the other hand could make it take a longer process as they may have done this before with no response from others so they just want to buy and be gone....

What do you all with websites do and think is best?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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I listed all my domains on my Own HostGator Selling Site without Asking price..

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Thanx for the imput. I used to have a bargain section on my site & also gave a link to sedo as well for each domain. Some of the big boys (Buy Domains, Great Domains etc) list prices and always get sales but at the same time have money to advertise..

Will see how it goes and change with the mood...

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I think it's better to put a price. For premium domains, put a price and negotiable...

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I always ask myself, What do I like?.

I perfer to see a price, even if it's a starting point. On my site, I ask for offers, they can order an appraisal and if they search hard enough, they can find a Buy it Now price. So if they find the buy it now price, but think it's to high, then they will have a general idea of what I am thinking for price, which in return, should give them an idea for an offer..

Plus "Selling Options" I think are key. Most people do not feel secure to purchase from a "small site" so options to purchase using escrow and other known sites are a must...

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I think this is that best way. You want to move those "ordinary" domains and hold out for better offers on the premium domains. Actually it might be better to have a separate site entirely for the premium domains...

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Im launching my own Retail HostGator Site this upcomming week. Each HostGator will have it's own individual page, and prices will me listed on some, and target values will be listed on others....

Although I will say I have better luck when a price is listed. (be it on the Aftermarket sites).


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Overall, a mix of pricing is probably best. Having some domains priced to sell will help keep some domains moving and show you are a seller rather than a collector. Keep your better or premium names with make offer. When I do have a minimum price, I generally make it about 10-20% of what I'd expect retail. Pricing a HostGator at $25,000 and then having a minimum offer of $50 will generally be disappointing and a waste of time for both parties. Also, I have some domains I really don't want to sell, or at least not in the short term.

For those I just price high or high at a fixed price to avoid unnecessary low offers..

No matter what tactic you take, pricing is still dependent on the quality of your names and your cash flow needs. I have a good size portfolio, but keep a fair amount priced low to make renewal fees without dipping into family funds or credit card debt. Basically I consider part of my sales as wholesale to other speculators in order to keep holding better names for the bigger payouts. I don't care if they can flip them for a profit, as long as I made a profit along the way to stay active...

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Here on NP as with every other HostGator forum:.

Domains with fixed price - 20 viewing.

Domains - offers - 6 viewing.

But I still agree with most of the others - a nice mix is best. Especially if you are unsure just what you could fetch for certain domains...

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Is that the DBC item you mentioned in your sig Justin?..

Comment #10

Looking forward to that, Justin. NameBio is just fabulous..

(I don't even look in the Make Offer forums due to unrealistic expectations by the sellers. Waste of time.)..

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