How can I register a free Godaddy domain name?
Quick question: How can I register a free Godaddy domain name? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Is the HostGator registrar down for anyone else?.

I'm kind of itching to change some nameservers for my domains and reg a few more - whats going on?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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I was told that India got hit with a nasty storm last week resulting in net outages. Maybe his area is affected...

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Yep pratiknaik is a nice guy and very helpful - worst case senario (lets hope not though!) it's a Directi reseller account so you, your domains and account should be ok (I think, can anybody confirm that?)..

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Hope so - I got some golden domains with him!.


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I was wondering the same, have a few names I'd like to get to with him...

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I got around 10 names with him. One is pending sale at sedo....

I trust he will get the GoDaddy site back up soon...

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The domains/accounts will be fine as they are with directi and hosted with directi, I think the problem is his domain/hosting as microdude said nemohosting is down and perhaps he is using that service for the HostGator redirect. Who knows, but if we can figure out the url from directi we will be able to access our accounts..

My 2 cents anyways....

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Well I was forced to start my own registration reseller - VERY similiar pricing, great service...but up and working!.

Fee free to give it a try guys, info is in my signature and I could use a little word of mouth!..

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Where do you get this.. I am in India and I dont know of any storm resulting in net outages....

Also if you contact directi They will help you with the problem as is a directi reseller....

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Will check it out..

Good to see another developing...

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As everyone's said, DirectI is definately the one to contact to rectify the problem...

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It is down for me.... I have no idea why..

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Here is an email I just received from

Dear Customers,.

Resellers India (.


) is facing a downtime due to host troubles. Please use.


For managing your domains, while we setup the new host..

Sorry for the inconvience..


Resellers India.

Seems like the problem will be fixed soon. People who want to use the service at this time can use this link =.


Hope GoDaddy site works well again soon...

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Nice, thanks for the info - I was trying to find out what the URL to the myorderbox page was but couldn't find it.


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- I got the email.


Still doesn't work because when you try to login you get a page that redirects to which isn't available at this time..

I have emailed the owner and hopefully he can get that hosting setup soon..


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Thanks for the info - glad that I can now get to my names there...

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Yea it was down for me, there doin some construction..

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So what is the deal w/ this whole nemohosting thing?..

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What happened to thissite.

I cant manage my names nor can I find my names here.

Plz help..

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