How can I sell my website and domain without using internet co's like 123 reg etc?

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My question is How can I sell my website and domain without using internet co's like 123 reg etc? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. There is a real estate company that apparently has started a very unique way of marketing their properties...using the house address .com to show the house for sale..

I am not affiliated with this company in any way but thought that this may be a VERY interesting way to start marketing homes for sale..

I have my street .com but never thought of having my house address .com..

Here are their examples that I found in a local real estate listing directory..










Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go register about one million HostGator names.. etc :-)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I opened up a Homes For Sale Magazine that I picked up on a corner about 2 weeks ago and I saw a full page add with 6 listings of Million $ homes listed and the websites were the addresses of each one..

I love it!.

The only problem that I can see is how would someone remember an address, I'd rather have an area HostGator or something like

Comment #2

So you have to go to the RE Listing Company to find these house addresses? Can't see getting a lot of type-ins. I must be missing something here (quite possible)..


Comment #3

<address><streetname>.com are popular with Realtors (I used one for my latest listing).

However, I wouldn't spend money regging them with the hopes of turning a profit for 3 reasons:.

1.) too many derivatives makes it costly to completely secure one property:.

Eg: 1234 South Street, Your Town.

Can be:.








2.) traffic is low: my highest traffic listing got only 111 uniques over several months.

Traffic will not be type-in, visitors will see the HostGator from hard copy marketing materials or emails so it doesn't really matter how catchy or short it is, they'll be looking right at it or following the link directly..

3.) potential legal trouble: reg a multi-million dollar estate where the owner has millions in equity who thinks you regged his address in bad faith and is now interfering with his right to use his address in fair commerce...

Comment #4

For the most part sellers see it as innovative marketing and like showing it to friends and family. Considering the other costs of selling a home, a throw away registration is cheap...

Comment #5

Bingo! That is the real reason we use the address as the HostGator (at least me). It looks great during your listing presentation if you already have the site up and ready to go including a v-tour..

Any little thing that can separate you from the next agent is important if you aren't familiar with the client or if they are agent shopping...

Comment #6

They have been doing that in little old Wisconsin for years now. I am not a big fan of it, but I am sure it's a good sales pitch to the seller..

As a customer, it's hard enough remembering house numbers and streets, so I think the company would be just better off with a short memorable HostGator other than some crazy long house address. My house address would be 24 Characters...

Comment #7

I think it makes sense for super popular areas like here in portland, or we have NW23rd and NW21st. Both of the .coms are taken. If I owned a company that sold in the NW area of portland, I would utilize these names as marketing tools...

Comment #8

Its a good ideal to sell a home, but not HostGator

4millions homes in my city..

Comment #9

For a "for sale by owner" listing or to simply show off to friends, having such a HostGator makes sense....

But for a real estate agent, registering separate domains for each listing is an expense ... not just reg fee, which is admittedly nominal (though perhaps not, if they register common variations of each too), but rather HostGator / hosting management and agent branding ... plus HostGator collisions of similar addresses of other listings / parking pages, etc could cause confusion..

In my view, for a real estate agent espcially, a.


Approach is a much better way ... ie. 1234MainSt.RealEstateAgent.TLD.

On an aside, when I bought some real estate awhile back, among the first things I did was register the street addresses of my two lots along with that of my house - so it's not a new idea ... seen it done often over the years, though mostly with sub-domains..


Comment #10

$6 reg fee for a domain, if you're making 6% of a $500,000 home sale, is not that much.....

Comment #11

Yeah, saw this idea being used for a house in Long Beach, CA several months back. Thought it was a pretty clever idea...

Comment #12

Actually, it would need to be, for example, 1eastmainstreet or 1westmainstreet or 1northmainstreet, errr....., too many!.

I suppose you could try something really weird, and create a bunch of subdomains, if you had the right domain.....

You might appear in the search engines, but obviously no typeins. A lot of work!..

Comment #13

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