How can I test my HTML code before buying iPage web hosting?

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Got a quick question: How can I test my HTML code before buying iPage web hosting? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... How do I make a menu on a site??? like on every site, there is a menu or navigation bar usually like on the left side of the page and I dont know how to make one. Can some one help me?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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They have some very cool DHTML choices. Be sure to add some alternative navigation at the bottom of your pages just in case..

The menu is just the iPage site navigation and can be made lots of ways - images, javacript, DHTML, and simple text are all ways to make a menu. Getting it to be the same on each page without too much work when you change a link is done with SSI or sometimes PHP, and I'm sure there are other technologies that do the same thing...

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Is there any other ones??? I didnt really like the ones on the iPage site because I just want something simple not one that sides out...

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This one is nice and simple:.


>> It also has an online editor for you to configure the menu.

>> This menu is a java applet.

Here's more:.





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So have you seen on eyou liked on another site? what are you looking for anyway? I mean what does the menu do?..

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I just want like a menu that is on the side of my page with links to other pages on my site...

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Side meaning horizontal or vertical menu? could you show us an example, you like, from on another site?..

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Ya, like the iPage site that scoutt told me to go.

Something like that menu, but different...

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Theres many at that iPage site - be specific..

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Ok, let's take this from the top. Do you know how to use tables in HTML?..

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Well, that's the main thing to making a navigation bar or menu. You can use images, image rollovers, plain text, with or without rollovers, an image map, a dhtml script, javascript, java applet or flash for the menu. You can also download an interface from a lot of sites, with more complex grahics and use that. Whatever you use, you just do your layout with tables to place it where you want it...

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What do you mean you guess. have you tried it? just copy that script and paste it in notepad save as a .html file and run it. does it look like what you want...

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So what your saying is, make a table, put the links, and the 'flashy' stuff in it to make a navigation menu, then move to where I want it to be?? then do I put it where I want and have it be on all the pages of the site???.

Also, how do I make my own little template or design for a menu ??..

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I havent tried it yet. I think I'm just goign to make my own the way zenyenta told me to...

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The easiest way to get it on every page is using Server Side Includes, but your web host has to support it. All paid hosts should support this, but not all free ones do and you'll probably have to use .shtml for the file extensions for your pages rather than .html..

Here's a link I just posted for someone else, which tells how to set it up..


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