How can I transfer my domain name from Microsoft office live to 123 reg?

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Got a question... How can I transfer my domain name from Microsoft office live to 123 reg? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Thread Closed! I've found that person, he/she PM'ed me. I'm saying sorry to all of you for any disrespect...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

I have someone looking for so I might be able to get a sale for you..

Comment #2

I call bullshit, as the poster also posted this previously:.


Comment #3

For 10K there's probably 100+ people here who who buy it.


Comment #4

Whatever happened to Puke.TV and which you said you were selling for a friend? The guy who owns them told me he had no interest in selling and had not asked anyone to post them for sale...

Comment #5

I am sure, owner must have received offers up to 40K directly in his/her inbox by the time I read this thread...

Comment #6


For the and .com you're talking about ... it has been sold, so therefore, there's a new owner ...who doesn't want to sell the HostGator he bought .... that HostGator is 4 or some years old ... my friend at some other forum community posted this for sale .... he asked me if I can post on other forums, too .... if you people are calling this bullshit/scam ...

I STAY AWAY FROM THAT STUFF! .... yes, it's true that I've made 2 or mistakes .... but I felt sorry ... because I didn't new that it's a mistake ... as soon as I get reponse from the actuall seller ...

And if there's a mistake in this HostGator .... then .... it's the seller's problem .... not ours..

Comment #7

This sounds like a scam of some sort,.

"I got one PM from some user (the username starts with Wolf...) I think and he/she was offering $10k for that domain. If you're the one, please PM me because I've contacted the owner of that HostGator and I think there's".

Here is a clue, there is no "wolf", otherwise he would have just pm'd this person back. Instead he is looking for fresh targets...

Comment #8

Excuse me! So, you're saying that there are 0 users whose name starts with.


...? Friend, please check the NamePros memberlist, there ten or some users like that...

Comment #9

Wow for $10k.

This offer seems too good to be true...

Comment #10 and .tv were never owned by anyone else, but the original owner in the Whois info. Explain that to me, please...

Comment #11

No, I am saying you have fabricated the story about looking for this person to sucker in other people. If you really wanted to contact them the obvious thing would be to pm them back not start this absurd thread..

It reminds me of those Nigerian emails..

Actually I'd imagine it would be your problem since it is you trying to sell it here...

Comment #12

All budding scam artists must read this (spend a week if required) -.


That was for $25, think what would happen for $10k...

Comment #13

Can you give me a quick run down? haha. I've tried to read the whole thing so many's just too long!.

Oh, by the way, I just spoke with the original owner of It's never been up for sale...

Comment #14

Definitely fishy, who would try and sell a HostGator like that and not know it's true value. Noone would be stupid enough to sell it for such a small amount for themselves or someone else (unless they hated the owner). SCAM ALERT!!..

Comment #15

I wonder if $10,000 was chosen because that is the payment limit on paypal?..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.