How can I upload files to 123 domain using FTP?

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Quick question: How can I upload files to 123 domain using FTP? Thanks for any response. Second question.. First of all, thanks to all who helped me get a handle on HostGator name matters..

As I said, I did sell a name about nine years ago (, but figured domaining had died with the dotcom bust, so I let a number of my HostGator names lapse..

However, I just read an article about how vibrant the business is. Specifically, I read about Kevin Ham, who is making major money, much of which comes from people who misspell "com" as "cm.".

Thus, I jumped back in the game, and registered several HostGator names that I thought would get at least a fair amount of traffic, like and, which could be converted to ad revenue..

I learned from some of you that Sedo and NameDrive were good places to park a domain. And I'm finding that both offer good counters, whereas my previous server, GoDaddy, simply took any ad revenue that was generated while not even providing a counter..

My question is, is the real hope of most of you, other than to engage in stimulating conversation, to sell HostGator names? I say this because even though NameDrive whipped up nifty Web pages for my names, I've discovered that the only way I can generate any revenue is through an "affiliate" program whereby I have to personally direct search navigators to a link on the host page. Yeah, right!.

Bottom line: Do any of you have any suggestions for generating money from ad revenue? I'm guessing the bestand onlyway is to host Web sites one's selfthough I still don't know how that would generate money, unless someone wants to buy the name..

I know that making money off of domaining is not a piece of cake, but I want to focus my efforts toward the most profitable aspectwhich, as I say, appears to be selling HostGator names..

Thanks for the read..


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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You can park at Sedo - they provide some stats and pay you a bit. Gotta get up to $20 to collect, which takes a long time wth a few reg fee domains..

The urge is to put a lot of money in so you can start getting money out. Resist that urge. I have been doing this for nearly two years and I am finding I make much much better moves the longer I study this stuff. Better now than 3 months ago, I do not see an end to the improvements..

Older domainers insist it is all about traffic and pay-per-click. Newer domainers do not have access to good traffic names, unless they pay more than the traffic is worth. So the game now is hold for resale and development...

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Hi. This is a new thread, but I didn't know quite where to go since I'm a newcomer to the HostGator name world, so I apologize. I have just had my bubble burst by my brother-in-law who insists that there is little money to be made in the HostGator business. Is this the low down truth? I've got a little niche of names I just bought and thought I could use some generic HostGator names to redirect to my main ecommerce site (through type ins) and also thought I might some day develop them, along with selling some of them. Am I on the money or off?!!! Is this business really for the top few or can the little guy make some money too?.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your responses and getting to know more about the community!.


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Well, it looks like you responded to an older thread instead of starting a new one... But i'll answer your question..

Anyone can make it in domains... But.. it's not simple. You need to learn, understand, and get a feel for the market. You must find a plan and stick with it, consult other domainers and really work at it. It takes most people several months to really start to learn the biz, and even longer than that to master it....

I have been Domaining for about 1 1/2 - 2 years... My intention is to go full time in August... A few things have to happen first... But, Its possible....

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Dont get to attached to your domains and do your research. I'm new at this too..

2 month = 90 domains only 1 legit sale & one decent sale pending..

I've spent $1000 made back only $200 and reinvested it. spent a butt load of my little free time. Less sleep but now I'm just starting to turn the corner knowing a few more things and being able to differentiate between good and bad names - personal interest and quick selling names - deciphering the language of domains and where to get information and how to use it..

In short it takes time a little money and the ability to treat your domains like commodities (which they are)..

My 2 cents..

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Best thing to do before you spend a penny is to read the forums to find out what are good investments and what are not..

For example, names are "in" at the moment and some can still be picked up for high $XXX and be flipped for $2,000 with little effort. are good long term investments (i.e. 2-3 years) Most premium lettered names are taken but some can be picked up on drops for reg fee if your quick. Premium lettered names are worth around the $50 mark just now, but we will see that quickly multiply within the coming years..

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See there are as many approaches as there are domainers..

But most will agree - spend your time studying before you spend your money...

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Yes up to a point, IMHO should learn through some experience and that means making mstakes, just don't blow it all up front and instead take it gently during the first year or so....also depends what your game plan is er...mine is to lose money slowly rather than fastly..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.