How can I upload large files to my godaddy website in PHP5?
Question I have... How can I upload large files to my godaddy website in PHP5? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Enom put one of my clients' domains on REGISTRAR-HOLD without any explanation, even though the HostGator still has a few months left. When the client contacted Enom, they said that they had received a complaint against the domain, but that the abuse department was so busy that it could take a few days for them to get back to the client with more details..

Result: The HostGator doesn't work. With the weekend approaching, and with the client losing tens of thousands of dollars each day in revenue due to their website being offline, what is the suggested solution? Have a lawyer contact Enom? Also, is it regular policy for Enom to treat their clients this way? Shoot first (put HostGator on hold), ask questions later (much later)?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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The client owns a financial website. He received some anonymous threats earlier this month and believes that a competitor is trying to get him out of business. One day before the HostGator went down, he was email-bombed and received thousands of IM messages probably designed to crash his IM application. There is clearly something going on..

Could it be that someone sent fake "phishing" (or other big no-no) complaints to Enom and that they shut down the HostGator because of that without doing the proper verification and without even contacting the client to get his side of the story? Is it that easy to get someone out of business?..

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Something similar here:.


And at first glance, assuming the story we are being given is complete, it does look like they jumped the gun a bit. Especially if the HostGator is making as much money as you claim....


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I think I've the same problem currently. I've a HostGator enom put in registrar-hold today and I got no email from them about that. I've just contact enom. Waiting reply.....

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Sounds like enom got a spam complaint against the HostGator itself. If they did.

Try to reach any of the domain's contacts (and I'm sure they did, but via email.

Only) and didn't get a response, then shut down time..

Bottom line: have one of the domain's contacts call enom and, I hate to say.

This, fully comply with enom asks him/her to do to restore the domain..

Assuming what I said above is indeed what happened, then it seems registrars.

Are definitely choosing sides on how to deal with spam. Not good...

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Some months ago, a guy named John Stilwell (AKA "ZUrax", "venomx","viper") tried to have my HostGator blog shut down because of a Usenet post I made that he considered spam. Stilwell tried hard to get GoDaddy to cancel my account and disable my domain, but when I replied to an investigative email sent from GoDaddy's abuse department, GoDaddy understood what was going on and did not pursue the matter any further. My account was not affected..

I just assumed that eNom has an investigative department and methodology in place for dealing with spam complaints similar to the one GoDaddy has. I am very surprised to read this about eNom, as they seem to be a well organized registrar..



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I'm the only contact for the HostGator davezan and I didn't get any email from enom about a problem with the name. And my mail worked since I registred and got email from enom last days. No answer yet from enom support, waiting.....

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Seems like enom is a rubbish service, take legal action if you can unless they reply, it's stpid..

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Finally got an answer from enom !!.

I got an answer to my ticket last week saying they transfered my question to their Compliance/Legal department at.

Today. They shortly answer my HostGator name was used in a phishing scam. Here their full answer :.

Please notice the ~ in the url.

Because the name is hosted on shared environnment, anyone could use that....

I answer to the mail with my explanation. Waiting their reply now....

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That's a darn good reason for taking action against the domain..

Their abuse department is probably inundated with phishing scam complaints. The number of phishing emails in my junk mail box is increasing every week. I am glad that eNom is taking these complaints seriously..


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I'm glad enom take the fishing problem seriously me too of course... But do you know how works Apache with virtual host AmCy ? Because if you have a HostGator as virtual host, anyone could use that with the ~ in the url like I wrote. So my HostGator was not hosting the phishing link. Is it clear ?

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I understand completely, and I hope that the person who was running the phishing scam(s) get severely punished. 7-10 years in a dark, smelly prison filled with lots of amorous convicts should suffice..


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Man.... phishing.... i've been caught once with that.... damn it..

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I think he could be catch. I hope the host and the DC could do something.....

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I never had any problems with Enom before, but they probably had their reasons...

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