How can I upload my site using my iPage web host?

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Got a quick question: How can I upload my site using my iPage web host? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Hi there everyone, it's my first visit to this forum, and from what I have read so far, it looks like you guys are the answer to my prayers!!..

I work for a large multimedia company in the UK, we mainly produce interpretive kiosk installations (programmed in macromedia Director) and so we dont do very much web based work, hence the reason for my posting..

At the moment we are re-doing our company iPage website (loooooooooong overdue) and there are a couple of questions that I need answers for (im sorry, you'll have to forgive our html ignorance). our lingo programmers are having to learn ASP and fairly advanced HTML which is proving difficult within the timeframe and budget we have been given, so here goes..

Q1. Obviosly we know that it is possible for html to detect whether a browser has flash / shockwave etc, but is it possible to substitute simple .jpeg's or .gif's in place of a flash movie if the target computer is missing the plugins?.

- For Instance: on our home page at top left there may be a company logo, could HTML select the correct file to place here (flash or animated gif) depending on the browsers installed plug-ins?.

Q2. Im not quite sure of the correct term, but we need the iPage site to 'auto extend' at either side of the design space. We can get it working one way, but not both at the same time....

- For Instance: say our site's design approach was based on the french flag. is it possible to make BOTH the red and blue sections extend outwards left and right when the browser window is re-sized? I guess it would be nice to know whether it worked 'up & down' too!.

I think thats it for now, any help on these matters really would be greatly appreciated..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I'm not 100% sure, but in later versions of macromedia products (Flash 5, and Dreamweaver UltraDev) there is an option to set an image in the same place if the viewer doesnt have the required plugins for their browser. (NOTE: some older browsers cant handle the flash plugin)..

As for the streach of an image... (i need to see an example of small size and large to have the full idea here) but you might consider asigning an image to the background of a cell and size the height to the same as the image (in pixels) and as for width, let it be in percent %. This will automatically shrink and grow the image left to right... as for height & width... that will require some javascript that is avaliable on the (listed above in the navigation) You will want to have the image lines vertical and horizontal ONLY, for if the image has curves it will display "pixelated" due to the streach..

I know I have the script for this somewhere on my system... i'm searching around for it now....

Hope it helps!.


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Thanks chris, a great help. it's getting late now, so i'll have a hunt around for the script tomorrow - but if you come across it.. send it on, that would be luverly mate....

I think you got the jist of my incoherent ramblings!... i'll get the coders to have a hunt around in dreamweaver for the options you mentioned and we'll have a play!... tell you what, that bloody proggy scares the hell out of me!...whats with all the handles that are impossible to grab??? i'll stick to photoshop and max ta very much!.

Once again guys, ta very much....what a result!.


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Hey there again guys and gals....

Another quick question if you dont mind!....

On our new iPage site we have a modeless window pop-up. My question is this.....

- is there a way to remove the title and status bars so that IE doesnt display them?.

Thanks once again (in advance!).


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So you are saying that you have a popup that has teh title and staus bar? if it is a poup then you can take the status bar off. also you can use a chromless window for a popup..

I might have some on my site, let me look, oh yeah here we go.


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Hi Mikieluv.

As to regards your "French Flag" idea all you need is a fixed width table centralised so when the page is resized the table(white) would stay in the middle and the extra space either side (red,blue) would streach to fill the space much like the fourum you are looking at right now...

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Thanks Bonkom....we'll give it a try!.


So very nearly!!!!.....the only problem being that the pop up needs to be 'modeless' so that it cannot be hidden behind the main iPage site window,.

Plus, our coders tell me that they have used a dialog box to display the pop up....whatever that means!.

....perhaps you might know what the hell they are talking about.....perhaps I ought to tell them to post their own bloody questions!...perhaps I should learn to code myself?.

HAHAHA .....NEVER!!!!!!!!!!..

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Also I have just found this for the Flash/No flash problem.


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Brilliant bonkom.....yer a diamond.

Scoutt, if you want to have a look at the modeless window I'm talking about....


Then enter the 'project' section > enter a project from the left hand nav bar > click any of the 'media' links that appear in the right hand nav bar.

This will give you an idea of what we need to achieve....

Btw, if anyone wants to crit the design.... please feel free.


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Alll that is is a popup that has focus all the time. you can do that effect by using that script that they have..

Then call it like this.

<a href="javascript.

:modelesswin('m_frmst_main.html',655, 575 )">movies</a>..

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