How can you edit a website on 123

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My first question is How can you edit a website on 123 Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Source:.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

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I would be careful with .cn HostGator names - Anyone here what China just did to the head of the Food and Drug Agency? I simply dont trust China, when they freedom of speach is not actually practiced. I will avoid .cn - although I hear the message loud and clear - perhaps a chineese name on a .com?.

Just my 2 pennies...

Comment #2

Not discounting the political probs with the .cn, which are a real issue, the biggest problem in my opinion is the language barrier. If you can read and write chinese (not even going into the dialect issues) you are way ahead of the game. Perhaps a mirrored .cn .com setup maybe an answer. But I'd think if the .cn version was "lost" it would be likely the .com version would be "barred" pretty quickly to your target audience. Dual language sites may be useful, although the degree of English or the second language take up in China is a major issue. More issues than solutions seems to be the current state of play IMHO...

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I know people will bring politics and western prejudice over this when it comes to China. I see too much these oldies. Let's just get it straight: When it comes to capitalism, the C gov't and the C people are the least communist in the world. And according to polls and stats that I gathered from, Chinese domainers earn more money with .cn. They are later comers for .com but they did good job dealing with .cn, even with themselves. There are more .cn than .com registered in China.

But from this scratch you see .cn/ had sound sales over .com in this country..

(Stats known by me, 2006-present).


Personally, to the head of the Food and Drug Agency, he deserves penalty by making poor people dying without enough to pay for the medical cares while receiving big bribes himself and his family. This just shows the government's will to quench the corruption. But unfortunately, lacking the rule of law make most corrupted officials free as angels. They all deserve severe punishment. Thank God China still has death penalty, otherwise it will get a lot worse...

Comment #4

Did I say something that was untrue? Did he get a fair trial? Even if we put that on hold for just a moment. Why then does China sensor what it's people can see on the internet? You dont see a flaw in that? Im not sure I like the idea of China deciding if it's people can see my content, do you?.


Comment #5

Justin, it is their call. And things are changing. The potential resourse to domainers and the web as a whole is incredible..

Your opinion is valid as well, but I believe this market opening up will be a boon to the worlds economy and to the PRC..

I believe Dr. Wang has answered the Food & Drug Admins fate..

Lets not turn this into a political thread, that was not my intention..



Comment #6

I agree, it is there call. And thats exactly the reason I choose not to invest in this ccTLD. Does Chinas potential as the next superpower beg investment? Sure. I agree that China is the next great power, I just very much dislike the potential limitations..

But, I think not discussing the political nature of this ccTLD, would be disservice to any domainer interested in investing...

Comment #7

I also have .cn and most big companies use and though the market is big I am skeptical and think India with it's around 50 million internet users is already bigger and better. First of all their internet is in english not as chinese where there are many different dialects. I personally would find it hard to get a good chinese speaking personell to run the site. With india it's much easier...

Comment #8

Google Search:.

- 314,000,000 results.

- 498,000,000 results.

- 16,500,000 results.

- 537,000 results.

Just FYI.









Comment #9

Thank you for posting such an interesting article. I agree with domainspade though, because with them being so strict with their internet laws and such you would have to be very careful...

Comment #10

This does not show actualy domains registered. it seems there are more chinese domains developed I guess...

Comment #11

Well, this isnt completly about the .CN or extentions as many chinese us the .NET over .com also..

The real point I was hoping to hear comments on was the influx of internet users in general..



Comment #12

In terms of internet users? Its fantastic. More users, more money to go around. I think it will help grow more and more online business. Its a great thing in General..

Comment #13

Nobody mentioned the Great Firewall of China..

Sure we have more and more Chinese on the Web but they are monitored and do not have the freedom to browse anything. I suspect they are missing a lot more than most of us..

This is a country where you can go to jail just for posting your political views online..

So much for freedom and creativity...

Comment #14

Plus there's 1.3 billion people in China.. That would probably make it a little easier to have 100 million people online...

Comment #15

I agree with DomainSpade, you can't really separate the politics from this... Though I think we definitely need to watch for this type of stuff. America is not going to be on top for long. I recently read an article about broadband, specifically France and also I believe China was mentioned. Basically, these countries all have faster speeds and cheaper rates by far. These countries are trying to make Internet access as fast and cheap as possible to ensure that everyone is connected..

Conversely, the American government is still upholding monopolies. They haven't opened up broadband and cell networks to competition like they did with land lines. This means we have fewer choices and pay higher rates. Also, the lack of competition doesn't give companies incentives to offer faster services, which they easily could..

It's a tough issue though. No company wants to spend billions on creating a network and then be forced by the government to open it up and allow competitors to use it. And most of us as Americans would probably have an issue with the government telling us how to run our business..

So essentially, America is becoming more and more stagnant in this regard while other countries are embracing it and growing at leaps and bounds...

Comment #16

Talking about internet users, no doubt the potential of Chinese market is huge. Data I collected shows China has 160 million online users by 2007/6. It is estimated to surpass US in 2-3 years. This brings profit to anyone who dare to explore..

As I said in the earlier post, political interference that many people here worrying about is neglectable when it comes to HostGator business..

Most of websites that you can not access from China are pornography/gambling/violence, about 1/3 (the rest) are political dissident sites. Adult sites/domains are revenue generating but I'm sure it is not a mainstream for everybody. Political sites/domains? Not money making at all. So for the rest of your investment niche which most domainers are into, you have as much freedom as you have for say .us, or even more with the huge population and economic boom..

My whole point summed up:.

Does China have problems, politically speaking?.


Should .cn be avoided, economically speaking?.

A bigger NO...

Comment #17

I dont know Chinese or Pinyin, so it seems pointless to get involved. I think the statements that a lot of Chinese people are making money from .cn or will be is probably accurate. This will be a huge deal, but unfortunately a lot of us are precluded by our ignorance of the language. Personally I just don't ever see English word .cns being worth a whole lot. Unless English becomes the primary language of China, which isn't very likely.

Either way, I'm just glad to see more people on the Net. Even if not from a business perspective, it's just great to see that the world is becoming more and more connected. Makes it easier for me to take over the world..

Comment #18

I second duskdawn's opinions..

The government bans adult sites, gambling sites and some of the dissident sites (not all of them). The online free speech somewhat restricted comparing to U.S but not THAT restricted (especially nowadays) as most of you thought..

Do you think adult/gambling sites and dissident sites are the mainstream of internet? I don't think so. This is the.


To put down your bias..

I refer the data again, just FYI.

- 314,000,000 results.

- 498,000,000 results.

- 189,000,000 results.

- 159,000,000 results.

- 16,500,000 results.

- 537,000 results.

Alexa is also a good source to know how huge the internet market in China is..

Ignore .cn today, regret it tomorrow.

(hey, I am not suggesting to reg .cn unless you know Pinyin and Chinese well)..

Comment #19

I'm going to have to agree with everything Ronald Regging has said so far..

Alexa isn't a good source of anything...

Comment #20

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