How could the Nutrisystem diet be great?

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My 1st question is: How could the Nutrisystem diet be great? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. For you newbies or coming back guys - I can say I am a regular here for 3 months - and posting has really helped me out in my weight loss goals..

What I would like to create is a "men's check in thread" - like the "restart update thread". Same format or whatever you want - (which looks like "NS diet status (100%/90%/totally blew it) and weight".

For example I would simply write:.



Ran a 5k.

Met heather locklear for drinks (u can lie here).

Why? This keeps you in check during the day because if you cheat, we'll know and thats good. honesty is up to you of course. but if you f up, tell us. if you don't THATs where you want to be - and be often - and more often -till goal..

I'm formulating the thread now but wanted to throw out some ideas..

Here's what i'm thinking but I will ELIMINATE SOME OR MANY POSSIBLE IDEAS below..

But remember, you have to post EVERY day (if possible, on your same scale, etc...). This does not turn you into a "daily weigher" but, to get on track I think it's a good idea. you can simply post your current weigh-in weight too..


This is a way to keep track of yourself and compare yourself to the rest of the men over a 4-5 month period of time..

I'm hoping you will see where if you let up/faultered you did not lose and when you stayed on track you kept up/surpassed the other fatties (aka. radsdad, apolyton and gordon - superior losers and gordon as a maintainer).


-who can say they were 100% the longest period of time...this is the "backbone of the thread." there is no option here..

(don't ask me to define 100% - that's your definition but we'll talk about it. this may bring in the "maintainers") simply put you followed the Nutrisystem plan..

-who shows a steady decline - over time- bump ups and down in short term don't count (trust me on that you'll see) - I hope for many "ties" because there is no real judge here except you. ie - going from 250 to 185 is great vs 400 to 300 - also great but relatively percentage -wise equivalent..

-who has a great NSV - they should post it here (like you get a great compliment or you wear jeans from 2 years ago or your cousin didn't recognize you...u get the drift) and also please post it in it's own thread as well!.

-who drank all the water they were suposed to the most - i'll lose this challenge..but when I do drink the water I truely do lose more...lets say 8 glasses as a basis no matter what your weight - the guys at 200 or less know better at this point....

-did anyone win a challenge or come in a top ten against the estros (those ladies can be tough! i'm not kiddin...) ie. i'm in a $150 challenge with my boys here at home for 15 weeks - so I would simply post it and get recognition here...when I win).

-who overcame a monster challenge -ie. the superbowl is coming up - nachos, wings, beer, oh my! vacations, holidays, bdays...just say so simply - and please create a NSV thread about it!.

-who did something totally new - ran a 5k, 10k, marathon - beat an old time, did some charity work or met a hottie!.

-who beat a demon - alcohol, smoking, drugs, high blood pressure, diabetes, ex girlfriend - we have a few successes here already that's for sure and that's probably the best one to talk about.....

-show some workout time - I do 4 hours of racquetball 2x a week. do you swin for 2 hrs? jog 30 min a day? walk 15 min a day? the more the better - as long as we see progres over time - (the 15 min walkers should go to 20 min, 30 min and the weight shoud go doooown).

Lastly - am I nuts doing this? if so - tell me I won't but I am still placing a 100% thread up for myself and you can look if you like or you can ignore it. or we can all create something cool with some input I truely could use! but I need to keep it simple. I am a Business Intelligence professional, so these stats make me happy and easy to compile....

Thats why all of above is possible/eliminatable (is that a word?).

Muchos bob.

Robert_c you are always a man of common sense - too much? just a few goals might be better - or simply lets post a 100% thread and see what happens....

And gibbous where the f r u?.

Lastly - can anyone find a "buddy"? - started at the same time around the same weight? Ilikebind, txrhino and acoustic are close to me - 226 looking for 185 I think - so find a fatty buddy..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Swam, lower body lifting.

Mom says 32" (new!) jeans are falling off my ass (about an inch loose...not more)..

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Bob, how about starting a new thread with an appropriate title? Something simple like Men's daily 100% thread. Think of the newbies in years future!..

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I will homey.

And since I hit the half way point today (yes 4 lbs in the last 4 days - see how easy it is when you don't drink licka and do drink the water) i'll post my weight...

Comment #4

You should post it regardless..

But glad you are "back"...

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U got it, happy new year and it is starting off on a good note.

When I hit goal, i'm buying you a vitamitavegamin..

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