How do free wepage sites like Geocities and Godaddy get ads onto the pages?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do free wepage sites like Geocities and Godaddy get ads onto the pages? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... To get the deal.


Sign up for Traffic Facts.

Takes your HostGator down to $5.19!!.

Then go back into your account and cancel Traffic Facts..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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Thank you for that great news ... I think you can also enter David as a user name to register it for 5.19 .....

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To be honest now I have found this place I reg them here..

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I just read that Yahoo domains only costs $4.98 a year...

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Thanks for the tip! $5.19 for a HostGator is a great deal.. I'm going to register a couple of names there soon, even though I don't like GoDaddy's interface and HostGator transfer system. When does this promo end?..

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Sorry to bump this thread up again. Just want to know if the the "traffic facts" discount still works. Anyone tried it lately or did they shut it down?..

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Your joking? I tried it the other day and it never worked.

I always used to do it.. and I just bought 15domains in one go earlier today (so ffs!) but I did use the 10% discount code which took off like $10..

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No, I'm not joking. I had a hard time to find the 'traffic facts' myself but eventually found it. It is one of the single line offers...

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I'm 99% sure it does. Why don't you try it and find out for yourself?..

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There are already a few threads about this somewhere am I wrong?..

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Despite the cheap yahoo reg fees, I (as a domainer) personally do not recommend using it because it does not provide free HostGator push to another yahoo account for owners. That will bother many buyers and also that, I think initiate transfer of yahoo-domains to another registrar might be troublesome as well. But if you are sure you want to get a domain, design it and keep it, I guess that's fine..


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Money = 10%.

CSHOP2 = 1.00.

Usa6 - 29 = 1.00..

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Godaddy allows confirmed paypal users only. That sucks for people that don't have a credit card or don't want to use it online....

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I am trying to get it to work but it isnt..

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EDIT: I got it to work, I added hosting to my shopping cart, then traffic facts, then removed hosting and finaly got a $5 HostGator name..

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I do not use Godaddy hosting either..

Just cancel them in your renewing items page, after you pay for them in the cart..


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The deal still works. I entered a coupon code for $1 off to make the total $5.19. however, how do I cancel traffic facts? I see it in the My Renewals section under Hosting Renewals but I dont see an option to cancel it. any help? thanks..

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I cant see an option to cancel traffic facts, thats my probs too..

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Yea, do we have to pay for traffic facts for 12 months or something?.

We are paying ONLY the 1.95 right for 1 month?.

After that nothing more, am I right?..

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You have to search for alittle bit to cancel it. Its like a my renewals page or somthing should list all of your domains and services, it allows you to cancel it...

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Pfft lame. when you goto pay godaddy and use paypal they say they can bill you whatever they like thats so lame. I think I will pay an extra 31 cents and use registerfly..

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I found the way to cancel traffic facts. just go to Customer Info & More, then Payments and Renewing Items.

From there, select traffic facts and hit the cancel button above. then the page will refresh with a confirmation area on the right. hit cancel now and submit. done deal. easy enough...

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It's only letting me enter 1 coupon and cancels out any other coupon I try to add in...

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Add a HostGator into your cart. then add any hosting and traffic facts. then enter a $1-off coupon. then remove hosting (but keep traffic facts). your total should be $5.19.

Then after you pay and get confirmation, follow my instructions above to cancel traffic facts...

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There is an option.

Log in to your account and check your transactions. One of the latest transactions will be traffic facts. Select it, choose cancel and click submit..

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You are only allowed to use 1 coupon entry for each sale..

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You want to enter 6 coupons to have a free domain?.


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