How do I add the google adsense on mysite with 123

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First question I got is How do I add the google adsense on mysite with 123 Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... I don't know what to say, but would like to share this story with you guys..

I have been contacted by a guy who wants to purchase one of my HostGator and would like to complete this deal through ESCROW.COM.

I started a transaction on ESCROW.COM, and after two days, ESCROW.COM confirmed that they have received the payment and payment has been secured. Meanwhile, I do somehow feel risky, and I posted this thread about ESCROW's security question in this thread. (BTW: thank you, scandiman).


As I saw the payment has been confirmed by ESCROW, I created an account at Moniker with details of the buyer, and pushed the HostGator name to that account. Then I emailed the account login info to that buyer. After about 1 hour, I received a letter from the buyer, I quoted the email here..


I don't want the HostGator name, let me tell you who I am first, i'm a stupid sad lover, loved a girl for 4 years, and she never loved me, that's why I decided to work in fraud area.. yes believe me I'm not ******. my real name is ****, and after a few days A chargeback will happen..

I don't care if you tell the police to come and catch me, I dont care about this living, it's shit I wish I will die tonight..

I have not touched the account and the HostGator is in it, please take back your HostGator name, I guess you are chinese or japanese or whatever I mean you look asian, my girl looks the same (the one who never loved me and always hurted me), she was the reason of the monster I became...

But I just dont care about the whole life anymore, take the HostGator name and notify and tell them that their security is weak, the should feel free to contact me if they want to improve..

**** this life.. **** this life.. **** this life...

After reading this, I login the account and the HostGator is still there as this guy mentioned. He didn't touch the domain. I pushed it back to my own account. That's the whole story just happened. Sigh, I have no comments. If you guys have something wanna tell this guy, leave a comment, I will email back later.

If you can see this thread, I would say.

Thank you.


Take it easy.

, mate..

PS: This is a true story, the screenshot of the original email can be seen here:.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

This guy has bigger problems imho if he is this bad off from broken love..

Does broken love hurt? Yeah. But there is no good reason for him to act that way..

Ty Maier..

Comment #2

Here's what I get when I read between the lines:.

Ok, maybe I'm too cynical, but I don't buy their story..

Unrequited love as motive for fraud?.

Someone who claims to make a living out of fraud, but who doesn't understand the concept of escrow?.

Meh. lies...

Comment #3

I dont think this is quite right, with a CC payment from I believe they require the premium escrow service, which is substantially more. My guess is he deposited payment and changed his mind, I dont think this is fraud at all. With CC payments, Im pretty sure escrow makes you send in photo ID as well.......

Comment #4

Take the money and get back your domain. He purchased it from you and then gave it back...

Comment #5

Thats correct, this buyer has mentioned this in his previous email..


I paid the amount.

And faxed them the documents they require.

, but they didnt contact me yet, have they contacted you?.

Received the reply from ESCROW.COM.

Please cancel the transfer to your buyer and let me know once you regain.

Control over the domain..

Thank you,.

Josh Smith.

Customer Service.

Comment #6

IMHO he just used that story to get out of the deal. He couldn't fraud you via escrow. So why not take the money and leave the HostGator in that account ?

Comment #7

Yah, the whole thing seems ludacris. Sounds like Buyers Remorse to me...

Comment #8

Maybe I trust him too much?.

And I am not in hurry to sell that domain..

BTW: I still have the question, how seller protect himself, if the buyer updated the whois record to someone who is irrelated to this deal after receiving the domain? then the buyer may email escrow that the seller didn't transfer the HostGator to him. How escrow deals with this matter?..

Comment #9

Or the buyer is completely insane....

I'd walk, no I'd run away from this deal...

Comment #10

It has been commented on by RJ and others here that a buyer could receive a HostGator and keep the whois data to appear as if the seller still has control of the domain. I don't know how would handle this situation, thankfully it hasn't happened to me. But this is why a transaction using is less than ideal. Moniker or Sedo will take possession of both the money and the domain, protecting both buyer and seller...

Comment #11

Yes, that's the security issue I concerned before this deal...

Comment #12

According to ToS the buyer could back out of the deal at ANY TIME.

Before. disburses the funds to the seller (but he will be charged the fees if it was for the buyer to pay the fees) ....

I think that maybe this is the "fraud" this buyer is referring to ... that he will walk away from the deal ....

I don't know ... but I think he just has buyer's remorse and made up the story about the girlfriend ... otherwise there is no logic to pull something like this ... especially since he will be charged the fees if he walks away ... unless the card is not his (eg.stolen) and that's what he means by "fraud" and " chargeback" (from the owner of the CC) ... but Escrow asks for a photocopy of the ID (or a photocopy of the back of the card , probably to compare signatures with the signature on the fax form that is sent) for Premier transactions ??? unless he stole the card and forged the signature ...

The thread scandi is referring to is.

This one..

Comment #13

If he agreed to the inspection period and the funds were secured, then the deal should have been valid. I dont see how he could reverse the charges. IMO I would use escrow over paypal any day. escrow much more secure IMO...

Comment #14

Sounds like a Soap Opera to me ... "As the HardDrive Turns".

Very Odd to say the least ......

Comment #15

You need to stick with the original agreement, move the HostGator to the buyers Moniker account and follow through with the escrow transaction, everything else is completely irrelevant. Ignore the email and ignore him, don't fall into this sympathy trap and turn this transaction into a soap opera, get your money and move on. Whatever happens after that is's problem, let them handle it, that's their job...

Comment #16

I am worry about the same. Afternic has the same problem. That is the reason I like Sedo much better..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.