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First off, How do I build a website on 123 Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Hello guys...

Recently, I wanted to renew my blog HostGator as I have no problem with namecheap, I wanted to continue at namecheap..

So I search around for coupons but found NONE for .net renewal..

So I msg them... and they gave me 2 reply..



Frankly, I am quite sadden and disappointed.

That despite I have few domains with namecheap ( as all the others are at 123 reg ), I will still appreciate if they give me coupons for the renewal as an effort to thanks their client support..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Just transfer to Moniker. Their .net pricing is $5.49 for NamePros users..

It's not like NameCheap's pricing is even.



Comment #2

It beats me why anyone would use namecheap over moniker. Moniker is cheaper AND better quality of service...

Comment #3

....better? how so?.

No need to make $500 or other load-ups with namecheap to get the lowest prices and even with the np deal the difference in price is not so much and no list of pay-for extras on registration and I get good fast email response (unlike the npers who have to chase moniker around the houses lately.....) and namecheap push facility is second to none....and the np registrar feedback for namecheap is very good, so why take a cheap shot?..

Comment #4

$8.88 namecheap - $6.95 moniker. Plus 25 cent tasting..

Moniker - 0 names stolen.

NameCheap - More then 0 (its an ENOM reseller).

Namecheap isn't even a registrar..

If your a small customer, of course you might get crap service at moniker. Have these people tried CALLING their service reps? Or they too afraid and just email all day..

Moniker Push is much more secure..

$500 or other load ups? Pay for extras?!? Have you ever used moniker before?.

You think around $2 difference in registration is not much? Try registering a couple hundred..

Adds up...

Comment #5

Moniker - 0 names stolen.

NameCheap - More then 0 (its an ENOM reseller).

Put up or shut up.

Namecheap push not secure?.

Put up or shut up..

Namecheap $7.99 with coupon.

So now we know you don't..

Comment #6

??? Read about enom HostGator hijackings. Apparently, you have no knowledge. I am not going to waste my time trying to prove the obvious..

Congratulations $7.99 with coupon. Get me one cheaper then $6.95 or $5.49 or shut up..

Yea you can't..

Another person on the ignore list. NP keeps on spitting these people out.

What are you, an undercover worker for NC?..

Comment #7

Or better yet use Dynadot. Bulk pricing: $6.99 and $0 fee for tasting.

Saying that I think Namecheap is good and I still have domains there. Their control panel is the best..

Comment #8

Indeed. Too bad it's manual.

, if they made it automatic I would move their very fast..

Comment #9

Floatingworld , Sam - you just fought over two registrars ... chiiiiill ....

The conversation just escalated for no reason ... probably just those PPCs didn't go so well today.

Personal taste is very subjective ... sometimes , even because of a different shade of a colour or a nicely designed line on an item someone can pay larger amounts of money ... and sometimes if someone just wants a specific service as cheap as possible he might not mind about the design or packaging (I am not implying that one of these companies has a better design than the other or that any of the two is a "cheepo" compared to the other ... I was basically referring to items/products).

Chill and just understand that you probably just like different things ... 2 2years+ NPers should not go to ignore lists in just 5 posts ... 25 posts ? maybe ... 5 threads ? possibly ... but in 5 posts ? c'mon ....

And don't start the "he said shut up" , "he was implying about stealing" stuff ....

Just blame the coffee.

... or the PPCs..

Comment #10

I like NameCheap because they helped me get a HostGator back once that was in redemption period..

I had 2 domains drop into RP and one register wanted over $100 to get it back, NameCheap wanted... $8.88 for the one with them..

Would Moniker or any of the others have done that for me?..

Comment #11

NameCheap wanted... $8.88 for the one with them..

Theres no way they would charge you $8.88, since they or any company would never take a huge loss on a transaction. Since enom charges $120+ for a redemption period restore, I really doubt the HostGator was in redemption mode...

Comment #12

I had a HostGator hijacked at eNom about a year ago. I got 3 directors involved. They didn't give a!@#$. They refunded my fees even though it was against their ToS to do so. So I leave it to your imagination who was right. They don't give a rat's arse about their customers....

They should have filed for the return of the HostGator from the receiving register but it would have to admit they were wrong, admitting their system was flawed, and it was more expensive to do the right thing, than paying me back. The HostGator was locked at the time it transferred. I saw it in my account after it was transferred,and it was still locked (database hadn't been updated with the transfer info at that point). I think I might even have a screenshot of that.. but not for you guys.

Sorry. You touched a raw nerve when you mentioned hijackings from eNom. I didn't realize it was still so raw. I still use them, but I'm much more cautious about them, and I know they won't lift a finger to help their customers in the case of a hijacking. I'm living proof..

Oh...And to stay on topic. NameCheap don't issue coupons for renewals. You're supposed to like them enough after 1 year, to pay more. I think they are maybe not the very cheapest, but you do get value for money, imho...

Comment #13

The HostGator was no longer in my account. It had expired a month or so before because I didnt have any money because I was out of a job. I emailed them and asked how much it would cost me since the register before had quoted me $160 for the HostGator I had lost through them. I was told to put $8.88 in my account and they would take care of it..

Dont believe me if you dont wish but they made me a customer for life after that. I did start to move away once for a cheaper place but got screwed(RegisterFly). All but 4 domains are back with NameCheap now...

Comment #14

Sam, do you have some sort of issue against us? We have in fact done things as Zurax stated for our clients. We also ocassionally renew domains for our clients because they do not have enough funds to pay right then and there. We will renew their domains for them and allow them to pay us when they do so..

If you're happy with Moniker, then by all means continue to use them but it is not necessary to take shots at other companies or make assumptions in the process...

Comment #15

I prefer not to say..

Please do tell mr. "floatingworld" that you arent a independent ICANN registrar. I hate enom, and since you are a enom reseller, well =/ ..

I have had too many fiascos with them already. Anything that I can transfer out has been transfered out.

Except for my "premium .TVs and what not.

Exactly my point. I waited 3 hours on the phone for a IP add service once. Thats the last time I tried "customer support"..

Comment #16

Personal choice and experiences, maybe?.

Namecheap currently isn't an officially listed ICANN-accredited registrar. But.

My experience dealing with them tells me they're an exceptional reseller, just.

To put it mildly..

This is coming from someone who's worked on the registrar side of the fence.

And understands many issues they deal with...

Comment #17

I could care less if they are not an independent ICANN registrar. As long as they treat me right and their support keeps up the great work I will stick with them..

I have an account at Moniker, but I dont like the control panel at all. It is way too confusing to me..

One question about Moniker, why do they charge 4% if you use Paypal? I know for a fact that ALL MERCHANTS pay a fee when they get paid by credit card too. So why discriminate against Paypal users?..

Comment #18

Complaining about a 4% fee but not a 27% "fee" is quite hypocritical..

Enom charges a paypal fee, and they [namecheap] dont charge a fee because they are already ripping you off.

Moniker control panel is very straight foward. I don't see how you can be confused at all..

Moniker is so good that I haven't emailed support about a MONIKER issue in over 6+ months except when needing to bulk transfer names (and now they have an automated form for that)..

Who needs support when the system is so good you don't need it..

Im sure with the $1.93 they are earning from EACH HostGator you register, they only need 10,000 names registered to start their own registrar. Would make economical sense, then they will get $5.95 .coms, add another dollar of profit, who knows they might even decrease to $7.77...

Comment #19


Whether it's confusing or not depends on what one knows...or perhaps what.



To know..

I vaguely recall Monte posting somewhere that PayPal also charges them fees.

Or something. Why not ask them rather than complain about it here?..

Comment #20

I have only emailed support when I had a HostGator drop into redemption, was transfering in a HostGator from registerfly, or when I thought their was a problem with the free whois guard service they offer..

NameCheap give Whois Guard free for the first year them I think it's $1 after that... whats Moniker charge?..

Comment #21

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