How do I build my site with 123

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My question is How do I build my site with 123 Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Just wondering where else to list domains other than Both afternic and buy domains charge for the service. So I was wondering if there were any other reputable free listing sites??..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

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You can make that fee back with your first sale. It's cheap. I personally sell many more domains at Afternic compared to Sedo. The ratio is better than 5:1...

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Thanks, it's true about the sales. 5:1 wow I guess that limits the competion unlike sedo where everyone just throws up all that they have...

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Moniker's service is crap. I've had trouble getting domains transferred to me, they don't answer customer support emails, and rather unpleasant on the phone. Very dissatisfied with them...

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A namepros member is running Very user friendly. Too early for high traffic for your domains but it is good for promoting your domains...

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So. you decide. Do you want free = no/few sales, or $20/yr = more sales (only 1 needed to recover the fee)...

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Checked out the site you mentioned. That guy did a hell of a job. Thanks for the heads up. Put an appreciation banner on my site for him. Maybe get him a couple hits here and there. But it is truly user friendly.




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There is one more auction website..... rather old and ugly, BUT, I did sell through them, and looking at the traffic I constantly see referals from that site.....

And the site is, ta dadada da dam -.

Hey, I just went on (jut to check on that 5:1 ratio you guys are mentioning), and I saw that the registration is $49 and not $20 per year !!.

I know, it's still low and if the 5:1 is real - it's worth it cause you'll get it back right on the first transaction, but I just wanted yout to re-check what you're paying for.

But, there is also one more thing to watch on.... their transaction fees are higher then Sedo.... not $50 but $60.... and also, the money transfer is $25 (worldwide) and on Sedo it's "free"......

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Namecheap marketplace is another option but you can only list names that are registered at namecheap. They take %10 of sale price. The upper limit for listings is 250 USD. It is the fastest you can find because it works instantly. When the buyer pays the HostGator is transfered from your account to buyers account the same moment..

You don't get even any notice or approval email or anything. You only get the money..

During the last 8 months I have sold 6 domains at sedo and 34 domains at namecheap marketplace. I register new domains all the time but I never add funds to my namecheap account. I have alreadly around 300 usd from sales waiting in my namecheap account..


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Can you give examples of the names you have sold there..

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Of course I can. Below are a few. The prices aren't great but all these names were hand regged at namecheap. I usually url forward the HostGator to it's listing page. One thing I don't like is that you have to renew the listing every 30 days and the url forwarding link needs to be updated. Too much problem if you have lots of domains..

Domain Name meet(.)nu (went cheap, I know).

Listing Price $129.00.

Sale Date 2007-03-25.

Domain Name renechar(.)com (famous french poet).

Listing Price $99.00.

Sale Date 2007-02-23.

Domain Name corralejo(.)info (city name).

Listing Price $79.00.

Sale Date 2006-12-14.

Domain Name salta(.)info (city name).

Listing Price $79.00.

Sale Date 2006-12-05.

Domain Name golf3forum(.)com (sold to .de owner of the domain).

Listing Price $40.00.

Sale Date 2007-02-01..

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I use Afternic and thinks it's worth the $20/yr. Didn't know the price changed, better go check, it was still 20 a few days ago. One good sale and you make it back, plus they have an affiliate program where you can earn commissions for referrals if they purchase a membership or domain. Also, you can park your names at Afternic and use the earnings towards your annual membership fee. Any money you earn at Afternic can also be withdrawn through paypal if you reach the $25 minimum. I guess the nice thing is you can earn multiple ways - sell your domains, affiliate program, and parking names all at one place.

Your names will show up on site if you choose that option, and they are really good at selling domains. Yes, the fee goes up to 20%, but so what if you make more sales...

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Wow I have never had a thread this popular at NP... Anyways, I appreciate all the info. Has anyone ever used the classifieds service at



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Hey, I just went on (jut to check on that 5:1 ratio you guys are mentioning), and I saw that the registration is $49 and not $20 per year !!.

This is the info currently on afternic website, so where did you get the $49 info from?.

Become a member of the most popular HostGator name exchange in the world..

ActiveExchange ($19.95/year) - Sell domains, participate in DiscussNames forum plus benefits of Buyer membership.

Buyer ($1/year) - Make offers plus benefits of Standard membership.

Standard (Free) - Use escrow service, order appraisals, receive alerts on watched domains, earn affiliate commissions..

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Here is copy/paste:.

"Become a member of the most popular HostGator name exchange in the world for $49.00.".

I don't understand......

Do you guys have some special link to go to Afternic where you "enter" the site with some sort of coupon code ?

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Anyone know how to delete HostGator from sedo? NS have been transfered to another host anly I need to delete those domains from my potifolio.



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1. login to your sedo account.

2. on the left menu click "domain management".

3. tick the box next to the name you want to delete.

4. scroll down and choose "delete selected domains".

5. Click execute..

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Thanks so much I have found it.

Another one if you still around are you familier with 1plus ? iam trying to insert google analytics code but it keep giving me error massege.

Can you please help.


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