How do I download files to GoDaddy?
First off, How do I download files to GoDaddy? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I have about 200 at this registrar which charges $25.00 per renewal..

I request that that they reduced the amount to $9.00 and I will stay with them otherwise I will move the names..

They have not responded..

If you are the /img/avatar7.jpg of this company would you take the offer????????.

By the way....they have not I am moving all of them.

To my favorite $8.00 registrar(its a hassle though!)..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

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More registrations gets you more of a "status" in the registry world. Surprising as it may seem not many people own 200 domains...

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I know Dotster have in the past offered cheaper registrations to those who want to transfer many domains...

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Yes, absolutely. It simply makes good business sense for them to reduce your price to a cost that you would consider staying at rather than watch you transfer all 200 names out. Good luck!.


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Absolutely! If he were an insignificant customer I would expect a polite explanation as to why this wouldn’t be in their best interest to reduce the cost, however, with 200 domains he is anything but insignificant. Not responding is just uncalled for...

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Call them ask to speak to a manager let them know your going to leave...

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They should work with you since even at the lower rate they are still turning a profit especially on 200 names, let us know how it goes...

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Tough call. A big company won't have the time to entertain such requests. More so if you've written to tech support and they have to forward it to the correct person (if they even bother)...

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So far ...they have not respond.......and I have moved about 70 names.......whats the current Namepros offer for transfers??.

Will do the rest of the transfer this week!......they probably have too much customers and earning $$$$$.......

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They should have at least responded. but good luck with your transferring. it's going to be really a hassle...

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They should reduce the cost! At least they should contact you!..

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I agree with this..

Surly they can lower the price as they would still make $$$ from it as you 200..

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25$? That's too much.

I would reduce the prices unless It is for a hosting company...

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Even if I was a very LARGE company, I would certainly consider giving you a special deal..

They probably make an $18 profit per HostGator at the moment a total profit of $3600 per year, that would be reduced to around just $400, but if you went else where, it would be reduced to $0. So it is worth their while to keep you on...

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I can not believe that a register is asking $25.00 per renewel, isnt that just bad business, or do people accept it and pay the price?..

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Ya, I would definitely accept your offer, especially when companies like Registerfly offer $5.50 transfers. I didn't know anyone still charged that much.


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If the Company has.

$25.00 Renewals.

, the question is why even bothering asking them. Go to a Registrar that has more business acumenAny registrar that is charging those prices will not be around in a year when renewal comes around next time..

Question? Is their registration Fee $25 , why did you use them in the first place..

When so many Registrars offer excellent service,price and support for Under $10..

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I bought the names via pool......which doesnt give you the choice of registrar..

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Yeah, pool put me with some really scummy places too. couldnt wait to get my names transferred out. got 3 names thru pool and a different registrar each time. none that i'd ever heard of before or would ever consider using ....

Good luck. most places have lower rates for transfers because they want your business...

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$25.00 per renewal is way too much. They really should reduce the cost. Good luck with your transfers...

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They must have responded.

Anyways hpe you have an answer asap.

Anyways 25.00 is a lot of money.

Goodluck in your work..

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Received this today:.

Thank you for contacting Customer Service..

Unfortunately, we will not be offering you any special discounts for this...

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