How do I download files to iPage?

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My 1st question is: How do I download files to iPage? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Hi I just started a small computer online store and am going to use.

Worldpay for my cc processing I am just asking if anyone knows to best package for me to use as they are loads of options on the worldpay iPage site so ppl who have used this company before should be able to give me a idea.



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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We use Worldpay. They're expensive but efficient. If you sign up, use the Pre-Auth option as it will save you getting charged for fraudulent transactions from the usual places!!..

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However the caveat is, the pre-auth really adds on 1% and is a lot for those price-sensitive merchandisers. The one I'm working on is a t-shirt retailer and they're concerned about the rates. As well there is a fixed charge monthly..

I would most definitely recommend this feature if you're able to pass on the cost and still be competitive. The peace of mind is worth it..

The question is whether it's really worth it. Anyone with experience on WorldPay using this pre-auth is most welcome to share their experiences...

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Worldpay are quite expensive. If you are getting your profits from low margin items like Computer parts, you could be better off looking elsewhere for a merchant..


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Hi thxs for your info and help I have gone with world pay.

I picked WorldDirect as I can take online cc processing and offline processing which is good if customers fear online transtractions.

Plus I got a good deal I think new year offer from worldpay heheh..

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How do you figure that? I can't see anything about that on their iPage site and I have been using Worldpay pre-auth for around 6 months now..

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......minimal monthly charge of 20 and additional transaction charges from 1%.......


Look for this logo, their iPage site urls are masked so I cannot refer exactly to which page that says this. Basically subscribing to this service requires extra transaction rate loading (assuming this is the feature we're all talking about)...

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Noit really, probably depends which part of the world you'reWorldPay is currently quoting 4.5% on each transaction with the usual holding period of three to four weeks (depending on their assesment of each customer)..

This is high compared to conventional CC rates usually about 2% but most others charge a transaction fee of abt US$0.30 and even higher rates. WorldPay rates as well as their terms/features still seem the better solution from where I am (we enjoy less banking features in these parts).

We also face a basic problem here where most CC services advertisied online is for European and North American markets and we've to get/dig out more info gradually. WorldPay, I believe offers a good solution people like me, something workable and closer to home contact point(though not as effective, I suspect)...

Comment #8 to protect you and your shoppers against third party fraud.............

......minimal monthly charge of 20 and additional transaction charges from 1%........

............automatically warn of suspect transactions, and supply up-to-date information readily available on our web site, regarding fraud so that you are aware at all times what to look out for and avoid............

I suspect this is a value-added service where they share fraud information. Accessing their knowledge base seemingly will cost additional 20 monthly and 1% extra. The guarantee seems to cover fraud cases but leaves chargebacks to usual rules..

Click on the link for more info at the bottom of their page, and it indicates :.

.......When a shopper purchases goods from your store we will inform you of every detail, including a warning if there is any discrepancy regarding orders, shipments, countries and card verification issues.........

Standard for all customers.


........When you take the Customer Guarantee, you will in addition receive the Shopper Guarantee. Both the Guarantees will make online trading a more secure environment for you and your shoppers, knowing that when dealing with online trading you are in safe hands.........

I'm wondering how this applies in the real world?..

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Surely something good on this site; I suspect it's only applicable for UK? However their company background reveals little. My client prefers a bank backing or something along those lines..

Any other users out there?..

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That has nothing to do with adding pre-auth. When I wanted pre-auth enabling I just emailed them and they set up a new junior select account. There are no extra fees involved..

The extra fees you mention are for the Worldpay Guarantee which is something else entirely..

All pre-auth does is allow you 5 days to either accept the transaction for processing (at which stage you are charged the normal transaction fees) or ignore it and the transaction will be removed after 5 days without any transaction fee being incurred...

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I stand corrected. So this pre-auth feature is like a cooling off period for merchants to analyse, solicit details/info before deciding to accept said transaction. Great stuff especially for merchants targetted by groups/syndicates, the patterns would appear sooner or later..

It would be great if other WorldPay users share their exploits. I'm seriously considering them as they offer the only viable option for us. Like I said, many things are only discovered after signing up, not a good thing. I would rather have comprehensive information up front...

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I also strongly agree that if you use Worldpay make sure you use Pre-Auth..

Before switching to pre-auth mode I received a large order from somebody with a billing address in Spain and a shipping address in Nigeria - yeah right. I don't allow credit cards from African countries hence the billing address being Spanish - but anyway, the 'customer' had gone through Worldpay and completed the transaction. As it was obviously a fraudelent order I needed to cancel it. The only way was to go into Worldpay and refund the amount back to the card. But I was still charged the 4.5% + 6p charge for the initial transaction.

Now with Pre-Auth you simply ignore the transaction in Worldpay and in 5 days it disappears without either the card or you being charged a penny!..

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One thing I have noticed if you have to issue a refund:.

If you refund to a debit card you are charged a transaction fee (50p).

If you refund to a credit card you are not charged a transaction fee..

In either case you are still charged the initial transaction fee when you originally accept the transaction..

I'm in the UK so this might not be the same elsewhere...

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Hi all.

Would anyone recommend a good international CCmerchant? Worldpay is rather expensive, but I was thinking of using as a start, as my online web is small, looking to expand soon hopefully..

I looked into, it looks interesting, but are there others?..

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I have been using 2Checkout for a while now but I am not very happy with their overall service. For one, they contact my customers 3 to 5 business days after shipping and I've had several customers complain about the phone calls and request a different payment method..

Anyway, when you issue a refund within 48 hours of the purchase with 2Checkout, they don't charge you any fees. Refunds issued after 48 hours of the purchase activity are charged the standard 5.5% + $.45 fees (assuming no chargebacks). In addition, they withhold 5% of the sale for 90 days prior to releasing it. Note that this part of the refund policy is not explained anywhere on their website. I found out about it the hard way!.

So, if you do the math on a $100 sale:.

Sale amount: $100.00.

Refund within 48 hours of sale: $0 fees.

Refund after 48 hours:.

5.5% fee = $5.50 + $.45 per transaction.

5% reserve held = $5.00.

Refund amount to your customer = $100.00.

Refund to your 2Checkout account = 100 - 5.50 -.45 - 5 = $89.05.

You are out $10.95 on a refund of $100.00 !!.

(You do get the $5 reserve after 90 days of transaction date).

Finally, note that they round up and not down, of course, so you end paying an extra 1/2 penny here and 1/2 penny there. Overtime it starts adding up if you do a high volume of transactions...

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Tats really sneaky and pretty darn crap.. thanks for your info anyways!..

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What do they actually say in those phone calls? When I order something online I certainly don't expect anyone to call me to follow up. I find that's annoying and intrusive...

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Hi I just started a small computer online store and am going to use.

Worldpay for my cc processing I am just asking if anyone knows to best package for me to use as they are loads of options on the worldpay iPage site so ppl who have used this company before should be able to give me a idea.



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Hi, I have looked at their products offering so have some knowledge. I assume you're trying to get assistance which modules to purchase. Quite simply, you need WorldDirect product as this will allow you to accpet the full range of CC's. This purchase comes with 3 currencies inclusive. I suppose for you it'll be GBP, US$ and maybe EUROS..

WorldPay offers choice of about 120 currencies to offer your transactions. This literally means you can go ahead and setup your osCommerce cart to accpet all thos currencies, but you'll neeed to pay for additional currencies support beyond the three free currencies..

If you're selling recurring subscription based products, or perhaps considering offering easy-payment for purchases as marketing advantage, you need to subscribe to FuturePay..

WorldAccess is really not necessary in that it allows you to manually submit CC transactions, but goes a good way to allay customer fears about using online processing (works especially if customer knows you personally)..

I'm going to setup for a customer but not so soon, so I do not have technical knowledge on configuring this module. The WorldPay people are also not helpful, even me being a referral partner, getting information from them is slooooooow..

If you're signing up, please use this link, I get a bit for referrals :.


In any case would be glad to assist further...

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