How do I download my iPage web site onto a CD or E drive?

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My first question is How do I download my iPage web site onto a CD or E drive? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... Hi,.

An Oscommerce shop at.


Has been configured to accept Paypal..

The shop has made a sale three weeks ago and no order was viewed within the orders admin area..

Payment for an order was in the Paypal account..

The customer, has just contacted me complaining as to where the order is and only for this I would not have known an order was placed as I have receved no notifications..

I checked on the Paypal account that all was configured for to return the customer and on checking it seems that all is configured fine..

Auto return is on with return url being...


IPN url is.


Are these correct? if not what should they be?.

One more issue seems to be that the successful payment can be reached when you type in the url to that page which is not correct as you should be redirected and this page should only be accessed when a payment has been made in Paypal and Paypal return you to website... is this correct?.

What has happened to the shop? can anyone tell me? and help?.

Please help as the shop is now redundant..

Thank You...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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There's plenty on this forum about that, try searching forum with google by putting site: then query...

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Hi Sam,.

Thanks for your reply..

I have checked and problems are similiar but not same..

I would be grateful if someone would reply to as what has gone wrong and some instructions on how to fix..

Thank you..

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: 28 June 2008, 09:13..

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Pay Pal Standard Module.

If you are using the default Pay Pal Module that comes with.

OsCommerce and are wondering why the orders don't get added.

To the database, the stock updated, and that no order.

Confirmation e-mails get sent out - this is the reason..

You are reliant upon the customer hitting the 'Continue'.

Button on the Pay Pal iPage website at the end of their purchase,.

Which then returns them to your website, updates the database,.

Updates the stock quantity, empties their shopping cart,.

And sends the order confirmation e-mails out..

There are two solutions:.

1. Use the official osCommerce Pay Pal IPN. This is the.

Only IPN module which begins with 'osCommerce'. It is.

Also the only IPN module with a completely new and.

Free-standing set of files - meaning that you don't.

Have to edit any other files in order to install it..

2. Go to your Pay Pal account, go to Profile, and.

Sign up for their Auto-Return service - which returns the.

Customer to your iPage website automatically after a delay of a.

Few seconds. The return url you must provide is something.

Like this (adjust as necessary for your website):.



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P.s. Make sure that you have filled in the "Send Extra Order Emails To" address in osc Admin > My Store and that it goes to a working and reliable email address..


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Hi Vger,.

Wher do I find the osmommerce IPN module?..

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Hi Vger,.

I already had Paypal configured with return url (exactly as you have written) and I also have the e-mail address added to the "send extrsa orders to" so I would think the Oscommerce IPN is my best bet..

Where do I find this. Is it an add on?.

Thanks for your reply..

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: 28 June 2008, 16:30..

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I was having same issues..

It is important that your return URL is pointing to /catalog/includes/checkout_process.php..

But also it is important that (in my case MONERIS HPP) customer is aware of the fact that they have to return to the store to complete purchase and only then both you and customer will receive proper notification of completed purchase with listed items purchased...

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Hi esquire,.

I think I have you.......

I have.


In the auto return field of Paypal account and it should go like.


Is this correct?.

Thank you...

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