How do I end a website I created at iPage?

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Got a question... How do I end a website I created at iPage? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Hi everyone!.

When I go to create an account I get this error......

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class shoppingCart in /home2/gracielo/public_html/includes/languages/english/create_account.php on line 13.

I know that I haven't touched the create_account.php...what do I do now!!!????.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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How would I find out???.

I'm not too good at this.....yet!!! (hopeful??).

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: 05 October 2008, 02:14..

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The one in the language directory should only have some defines like.

Define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Create an Account');.

Define('HEADING_TITLE', 'My Account Information');.

And other defines...

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Oh MAN!!!!.

Mine has WAY more than that!!.

It has my Shopping_cart.php in it!!!.

How do I get the olther file back?????.

I'm not sure how long ago I did this.....I guess I could restore a backup if I have to...ugh..

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Just download osc from the blue solutions tab at the top of the page if you do not have a file back up..

The stock file just has.



$Id: create_account.php 1739 2007-12-20 00:52:16Z hpdl $.

OsCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions.


Copyright © 2003 osCommerce.

Released under the GNU General Public License.


Define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Create an Account');.

Define('HEADING_TITLE', 'My Account Information');.

Define('TEXT_ORIGIN_LOGIN', '<font color="#FF0000"><small><b>NOTE:</b></font></small> If you already have an account with us, please login at the <a href="%s"><u>login page</u></a>.');.

Define('EMAIL_SUBJECT', 'Welcome to 'STORE_NAME);.

Define('EMAIL_GREET_MR', 'Dear Mr. %s,'"\n\n");.

Define('EMAIL_GREET_MS', 'Dear Ms. %s,'"\n\n");.

Define('EMAIL_GREET_NONE', 'Dear %s'"\n\n");.

Define('EMAIL_WELCOME', 'We welcome you to <b>'STORE_NAME'</b>.'"\n\n");.

Define('EMAIL_TEXT', 'You can now take part in the <b>various services</b> we have to offer you. Some of these services include:'"\n\n"'<li><b>Permanent Cart</b> - Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.'"\n"'<li><b>Address Book</b> - We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.'"\n"'<li><b>Order History</b> - View your history of purchases that you have made with us.'"\n"'<li><b>Products Reviews</b> - Share your opinions on products with our other customers.'"\n\n");.

Define('EMAIL_CONTACT', 'For help with any of our online services, please email the store-owner: 'STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS'.'"\n\n");.

Define('EMAIL_WARNING', '<b>Note:</b> This email address was given to us by one of our customers. If you did not signup to be a member, please send an email to 'STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS'.'"\n");.


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Thanks!!! You are a life saver!!!.

Some day I hope this will all make sence to me!!..

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