How do I find out to whom a .net Godaddy domain name has been registered to?
Quick question: How do I find out to whom a .net Godaddy domain name has been registered to? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Do you guys think will have TM issues with google? or their service froogle?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Thank you for the reply but windows didn't own indows and got lindows to change their name.....

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Actually, it sort of does. They have filed a lot of lawsuits against websites ending with oogle. So, you might have a problem if they find out about your site...

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Let's put it this way: if google has an offshore presence in your area and your.

Site does good, expect them to finally pay attention...

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Most definitely yes, google will have a problem with faroogle!..

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I've really had enough of Google taking everyone's domains just because there close to theres. The people don't even have the same topic as Google. They shouldn't even own Google because it's commonly used word. They've really went to far with this and hopefully the law stops them at some point because if this keeps happening with everything then there won't be any domains you can register...

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Heh, might aswell try to grab something similiar to AskJeeves instead. Google is a hungry beast, and if you're trying to go through with a SEARCH ENGINE they're going to be relentless. Like people mentioned, they've closed sites that don't even have the same topic...

I hate Google, personally. Makes Walmart look like nothing. I use other search engines just for that reason, but of course it doesn't make that big of a difference. Oh well.....

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Google is not as bad as MS. I own an AdSense domain. I do not use it. They have not yet contacted me about it. Many folks use domains with Google and AdSense in them. Even "OOGLE" They left alone, I believe..

Some say that Google TMed "AdSense" however, has been regged and used AdSense Consulting Of Oregon since 2001-02-08, way before Google AdSense came out..

However, I have done a simple seach and it seems that Google may not have been able to TM "AdSense" but rather SM (Service MArk) the logo. I could be wrong, but you can be the judge. Find my link on this thread....


At any rate, with, I say it all depends on how you plan to develop it. Google may never contact you, but then, they might be having their legal dept write up a C&D letter for you as we speak. I think the biggest concern is not so much with the "OOGLE" part but the fact that it is more like, which Google is trying so hard to make a success with not much luck..

Remember, there is no such thing as solid legal advice on forums. Always take what you hear with a bag of salt. Axzar cannot possibly know for sure if Google will have a problem with your If I'm wrong, Axzar, please post the reason why you know this "most definitely"...

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Thank you very much everyone! That's what I thought too, I am going to use another HostGator for our porject and hold on to that HostGator without developing it for now then...

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Other than referring to ""Google"" search engine,adwords and related matters.

I have not heard anyone using it commonly ..

It was a Made up word by the founders of Google. It was a Homophone of "Googol" which is not a commonly used word either..

Anyhow even if Google was a commonly used word ,they still can have TM and Copyright Protection...

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Judging by what has happened to other domains with -oogle in their HostGator names, something might happen in terms of trademark issues. However I could be wrong in terms of what happens to this one...

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Read the post & thought Amazoogle might be fun but it is gone to a rags to riches marketing site....I wondered what it might be like to irritate Amazon & Google...GoogAzon is gone

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Googlezon is a popular name. There was a video made on how Google and Amazon are getting together to take over the world of information..


If google was as harsh about domains as some think they are, there would not be so many Google domains that are developed/registered. I own some and many people do. I think google only cares about how it is developed. if you regged and developed it to bash Google, they would probably go after you for that. But develop a GoDaddy site like and they let you go. Why has google permited to stay.

They are pretty lenient with it..

About the word google. It's not in my dictionary and I never heard anyone use it unless referring to Google, the search engine...

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