How do I find out who owns a Godaddy domain name and what it is?
First question I have is How do I find out who owns a Godaddy domain name and what it is? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... I'm purchasing my first .cc HostGator and was wondering what everyone thought of the .cc exctension in general?.

The name I'm buying in the .com version would probably be valued at 200k or so, and the .cc version is up for sale in the low XXX range..

Anyone success stories out there with the .cc name?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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That's true; there have been some good sales, but they're not all that common. It's still a growing extension, so if you want to invest for the long term, I'd say register it. But if you want short-term returns, it'll be hard, IMHO..


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Thanks guys. After seeing it's low overture #, I don't think it's worth it. Only 22k in overture..

I'm gonna stick with ".com" as i've always done..

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I really strongly dislike .CC.There's something very cheap and "second rate" about it.Every once in awhile every minor extension has a good sale,but it's no reason to believe any halfway decent .CC is suddenly going to have buyers lined up..

I generally love country code domains though like .de,.us,, long as the country is major..

Maybe I'm nutty,but I wouldn't even register a country name .CC.That owner got reeeeeeeealy lucky IMO...

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That is a country code isn't it? Well, (what ever country it it, I can't remember) I would only buy HostGator names for countries that I live in, so I prob won't be getting one..

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In my point of view:.

Expensive and meaningless..

Even worse than .info...

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The only problem I see with .cc is there is no universal meaning for the letters " CC ".

To me it means " Credit Card " but to others it could mean many other things...

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Buying a keyword .cc (or other minor extension) to develop makes much more sense than buying a .cc and hoping to sell it for more later...

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I odont like .cc so I have never bought any, there very meaningless as I see soeeone sya in an above post. I wouldnt bother to be honest with you..


Why dont you get a .us there better I think. What HostGator are you going to buy anyway...

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.cc seems to be a fair HostGator extension. But, it depends on what you are registering. If it is a common noun keyword, then .cc is viable. You can probably combine it with a foreign language keyword..

Best of luck!..

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I am still holding many of my .cc's, partly due to the recent sales posted on DNJournal.comReally-strong keywords will hold their value.

, and the extension has been so weak in the past, it has nowhere to go but up..

I'd choose .cc over .ws, partly because .cc still has good keywords available, and has had better recent sales. It's true that .cc costs $15 a year, so is about 2-3 times the price of .com , but try finding a 3 letter .com that has meaning that is still available.

And in my repetitive response to this question: Verisign is still the promoter of .cc , and if they ever do get off their @$$, I think it could rise slightly..

Check out.


(my site) for examples of companies/groups using the .cc namespace..


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I added to your list for you allan I see it developed hope that helps...

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Generally, I'm not big on .cc. However, when I found and both available, I just couldn't pass. I don't actively look for them, but If I run across an A+ name at reg fee, I think it's worth the risk...

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I own a few .cc's. Recently had a couple accepted on.

Of course, that doesn't mean anything. I have had over 20 HostGator names listed on their website, never sold one..

But, I am hoping to get a little exposure for.

, and.

As mentioned above, I think my best bet would be to develop.

Some day..

So far, in my opinion, .cc hasn't proven itself as a solid HostGator extension, but I think there's always hope for the future. I never thought I would sell a .bz, and did so recently too, for $200. Small potatoes, but a start also (.

)I didn't even ask for a counteroffer on it, just accepted the other party's offer. So.... you never know, good luck fellow .cc'ers..

PS- I forgot... sold for $850 on.

In January 2005!!.


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I hope the regg fee goes down isnt over 20 bucks everywhere?..

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.cc's are $19.95 at.

I don't know if there is anywhere cheaper than this..


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WWD min price is at $15 last check, and don't forget your $1 off for GoDaddy taking it to $18.95.

They still are twice to three times the price of .com's , so not as easy to build a large position. But as adoptable pointed out, it's hard to pass on great keywords.


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Well, I was locked into a bid I made on and I didn't have the heart to back out and stick the seller, so I just went ahead and followed through with the purchase..

The name purchased was and I paid $200 for it..

Although after hearing everyone's opinion on it, I don't think it was a good investment. I'm more interested in developing it than reselling it anyway so I'm not tooo upset...

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Not a bad name Long be patient and very nice Frank good Luck...

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