How do I get feedback from my Yahoo iPage website?

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Quick question... How do I get feedback from my Yahoo iPage website? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. Hi All!.


Osc 2.2 RC2.

Server: Microsoft (ASP) with PHP 5.02 compatibility.


1- Admin order list is zero..

2- Admin not receive order mail..

Solutions found here on forum:.

1- Back up the database. No results.

2- Reinstall the oscommerce: No results.

3- Folder server permissions: Not specified which folders nor which permissions (may be it ??).

The Osc2.2 records the data on DBase, but can't recall them to the admin..

Costumers is all OK: he receives the order mail, may check his orders..

Please someone help me!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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This sounds like the order is placed by the customer and paid for via a payment module..

Various payment modules do not record the sale properly in the db and thus it is not available to be displayed in Admin..

What method of payment do you use on your site?..

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Thanks for the replies!!!.

None payment module installed..

On DB:.


`orders_status_history` (`orders_status_history_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_status_id`, `date_added`, `customer_notified`, `comments`) VALUES.

(65, 63, 1, '2008-08-04 12:18:45', 1, 'Valor da compra: R$2,10. Valor do frete: R$5,50. Valor TOTAL: R$7,50 Pedido Nr 7274');.


Extraindo dados da tabela `orders`.

INSERT INTO `orders` (`orders_id`, `customers_id`, `customers_name`, `customers_cpf`, `customers_rg`, `customers_company`, `customers_street_address`, `customers_suburb`, `customers_city`, `customers_postcode`, `customers_state`, `customers_country`, `customers_telephone`, `customers_email_address`, `customers_address_format_id`, `delivery_name`, `delivery_company`, `delivery_street_address`, `delivery_suburb`, `delivery_city`, `delivery_postcode`, `delivery_state`, `delivery_country`, `delivery_address_format_id`, `billing_name`, `billing_company`, `billing_street_address`, `billing_suburb`, `billing_city`, `billing_postcode`, `billing_state`, `billing_country`, `billing_address_format_id`, `payment_method`, `cc_type`, `cc_owner`, `cc_number`, `cc_expires`, `last_modified`, `date_purchased`, `orders_status`, `orders_date_finished`, `currency`, `currency_value`) VALUES.

(63, 3, 'Claudio Reis', '', '', '', 'R. Joo Felcio Filho 750', 'Jd Redentor', 'Pirassununga', '13635077', 'So Paulo', 'Brazil', '19 97046198', '', 1, 'Claudio Reis', '', 'R. Joo Felcio Filho 710', 'Jd Redentor', 'Pirassununga', '13635077', 'So Paulo', 'Brazil', 1, 'Claudio Reis', '', 'R. Joo Felcio Filho 710', 'Jd Redentor', 'Pirassununga', '13635077', 'So Paulo', 'Brazil', 1, '', '', '', '', '', NULL, '2008-08-04 12:18:45', 1, NULL, 'REA', '1.000000');.

Is the costumer's order recorded only in this two tables?.

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: 04 August 2008, 15:33..

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At the end of buiyng (ordr_confirmation) I get the order values in variables and send it to the bank page in order to make the payment bill...

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OsCommerce Admin > Configuration > My Store > Send Extra Order Emails To - you need to enter your email address here..


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Vger thanks for replay!.

I did It, but the OsC automatically hasn't sent it?.

One question: on "orders" the values `orders_date_finished` and `last_modified` are NULL?..

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I don't understand how osCommerce works at all on that set up. osCommerce is PHP based and cannot be run under ASP..


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Osc Works on PHP. The server has support both asp and php..

This is a paid version of PHP that works on asp servers..

I had to host Osc on it because of the payment method that runs on asp...

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Hi All,.

Unfortnately I had to redo the installation..

I use REAL as curency and portuguese as language, and I had notice that If I withdraw the languages (but portuguese) and the currencies (but Real), the orders are not displayed at admin area. I'm not sure if is only one or both of them..

After doing the job, I realize that I should reinstall the languages and the currencies in order to confirm my suspects, but I had not enough time..

If someone went throught this disarrange, tell me more details. Otherwise, when I have time, I'll install other OsC just only to check it out and tell you the results..

I'll be back, but don't wait for me!!!.


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