How do I get rid of the Adds on my 123 reg Site?

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Quick question... How do I get rid of the Adds on my 123 reg Site? Thanks in advance for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. In this industry, there are many many different ways to make money or be an "expert". What would you consider your strongest skill in this game?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

Comment #1

My specialty now is finding the best expired domains and also getting pretty good deals on domains I buy, with my past specialty being ccTLDs. Outside of the HostGator world, I'm a pretty good bowler (about 210 avg) and am handy with Photoshop...

Comment #2

My specialty is finding the best expired domains that I can't afford to buy.


Comment #3

ExpireD names are available to register though...if you can't afford reg fees on names, yikes! I guess go with .infos? lol..

Comment #4

Ooops, sorry - I meant names that were dropping at snap, I'm always getting outbid.

Changing my Avatar?...hmmm, not sure you got the right guy there Justin.


Comment #5

1. Finding available revenue typos..

2. Finding available quality names in .com (quality tested through various HostGator tools)..

Hey Justin what's yours?..

Comment #6

Buy Low, Sell High(er) and do it in a timely fashion. 24 hours or less. J/K but my fastest flip, was a CVCV that I picked up at Snap at 2:30, sold by 2:45 for a $500 profit.

And talking to Justin all day..

Comment #7

Your specialty is talking to me all day? LoL...

Comment #8

My specialty is registering or buying domains no one wants. Also, I'm very good at not developing sites and letting them sit parked and unoptimized...

Comment #9

Domainspade: Whats your specialty ? .

(except talking whole day with Yofie.


Comment #10

My specialty is finding the best expired domains that I can't afford to buy, but sit down face to my laptop to watch the jumping Bids....

I can remember so many Drop Auctions which I involved but could not go futher... P5.COM, SUV.NET, MAPO.COM .... too many..

Comment #11

My specialty is making polar opposites meet and become indistinguishable. I take the Yin and Yang of all aspects of life and put it in a blender. There are no lines to walk, but merely thousands of disconnected points to visit periodically..

This being said, I have no real skills in life, aside from one hell of a perspective. Fortunately for me, 70% of this business is dependent on vision, perspective and analysis. I just fake the other 30%...

Comment #12

Turning down offers I really should accept and be happy with..

Comment #13

My speciality is electronics engineering (specialized in telecom). My job is:.

"Operation and maintenance of siemens switches / gateways, Cisco routers, / switches, VOIP Asterisk servers and PRIs".

I spend my salary and revenue to buy domains. I don't try hard to sell my domains; I am just waiting for nice offers. Perhaps I should start selling...

Comment #14

My Specialty is in posting quite a bit on NamePros....

But, Im also pretty good at finding dropped domains at registration fee, that have value..



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