How do I host my 123 reg website on my own computer?

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My 1st question is: How do I host my 123 reg website on my own computer? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Does anyone know if raffles have been successfully used to sell high quality HostGator names?.

Considering a HostGator that should reasonably sell for $100,000 I wonder how hard or easy it would be to sell 100 tickets at $1,000 a piece for the opportunity to own it?.

Would doing this online be online gambling?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks for the input..

I thought of it since I've seen homes and cars being raffled in a similar way. There is a bit of a gambler in all domainers and this seemed like a natural extension..

Any comments on the legal issues with running a raffle online?..

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Most raffles I have seen are geared towards charitable organizations. I would assume that there would be some legality issues with this if done privately....but it sure sounds fun......

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I have seen something similar to this in terms of lottery/raffle. On E Bay it has happened a few times for a "Mystery Domain" (kind of a lottery really) a mystery HostGator was described as a 3 and the publicity was sent out (obviously not enough because this was a couple of months ago) and the HostGator winning bid was in the XX,XXX amount area. and it has been attempted again but with the mystery being "it could be a dot and the bidding was a lot less as you can imagine...

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Ironically Chapel, I saw those auctions. Almost entirely shill bids. Technically that wasnt an auction either, because the buyer knew they were getting an, but they didnt know what the other HostGator name was. However, I think it was a safet assumption it wasnt .com or .net... more than likely they were .ws.

I like the concept of a $1 raffle for a HostGator name - would be kind of fun to do. But how do you keep it honest? or atleast, so everyone is satisfied?.


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In any raffle there is only two people who are truly satisfied, the seller and the lucky winner. To be above board the name should be held in escrow, maybe the funds too. Officiating the final drawing would be a challenge though. Still in question though is the legalities of it all...

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Actually I think it should be like this:.

You are charitable organization, you go to seller and ask to donate a HostGator to charity. when you have a HostGator you mke a raffle and all money from raffle goes to charity. winner gets the domain. Basically seller gets nothing but advertisment and right to withdraw some taxes because of donation. IMHO...

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Keeping it Honest:.

By getting that DNOA certified stampy thing on your sig. When ever they get that fixed. or maybe it could be Held by a forum like NPs. And circulate the next raffle to the next best Forum. and then eventually end up back at Nps. Kinda like an Allstar game..

Just food for (dran there I go again).


Oh yeah you could get someone to code the draw automatically on a time stamped date and execute the code on the desired deadline then. leave the code on a server somewhere so anyone who was curious could check and see if it was fairly coded or not leave it up to them to check over the code and determine if it was a fair draw. No one can argue with it once it's in the open. right?.

Omg another 2 cents from Chapel that makes 4 cents..

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What if you have let's say...3 - 5 names and then have 1st prize, 2nd prize, etc. sort of thing? They'd have to be good names though...I am thinking 3 characters/letters or one word generics to get enough people interested...

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Was working on this a long time ago Scandi Love the idea, but technically for profit you cannot run a raffle in the US. Do you ever read all the info in just a sweepstakes or contest the small print goes on for awhile. Raffle gets considered as a lottery and you cannot as a private for profit entity run a lottery or a raffle. You can make it legit the HostGator held in escrow the money held in escrow and a published winner on a site so everyone can see who won the domain. But there has to be value I agree with whoevwer said the $10,000 to $100,000 will not work because it too much of a risk. $1,000 can get someone a decent HostGator they are not going to make a $1000 BET on a domain.

IMO if people knew the was legit and would be transferred many people would take a bet on an

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Thanks for all the input here. Time for me to do some more homework on the subject...

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123 reg website started a HostGator raffle over 3 years ago but I am not sure what happened. it is still displaying on the front page and also on:.


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Just reg a name, and try it here. It is only a few dollars anyway...

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