How do I install Perl 5.10 onto my iPage web host?

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First question I got is How do I install Perl 5.10 onto my iPage web host? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Hello,.

My site,.


, sells sterling silver jewelry. We sell our products to high volume customers. I have a customer that has upwards of 250 products in her cart, and she is unable to checkout. I have the master password installed and I logged into her account and tried to checkout for her, but on the checkout_process.php page I get a PHP timeout in the General.php class..

What can be done to solve this problem. This is a problem that all oscommerce shops face..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Just out of curiosity, did this customer contact you, and ask you for help?.

Or did you just notice this 'customer' through the whos_online feature?..

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The timeout on my server is set at 60 seconds. I don't know what could be taking so long, but 60 seconds is a long time to wait on a page to be parsed..

Any ideas?.


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The customer called me and told me that she was having problems with her shopping cart and that it was taking a very long time to load, and that she couldn't checkout..

I thought that it might just be her connection and so I logged on her account and tried to checkout for her, and I discovered that it timed out before the order can be processed completly..


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Does any one have any ideas on ways to fix this?..

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What type of server are you running. What kind of load is on that server...

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I think it has something to do with your server/store combo. I got to 11 products in the cart and it starts slowing down..

Also, that friggin window that you have that states something about $400 in products is a real pain in the neck...

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Thank you all for the replies....

Mibble: What window would you be refering to? The only window that says anything about $400 is our volume pricing information, and it's not a popup, just a link that you can decide to click on or not....

Sparky: We use UPS for our shipping system..

Do you guys think that it would be worth the upgrade to a dedicated server?..

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I was clicking on adding products, and after I had received that 3 times I quit..

A dedicated may not be necessary, maybe just a different type of server. will your host increase the time?.

And per Mark's maybe it is going out trying to calculate the shipping and timing out on that portion..

Take a look at the server access logs and error logs to see what is going on at the time. perhaps sql logging too in the store admin..

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Its most likely that the UPS connection is timing out...

A quick test would be to disable the UPS module and use the simple flat rate module and see if it occurs...

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I don't believe that it is the UPS rate calculation because it doesn't time out when it is on the checkout_shipping.php page. It only times out during the checkout_processs.php page. It times out on the general.php page at line 110 , which is the function tep_get_products_name or something along those lines, I looked at it last night and I have forgotten what it was now. I have tried to process the order many times, and it also timed out on the database.php page. I believe that it was timing out on the function tep_db_query()That is why I believe that the timeout is due to too many products being in the cart, and the only way to fix this might be to have the host increase the php timeout time, or go to a dedicated server. I am also going to look in to ways of optomizing the php code, so that it will have less db queries to timeout on.....

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