How do I link my Godaddy domain name straight to my Youtube site?
First question I have is How do I link my Godaddy domain name straight to my Youtube site? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Here are 10 reasons why people perceive .COM to be good, not..

1. They still use Internet Explorer 2.0 and their browser address bar auto-fills the .COM in..

2. They are eternally fixated with their first encounter with the Internet and the fact that the first thing they "typed-in" was PLAYBOY.COM - making the displaced logic of "curious type-ins" totally and utterly acceptable..

3. They have invested their life savings into 5,000+ .COM names. Ergo, to say that .COM is no good is simply unexceptable..

4. The letters 'C' 'O' 'M' subconsciously remind them of body parts of the fairer sex and nemesis of Freudian tendencies..

5. The word 'COM' is easy to mouth since it doesn't require the 2 front teeth and is similar to one of the first word a child utters i.e. 'MOM'.

6. They still subscribe to the colonolistic and anarchist concept of King and Queen, and therefore find the phrase '.COM is King' very becoming of their belief systems and comfort zones..

7. Psychologists see a frightening similarity between the obsessive traits of popstar 'Groupies' and .COMmer belief systems. Idol worship, is equally intense in both camps..

8. They are comforted by the 'Made in USA' label on their t-shirts and see .COM of similar like. Peacefully oblivious, to the fact that the COM namesake is shared with COMMUNISTS..

9.COM obsessive personalities typically flunked their History course in college and never understood the lesson that 'history repeats itself'. They like to feel that the dotcom bubble burst was just a one-in-a-million abberation in economic probability..

10.COM obsessive personalities are most probably human reincarnations from previous lives as farm sheeps from New Zealand..

11. Their favorite program as a kid was 'Fantasy Island' (both originals and late night re-runs for the younger .commers)...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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You all have too much time on your hands..

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16. They think it is not worth their time to do market research to see that GoDaddy site development in other namespaces is all a buzzing...

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Speaking of David Letterman, his top 10 list about a week ago was "how you know your kids are addicted to the internet".

The #1 sign was - "when your kids google their own name"..

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1. who would use IE 2 still :S, and.

2. that was 11 points not 10..

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You know the first time I read this thread the exact same remarks popped up in my head.

I mean come on, IE2?.

I mean some people are outdated - but they don't live in the stoneage. hell, IE2 would crash as soon as you'd try to google something!..

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Personally ,I don't care that people still think that only .com is important..

It just means less people in the Mad rush to grab all that wonderful money ,that is available from the use of ccTLD's and the other gTLD's...

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Just how I feel too,Barefoot. I got into domains when I heard about IDN's.They're .com mostly,but off the beaten path.Most domainers hate them,and I couldn't be happier!.

I have tons of OVT with ext/revenue IDN's,have sold premium keyword IDN's,and I grab alot of great IDN drops with virtually no competition. (.

(French),and the Korean currency symbol in my sig were drops.).

I feel like I have the whole niche *almost* to myself.People are starting to horn in on my OVT IDN's lately though.

I'm a huge ccTLD fan too,it doesn't get any better than.



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Yah, IDN .coms is different from .com per se.

Do you know where I can go buy the OFFICIAL China IDN version of .com, dill?..

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THEY ARE FREAKY.. Honestly.. theres like 100k of them everytime I go to my grans lol.. EVERYTIME.


Coms rule but not IDN ones.. because firefox blocks them right? lol..

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Here’s a better reason, an Overture search shows 534,773 searches for .com in July while showing just 30,774 for .net, 54,073 for .org and 1,968 for .info. That’s just one sixth of the searches of the .com for those three extensions combined...

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I think .com domains are good, I am desperate for one...

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Ive decided not to get a .com, I am having a .NEt website, there better...

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What does the suffix coms mean, Seems a bit like communications..

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.COM means Commerce/Commercial, as how 'business' was described 30 years ago..

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Oh thanks, I know net is network, Org is organization and biz is buisness...

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