How do I make my site live on
First of all How do I make my site live on Looking forward for any comment. Another question... I believe iNet actually wanted to buy it once apon a time and if I am correc they offered XX,XXX for it but it was turned down by -RJ-.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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Hmm... At least mid to upper $XXX,XXX. I think -RJ- might consider the possibility of selling if an offercame in around $X,XXX,XXX. How much did you say you loved NamePros, Idaho? How many potatoes do you dig up in a year, on the 'ol farm?..

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Man, if I was RJ and got ANY low $xx,xxx,xxx offer from 10mil+ I'd sell it. Look, at $10,000,000 with a 3% APR you can have $300,000 a year IN INTEREST and that's LOW. You get $100,000 off of each percent. Heck, you can live rich at 2%. Eh, I'll just keep dreaming..

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Ron has used his sweat and blood to build this site. I am 101% sure that he will not sell it...

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Let's see... if I can dig up 1 potato every fourteen seconds... and there are 5,000 acres of potatos....

Nah... nevermind..

Although I can't speak for anyone, I'm relatively certain RJ would have to think very seriously about taking x,xxx,xxx for However, as much as I love NP, I would argue that the brand/domain/assetts/revenue are not worth that much (no offense intended). I don't know what the rev or operating costs are (so please feel free to ignore me) but I would estimate the value of at the low six figures..

Emotionally... worth 5 billion dollars... practically... low six figures. Just my opinion...

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Anyway he can always start up namepros2 I am sure we will all follow..

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I agree with everyone, Namepros is a fun community to be at..

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I would say 5-10 years revenu max, so if the GoDaddy site makes 10, 20, 30k? per do the math.....low 6 figures IMO..

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I wish I owned lol :'( I could make myself have 1000000000000NP.

And be like "ohh yea I own this site.

" lmfao *dreams*..

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I'm always flattered to receive these requests, but have no plans to "cash out". The actual value of the GoDaddy site doesn't interest me at this point and I doubt there is a company out there crazy enough to change my mind. I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing five years from now..

One of my short term plans is to incorporate NamePros into it's own entity, so that may open the door for shareholders one day...

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Well at least you got some free appraisals if nothing else..

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Finally the owner posted in this thread LOL. Well, I must say what yo have planned sounds very good.

So, where did the TM come from..

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Jeff is a TM freak. Examples:.

BE Cool!™.

Stay Cool!™.

Back in Fall `05™.



And finally....

Summer Vacation™.

(All of the above are illegally used by me, and I am subject to royalties or other form of punishment from Jeff).


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I think at the bare minimum you could get high $xxx,xxx for this forum. It is a huge community, with over 20,000 members, and even though Ron will never sell it, I think it is worth quite a lot. BTW, Ron, that would be pretty cool if there were shareholders were NamePros..


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Hey, this is kind of funny, because there is a very funny commedian by the name of Ron James from Canada .....

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This forum must be worth a large amount of money, way more than any of us could afford, good job to the owner...

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