How do I merge 2 seperate godaddy accounts under 1 account?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do I merge 2 seperate godaddy accounts under 1 account? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Http://

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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I'm pretty sure the reserve is at least 1 year's revenue so we're looking at a min of 60k probably. More likely it's even higher if the seller is smart...

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Over 60K/ yr. I don't know the amortization equation, but I would figure at least 2-3 years of net income- probably more...

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Why would he sell it? If it's making over 5k a month just sitting there lol, why sell?..

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It's worth at least $125,000 based on monthly PPC (2 years revenue)..

The seller just paid $12,500 for the last seat at the Orlando Mastermind Summit. It was a Make-A-Wish Foundation charity auction!..

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Current bid: US $35,100.00 (Reserve not met).

Hmm. Man this is going to be a interesting auction. THANKS..

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I can only look on and wish it was mine..

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Damn this will be an awesome auction to follow!! thanks for the info..I think this one could easily go for $70k or higher - you'd earn the money back within a year of the buying date if the revenue info is correct..

What makes me wonder - why would anyone sell a HostGator of that caliber with that type of income?..

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Super nice name. I am curious to see what it goes for...

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Np I just had to post it here, very interesting...

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Current Bid: $35,300.00.

I wonder how much he recently paid for the domain. He's only owned it 79 days..

Awesome... I'll be watching this one...

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Yes I just read that, why the hell is he selling 2months later? I wouldnt trust the average monthly earnings over just 2 months hmm sounds fishy..

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I dont understand why anyone would sell something with that turnover..

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He/She is just trying to get market value for their HostGator name. The reserve price is may be near $1 million...

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It is quite interesting to watch. I will make a guess that it will go to about 50k..

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US $50,100.00 Now, and reserver still not met, so I think it will go for a bit more than that.....

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Current bid: US $50,100.00 [RESERVER NOT MET], how much moeny does this guy wants??..

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Why do I wanna be in his shoes right now..

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High bidder: uglypeoplecom ( 33Feedback score is 10 to 49)..

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I was looking to bid on that name. But no one invests that kind of money with out doing proper research. I have found some very strange things that are putting me off bidding:.

1) The HostGator name used to be owned by Michael Kroll less than 80 days ago. He is a Registered Patent Attorney. He also owns and runs his own Patent Attorney service through So why did he give up ownership of

2) The link provided on the ebay listing:.


Shows that are the highest paying advertisers for the keyword “invention”. They are the highest payers by far, they pay $10.25, the next highest advertiser pays $4.75. Why are they paying so much compared to the rest of the advertisers?.

3) When you go to parking page and click on one of the initial links, many of the results pages will come up with as first place result because they are the highest paying advertisers. So again why would you give up ownership of, only to pay them $10.25 a click, and from the looks of it that’s where I would expect most of the revenue comes from (people clicking on

4) Why is the HostGator owner selling a HostGator with such great income after owning it for just 80 days?.

So I ask is this a possible scam? Could it be that have just transferred to a friend and hiked up the pay per click to increase the income makes and ultimately increase the value of the HostGator name? There are too many things that don’t look right here. I would like your opinions on my findings. Thanks...

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This will be pretty cool to see the final total price...

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If you do a traffic search on Alexa for the screenshot that is displayed is actualty a screenshot of

Not really sure what that means, but it looks fishy.... is a great HostGator name though, so it has a high value on it's own.....

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Its silly not to let people know what the reserve is. In my experience it puts people off when they don't know how much something costs.....

Things do look fishy, and with that kind of money involved, I wouldn't touch it...

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Hin you've made some very interesting findings I must say - and they don't really make sense. I can't figure out either why anyone would sell the HostGator 80 days after buying it, especially when the HostGator is in the league we're talking about here..

If is behind this - why would they put up the .com for sale and not the .net in the first place? .com is still king - vs .net atleast..

Last but not least, even if they cranked up the revenue in unethical ways - the HostGator name itself is a top HostGator with major potential - if it went for $50k, the new owner would've still made somewhat of a bargain...

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Yes, a HostGator such as this does have great potential regardless of monthly revenue. Excellent name, and atm cheap for what it is though time will tell...

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The auction is legit. If you go to you would find ebay auction link on bottom. Also .com and .net whois is same so nobody has stolen the domain..

Agreed revenue part seems fishy..

I have notice several auction in the past who were doing the same thing to get real value for their HostGator name...

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I have notice several auction in the past who were doing the same thing to get real value for their HostGator name..

Sorry forgot to add "MAY BE" The reserve price is may be near $1 million...

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May be it's $60k, maybe it's $1212billion who knows...

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Ebay reserve fee would kill you for billion.


The seller say "around $5000 revenue/month" (I don't agree).

12 * 5000 = $60,000/year.

So reserve is more than $60,000..

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I have a slightly different take here. What if it is an advertising gimick. I looked at the urltrends info for both the com & net doesn't make lots of sense..

What does national advertising cost? $XX,XXX - $X,XXX,XXX per spot. Major news media does a segment and... Re-link the com & net together & wait for the business to roll in...

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I was being sarcastic at the above post I do know that it will sell for more than $60k easily so I don't need a math lesson from you...

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I'll take one, though..

PS If they're free, that is...

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Dang, nice domain. I wonder what it will finally end up at and what the reserve is...

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Income or not, the name is still great. Everyone is looking at the income thinking that should be the basis for the name. No, that would be an added bonus for the name. What we DO know is OST w/ ext is 518 and without is almost 200,000...what more is there that people need to know? Too bad I don't have that kind of money to throw around....yet!..

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Hmmm looks like it stalled at $57k, still some time left though..

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Last minutes frenzy will happen on this domain.. I reckon 240,000 final price...

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I would not let it go for 200k$ if it's earning 5k a month...

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It's already at 250k and reserve not met yet. Wow...

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4 bidders have placed bids more than $230,000. It will be very interesting if all 4 are serious bidders and not shill bidders (2 or them have a 0 feedback rating)...

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Ih hope their not fake bidders, because that is a lot of money for a domin, I could buy the best computer around for that price...

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Current bid: US $252,100.00 (Reserve not met) .. THe last bidder, is fsklgm, with 0 feedback, and looks like a new member of eBay, registered in the begining of this year. Doens't look very good to me!!..

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Sounds fishy , why would a ebay newbie place there very first bid on ebay soooooooo high?.

Lol , I think the most I have bidded on ebay is about $100..

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Who knows if it's a legit bid or not, but keep in mind that when a seller promotes a name this big, it's often promoted through other venues as well. It could very well be that this new Ebay member saw a promo somewhere and if he wanted to bid, he'd have to sign up on Ebay first to participate..

Also, the reserve has not been met, so there would really be no reason for the seller to place a shill bid if it was still under the reserve price...

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It's possible, (didn't say probable), that someone that was interested in the name joined up w/ eBay just to be able to bid in this auction..

PS The owner is probably getting alot of correspondence- even offers combined w/ requests like "stop the auction and I'll give you $200K right now." He could be responding to these w/ "No thanks. Please make your offers by bidding at the auction."..

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Thats a good point, cus you cant bid without registering, I'm going to take that into consideration while selling..

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Gene- you beat me to the punch by 60 secs..

."I had a rather unusual item- an old Coca-Cola ink blotter- something that the salesman used to give out promotionally during the fountain pen era, when ink blotters were necessary. I had it up for $100 bucks- had checked some other auctions for the item- $300 seemed legit- but $100 would have been OK. I received a couple of offers to "stop the auction abd sell now"- the first for $350- the 2nd fo $600, I believe. Tempting, due to the fact the item hadn't received any bids, a few days in. I let the auction ride and ended getting $2,000+ for this little ink blotter I had picked up somewhere for $15...

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Didn't mean to step on your tongue.

Good point to keep in mind!..

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Invention.Com @ $650,000 on e-bay. wow 40 bids this domain. Check it Out!.


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Highest bidder has 0 rating....

Who knows he coould be a scam.....

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Threads merged - No need for several about the same auction..

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Invention 6,405.2 /day.

Inventions 1,969.0 /day WordTracker.


Not worth that much!..

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The current high bidder was also bidding for over $4 mill a short time ago.


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My bet is that it's a shill bidding account that's being used to jack up the price. Sorry to be so cynical, but I never trust bidders who have a feedback score of "0* with such high profile auctions..


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Might be a scamme but as previously said, it could have been someone looking, saw it and wanted it, he then registered to bid?..

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Current bid: US $650,300.00 (Reserve met).

That really is a huge amount of money..

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I need a new boat so it nearly covers the amount I need hehe.

I wish..

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With a little over 2 hours left to place a bid..

Current bid: US $650,300.00 (Reserve met)..

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I've always been a little unclear on how eBay's "Final Value Fee" is calculated, but would imagine they will be due a good chunk of change when the sale closes, so would imagine someone there is, at least, aware of this auction. The higher the price goes, the more attention it attracts and the less likely the possibility of shill bidding/scam, IMHO. eBay has access to more detailed info about the parties involved, than we do..

I wonder if there will be some last second sniping...

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Thanks for the link, this shall be an interesting buy...

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Someones Playing games!.

If you look at the feedback for all of the previous bidders you'll get a good laugh..

A bunch of Five & Dimers...... One High Roller just bought for $9.99.

Are there any fees if the buyer doesn't complete the purchase?.


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Auction ends in less than 20 min, and is at 650,300 still w/ 41 bids..

** edit ** - sold for 650,300 to an ebay user w/ 0 feedback..

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Winning bid: US $650,300.00.

(Reserve met).

Winning bidder: fsklgm ( 0 ).

Its more then half a million dollars! and reserve sitl hasn't met!!!..

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I think the reserve was met hence the (Reserver met) in bold next to the bid..

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Holy smoke, $650,000 is a lot of $$$ but also a very nice HostGator name. Reserve was met! The guy who won the auction probably just signed up to buy this domain..that's why he has no feedback yet....

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Lol that was my domain.

That guy is for real though, he paid $8,400 for this.


This auction smells fishy though, I've noticed a ton of 0 feedback bidders bid on domains and never pay, WHY? This auction was probably a publicity stunt to get some promotion..

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Man, US $650,300.00??? Wow people are so rich... people can almost buy a house with all that money.....

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Lol almost buy a house??,you could buy a mansion for that where I live!..

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Given the feedback and the price point I give this auction a one in twenty chance of being completed successfully. I'm certain DNJournal has contacted the seller and asked to be kept appraised. We'll see how things unfold...

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I agree, I think this smells funny. I thought it was going to go for between 50-75k.....

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Where I live you can buy a large 4 bedroom house for that, nothing more. The point is that, if you think about how much property developers pay for land in order to build a nice house, $650k is nothing, in order to build the perfect website...

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I live in Devon - UK, close to Exeter.......

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650k is some nice house.

Most houses where I am are about 200k-300k and I must admit I would pay off my mortgage before I bought a name lol..

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I know that area. I went to boarding school near Barnstaple. Small world..


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My late, great, great Auntie (died a few years ago aged 98) was the wife of a former mayor of Exeter....

Talk about major thread drift..

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I wonder what happened to the original site. Seems to have been operating until fall 2004 with 54 pages....

I bet they are kicking themselves now....


Lesson to be learned. Moneytize your sites...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.