How do I point my 123 reg domain to my Mochahost host ?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do I point my 123 reg domain to my Mochahost host ? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... What are your thoughts on this?.

Podcasting etc? how easy is it to create a programmed radio/fm platform with cool .FM branding. if .TV takes off watch .FM ride it's coat tails.

.FM expensive? but wise to have 5 -12 in your portfolio?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Personally, I don't see .fm being as big as .tv. I think the extention is quite expensive to buy if you compare them & also a radio station could choose between .am & .fm if they wanted..

Comment #2

.fm is cheaper than the premium .tv names by premium names are just a one time big price and then it's standard regfee each year after that. 123 reg has good .fm pricing with coupons...

Comment #3

.FM is not the same as .TV - if we ignore there ccTLD values, and consider one represents radio and the other television, you must admit that TV is a much more popular medium, it drastically eclipses radio. Not only that, but more so TV and the Internet are going hand in hand. We want video content, which normally would be displayed on TV on our computers.... Thus explaining the popularity of YouTube....

Unfortunately I do believe .fm is a decent ccTLD with major keywords because of the familiarity within the general population with "FM" and "AM"... but beyond that.. I dont see this TLD going very far....

And I own 2 (I pair AM and FM).... - Religion.FM + Religion.AM..

Comment #4

No. AM stations will natuarally choose AM, FM will naturally choose FM. Am now tends to go towards someone "talking" while FM has both "talking" and music". And yes this is a very, very specific genre.

But with a nice music genre keyword or radio genre keyword in general, you could be sitting on some.

The point is that the TARGET (radio stations) population is USING the extention heavily. I am sure most of you have heard .fm by now on your radio stations, if not it will be only a matter of time..

Most ccTLDs have not come even close to .FM and .AM as a globally marketed TLD (eg. Has anyone ever heard of a .WS on the radio) , with the exception of .TV which is way ahead..

High Reg Fee keeps most of the speculation away.

, just like .TV. As a result, the extention is flourishing..

Great Example of the .FM / .AM used well: Religion.AM/Religion.FM. Don't let go for less then mid $XXXX IMO...

Comment #5

A business using address just sold for $280 MILLION..

Comment #6

Only because of the 123 reg website and it's community, the name adds nothing to the value imho...

Comment #7

Thats because you dont know squat.. I do know squat..met him personally.

Take the "business" away from Last.FM and the HostGator will still get millions of visitors..(bookmarks, verticals , SE's,Type-ins) there are MILLIONS of visitors that go to LAST.FM not not but to Last.FM..

Comment #8

Hmm, not trying to pick a bone but think about it,.

What contributes to the popularity of the HostGator name? The developed community music website. If it doesn't exists in the first place, no one will be bookmarking or even bother remembering LAST.FM.

If they wanted, they could have build their 123 reg website on BLAHBLAH.FM right from the start and it'll probably end up the same way..

Of course, I don't know squat, you seem to know him better...

Comment #9

For a fully developed 123 reg website like how is, the HostGator name and the extension dont matter. they could have used any HostGator name and extension and still gotten the same amount of traffic. before they started that company the name would have been worth regfee or less. the name is a worthless HostGator on it's own. now it has been branded and built into a major company and 123 reg website getting millions of visitor per month so that is where it's value comes from. now is a brand so the name is no longer worthless...

Comment #10

Dunno. I hope so. Just in case, I registered and a few other gems..

Comment #11

Personally, I can't see radio stations going out & buying another HostGator for themselves in .fm or .am when they already have developed websites already in the .com or the country extention already..

Whereas .tv is great for anyone who is looking to create a video site on the net..

Comment #12

I used to have Listen.FM years ago. The market was not ready. Today, the internet has expanded to the point where there are small pockets of interest for something like .FM, if the name fits the extension..

.TV has a much larger footprint than .FM so they are not comparable. Can see .FM gaining ground with podcasts, talk radio ( which I now prefer over "modern" music)...

Comment #13

For the resale market there is mileage in and much cheaper reg fee!..

Comment #14

I don't think .fm will ever do as good as .tv. Sure there are some great domains that fit the .fm extension. The .tv goes along with videos, television,.

, and is getting help now to promote all this with.


Even with all the satellite radio stuff, I don't think you will see a .fm craze.I haven't even taken into account the cost of a standard .fm vs a standard .tv registration. Of course, this is my opinion only, and I wish everyone into .fm's the best of luck!.


Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.