How do I promote this website

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Quick question... How do I promote this website Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... I've searched and the results I got don't answer this..

When a user uses our 'contact us' form, we receive 2 emails with the message..

When someone buys something from us, they receive 2 emails from us with the invoice, as well as 2 emails of all subsequent messages..

The 'send extra emails to' option in admin is not filled in (blank).

Can someone please advise how I can fix this?.

I'm running the latest release of osCommerce at.

Top Tiara.


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Thanks Vger. I'm assuming this would be something I raise with my hosts then?..

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I did some testing and if I put in a clean install, the mail works correctly..

Does anyone happen to have a list of all files which are related to the mail function please? I'll need to work my way through them and work out what is wrong O.o.


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I am experiencing a similar problem. in my situation, a single email is sent to the recipient, addressed first to the recipient by name, and then again by email address, for example:.

To: john doe,.

Following my initial installation and several modifications, this never occurred. now it has begun to occur out of the blue. are you having the same problem?.


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Nope mine is just a case of when a mail is sent through our site, whether it's going out or coming in, it simply goes through twice. Customers being issued two invoices and our mailbox receiving two messages every time someone uses the contact form for example is somewhat annoying and looks very unprofessional..

There is obviously nothign wrong my host end, as a clean install works fine, I simply need a list of the files which are related to the mail function to help me try to work out whats been changed and fix it...

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Make sure that in your osC admin panel that you don't enter your mail address in the format the programme recommends e.g. Sales<.



Resolve both problems..


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I have had this problem since moving server. I found the solution on another forum...

In admin > configuration > E-mail Options.

Change SMTP to Sendmail..

This fixed it for me, hopefully it will do the same for you. I am still not sure about the underlying cause. My installation is now on Linux/Plesk/PHP5, previously on Linux/cPanel/PHP4 but I've had it on Plesk before. I guess it is either an issue with my server's SMTP or PHP5/SMTP..

For searchers...

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OSCommerce duplicate emails.

OSC 2 emails.

Os commerce sends emails twice..

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