How do I publish a Mozilla Composer website I created to a 123 reg hosting account?

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Quick question: How do I publish a Mozilla Composer website I created to a 123 reg hosting account? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Domaining for a short period of time now: 3 weeks. I get responses from people and I am quoting them about $300 on very good domains. I know, I 've been in for 3 weeks, but I read here extensively and I know there not fantastic, but good. And these people just balk at my prices. I think they are hoping I drop the name or something.

Granted, I am contacting them...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

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I am very surprised that you were able to get offers of $50 on just registered domains if you have been in this for three weeks. I would say that is pretty good..

Agree with the above - post a few in the appraisals section, but remember that the answers you get are for reseller prices, and your mileage may vary...

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My price quotes. This group of names I do not want to post as they are pretty unique, and names around it would probably get bought by fellow domainers if I posted. I sent out 10 customized e-mails and received 3 "how much do you want" e-mails. Thats a pretty good response rate for cold e-mailing. I will continue. Thanks...

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You are very talented if you only started 3 weeks and get $50 offer for hand.

Reg names. Most of us can not get $1 for our names, and I am more than 3 weeks +.



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My spider-sense in tingling on this one for some reason... Something squatty this way comes, or....


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No idea what it means exactly , but it doesn't sound good. Not sure what you guys are talking about , please elaborate...

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I'm not sure if you're expecting easy and quick cash from HostGator names, however it is very difficult nowadays to hand-reg "very good" HostGator names that sell for more than a few hundred dollars...

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I seem to do it often.... So I disagree with you, but most take about 12 months or less to sell in the high $xxx to low $x,xxx (if they are good)...

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Can we please see the domains as I am very curious as to why you are refusing to post them? Most topics are already some what developed, but you may have a point. Can we at least know what extensions these domains are?..

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I thought you can register a HostGator for maximum 10 years.....

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$xxx pretty quickly. It really isn't that hard to do; you just really have to think long and hard before your purchase. And most of it is done with some serious end user contact. Don't know why I am getting so much negative feedback about this. Not going to post the names as I just sold 2 today for $250 each, and I have a few more in this niche sector, and and I am going to buy some more. Both hand regs, in the same sector , with 50 e-mails sent and 3 responses.

Other guy said what are the prices , quoted him, he said I'll give you 50 bucks for one he wanted, I said no thanks. Third person was the deal , bought two. They asked for a price quote , gave them a price quote on 4 names , and they said I would like these two for $250 each. Just got the money..

Both names were hang regged 2 weeks ago and just sold them. I know I got a bit lucky by making a sale so quickly, but I really thought long and hard beforehand, and found 50 good contacts after I had bought them and did persoanalize each e-mail for each specific buyer, depending on their own HostGator names , there extensions, and if they were paying google for ads or not...

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Sounds like your doing the right thing and being smart about your actions. Im glad to hear you have made a few sales for yourself. I wouldnt recommend sharing the Niche field your referring to either, it sounds like a smart move on your part. Congrats, and welcome to NamePros..


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Great start to your domaining! It's hard to find good names to register, and if looks like you're just rattling off the sales. I suppose I was wrong in my first post...

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I don't get that kind of turnover. How do you market your names, Jamie? Just on your website?..

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I too turnover names quite often within weeks. It's all about finding the right name to fit the right person, but everyone knows that..

My quickest turnaround was (Reg. for $7, sold the next day for $132...

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How do your buyers react to getting the domains "pushed" to them?..

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I was wondering how you do it?.

Do you contact end user and sell names to them.


Put up auctions.


Sell names to your existing clients?.

I would like to know which is the effective method for selling name quickly. Thank you...

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Try the AfterNic Bazaar, or eBay..

Feature for a few bucks for more views, and you can usually triple your money, no problem (if your name is catchy). Now, some people may say you're selling yourself short. But when you can triple, or even double your money on 10 domains in a week, you can make a good extra income. Then you buy more names, and sell more names. And then you will occasionally make your money back times 10, or 20 off one domain..

Find your place in this game, and exploit it. Go for broke! Swing for the fences. And that doesn't have to mean listing your name for $10,000 and waiting 12 years. Although, don't get me wrong; to each his own, and there's nothing wrong with that either. It depends on what you want and what you're willing to get, compared to how long you're willing to sit...

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So you don't actively look for an end user? You just slap em up for auction?..

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