How do I publish Dreamweaver to GoDaddy?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do I publish Dreamweaver to GoDaddy? Hoping for any answer. Another question... Hey.

Ive noticed on this forum there has been alot of hype about vista domains..

Ive seen many where the Windows or Xp equivalent are available even!.

It makes me think if no one regged them before why would they now?.

In other words, I think the market has gone totally crazy..

What is everyone elses thoughts on this..

(mind you there are some Good ones, whoever got

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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Can they trademark vista?In my Webster dictionary,it shows "vista" as A word meaning "view"...

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I think the only people to profit off most of this activity is going to be HostGator registers. There are about 10 good ones though..

Things like should be ok..

If worse comes to worse who ever owns can trade mark!.

Its too different to have a trade mark issue imho...

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Vista is TMed by another software company in Silicon Valley. Microsoft only TMed "Windows Vista"..

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What about

Isnt it a company with TM?..

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They are probably all gone by now. the fact that vista is new and xp is not is the reason I think people are regging them..

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Wasnt xp released in 2001? I bet a lot of domains were bought then in the hype too...

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People go overboard along with the hype - I haven't registered a single one, and I won't. Not something I waste time & money on when they might have to change the name once again..

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HostGator regging has become a silly novelty these days..

Personally, I'd laugh my arse off when MS decides to change the name from Vista to something else right before the actualy, defnite release date...

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Better it not be microsoftomanioperatingsystemthatiseasytouseandfri endly.

Because the maximumlength of a HostGator cannot exceed 63 chars..

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Microsoft already regged MicrosoftVista , MSVista in major extensions so there will be little advantage in other regs, although good blog, forum names will have the best chance of success.


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I used to own both WindowsVista_com as well as the .NET and I forget to register them and guess who got them? Microsoft and they registered all other extensions, including, .jp , ca, .fr....etc.

Too bad I didn't keep them!.

I still own the .info along with a bunch of other similar domains...

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I have got 3 maybe I should sell them now..

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There are already many related domains listed on GoDaddy for sale!.

I just listed WindowsVista_info on GoDaddy as well.

I registered this HostGator on Sept. 2004 before even microsoft annouced this...I also owned windowsvista_com and windows_net but unfortunately I let them drop and they registered it. Owch! It hurts! I still have the email from enom "reminding" me to renew the dot com after it expired....but what can you do! Its the business game! Some of you may remember this thread:.


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Wouldn't have huge tm issues?.

And sorry bout your loss am sure you could have had one hell of a deal there..

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Ouch! That calls for a big, major OUCH! Man, that had to take you on a little spin. I clearly remember the thread. At least you've had a couple of months to adjust, but man 'o man! Business is business and we all take our hits, and all that stuff -but- Wisconsin, my heart really goes out to you on this one. Damn!..

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I registered these tow generic words without having the slightest idea about their intentions back in 2004. Microsoft registerd the dotcom and .NETafter I let them expire in March 2005.... maybe I hould list Longhorn_com on GoDaddy too! I am laughing at myself now!..

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I have to say I don't quite get the hype either.There are probably 10-15 good names,and if you don't have the .COM then why bother?.

First,if Microsoft wants a name,they'll probably be able to strongarm you out of it.And seriously,what is the max someone would pay for

Most of the names I've seen in appraisals are horrendous IMO.I think we'll be seeing ALOT of drops next July...

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Hope you dont mind but because of this it gave me an idea of a new thread.

And I am very, very sorry this sorta thing just really sucks..

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Well It's ok, I'll get over it! Perhaps, if I still owned it, Microsoft would have come up with a different name than vista. They have never contacted me about buying Longhorn_com though!..

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I regged 5 or 6, more, due to simply wanting to have a little stake in the game and just wanting to put my mind up against it, than as a result of thinking that I had hit a vein in the motherload. The good "Vista" names that, IMHO, would be useful- ie. "Themes", Icons", "Tutorials", "Tweaks", "Updates", "Skins" etc were gone by the time I got there which has limited my game to brandable names for security/utility apps/services, and there are so many ways to express what these wares or services can do, it really becomes a crapshoot as to whether or not one of my babies may the right one. Additionally, as prev mentioned, windows+vista names could be trouble, at least, more trouble than what I am willing to get into..

BTW I did reg tah-tah! *Vistazilla*com* tonight, but that was a vanity name reg, even if it did break the one syllable "zilla" rule, which might help make it look like, a dubious choice..

BTW. This post does tend to support the observation made by zquest, earlier in this thread:..

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Wot is wise. hehe..

Does that mean my. is in that group?..

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Damn that really sucks.

I don't even dare to imagine what they could've sold for now....

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Whoever had before microsoft. All I can say is........ you almost won the lottery...

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Don't make me feel worst! Is there a counselor here?.

Here is the mail I receive way back from enom to renew it:.

From: "Elida Flores" <elida..

"the anti-spam registrar".

I am still mad at myself but looking at microsoft history, they've always gone around things to name their product names they've only registered and not bought. Maybe I am just trying to comfort myself...

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Hey Wiconsin! I'm fairly sure you have already done this, but, I thought of some other possible names that MS could have gone with, which may provide, at least, some consolation for you, (and there are probably some that would even be better than these): windowsvision, windowsview, windowscape, windowshorizon, windowsorbit, windowsworld, and on... Vista, wasn't necessarily a done deal, and as you mentioned, there is a good chance that MS would have tap danced right around your names, done some price shopping and gone w/ something else, given their history. Vista is a good name, but it is not the end all, everything name for a new OS. There are others..

Additionally, if they decided on Vista as an alternate, they would have TMd it, anyways, (maybe just out of spite), which would have tied you up and relegated your use of the name to selling picture windows, or something else along those lines...

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Thanks, Grilla!.

I was hoping they would call it or

I still own some very desent ones, like windows-vista*com windowsvista*info and windowsvista dot in other extensions, windowsvistaforum_com ...etc I'll be listing Longhorn_com for sale very soon...

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No argument here, w/ that..

Knowing your history, and knowing that you are a great HostGator name marketer, my suspicion is that you'll be pulling, at least, a few nice little goodies out of the cookie jar that you've still got your hand in...

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Vista.??.?? is still available and for Free registration.


I regged it and am waiting For Confirmation (takes 24 Hours for the ccTLD)..

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I don't get all the people that keep thinking MS is going to change the vista name. When was the last time MS changed a product name after an official name release? They prob already have millions invested into that name. I remember people thinking xbox would have to be changed becasue there was a TM problem, but MS solved it with some good ol $$$$..

Vista is going to be bigger then XP, more people will use Vista then xp, more opportunities for companies making products specifically for vista..

I reged about 20 vista domains ($140 .com's only) and am just looking for 2-3 to pay off for a few hundred each and hopefully have a 1000% return on my high-risk investment..

I do agree that there is a bit too much hype, especially people who reg stupid vista domains just becasue they have the word vista in them, whats worse is that they got the .biz .us .net names..

I too got cought up and reged a couple I wish I didn't :-)..

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Lol had an offer for it but was rather low..

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Seems like alot of hype and alot of new reg's (myself included;,,, but I don't see any offers on the names for sale here at NP..

Are the names offered here not good? or are all the reg's a waste of time and money?..

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I think mine were a waste of money..

1 cost me nearly $500np's and was offered $70..

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Seems like are pretty good return on that one!..

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