How do I register a domain name without paying someone like 123

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Quick question: How do I register a domain name without paying someone like 123 Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... Sounds like a great idea, I'm interested...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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You might also try putting a group together thru.

Comment #2

It looks like the request for a "small group" has suddenly expanded to a "large group"...

Comment #3

Definitely interested here... please PM the details..



Comment #4

Maybe an investment in a with the number of people we have..

Comment #5

Thanks for this opportunity. By the interest generated, if half the respondents invest, this will be a major undertaking....not just $, but time and effort for the project management, strategies and details to cover..

As with others, I'm interested in the project details. Are you open to questions and suggestions? Should these details be left off the main board?..

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Ive been interested in something like this for a long time, unfortunately I'd need to be a part of one that was operating on a micro-economic scale..

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I am interested as well. I echo VERBSTER'S comments..

Looking forward to hearing more..




Comment #8

I am certainly interested pending more information..

How would prosper help they are for requesting loans, nothing to do with this type of thing...

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Looks like it would be a great idea, I'm interested, more info about it please..

Comment #10

Investor pool = great idea.

I'm game pending more info...

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With this many people maybe we can buy.

....yeah, the island !.

...kidding !.

Any more info available other than the overview RJ before signing up ? .


Comment #12

Im interested also..

Could I get more info by PM?.

Thanks RJ...

Comment #13

Great idea -RJ-!.

Please PM with additional details if available, otherwise will watch for future updates to be posted in this thread..


Comment #14

Was hesitant to reply at first, now I have seen the group of people who have shown an interest, I am most certainly also interested...

Comment #15

Well I am interested too! Send some more info please, let us know how we start makinh inputs..

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I've often thought about this idea, gathering a group to invest together, but had no idea where to start or how to go about it. Please send me the details, thanks!..

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I am definitely interested. Please send more info..

Best regards...

Comment #18

I submitted a request too with no reply, guess we did'nt make the cut !.


Comment #19

Guess not, good luck to the people who made it in...

Comment #20

Yeah, should be a great little ad/venture.

Good luck Guys/Girls.

...but not mine.


Comment #21

Not sure if full yet. When I sent application I never received a reply..

As far as I know if you can see the HostGator Name Buyers Group forum then bop on over & check things out...

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The enthusiasm expessed in this thread is impressive. Interesting to think about the collective power of a group pooling their financial resources, and what they can achieve. Clear communication, cooperation and flexibility will be important. Hope to see great things from the final group...

Comment #23

I am interesting,please PM me more details.

Thank you!..

Comment #24

I may be speaking out of turn, but from the discussions I've been in on, the group is looking for a total of about 20 members; that cap is there because it's just too hard to manage more..

I believe the enrollment number is now 15. I would say if you want in, paypal your joining amount of $750 - $2000 to the group's paypal account (listed in the Buyer's Central sticky of the "Domain Buyer's Group" category..

We've had a great time the last couple of days meeting as a group during live snapname bidding....even when we lose...

Comment #25

The thread was pretty long, so I think you might've missed this post by RJ (post #77):.

Deadline was 6/3, which is today, so it MIGHT be too late..

Hope this helps,.


Comment #26

This concept is.


IMHO ... and Namepros™ has already.

Beta tested.

It on a smaller scale in the form of the former.

Reg. Team Competition.

(I was one of the original Team Leaders™ back in '03)!.

It's a big commitment in both money and TIME ... and those in the Group™ will need to have the necessary.


To discuss, invest, and strategize, etc. From my (albeit, limited) experience mentioned above, if you.


Have the time commitment - whether it be (summer) vacation, travel, family, business, offline, whatever - perhaps consider waiting until the next round, IMHO..

Just my two sense ....

Kudos to RJ for.

Cranking this up.


Good Luck, friends!.


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Look above your post about two replies (from regfee) and you'll see the details...

Comment #28

I so want to join! In fact I have wanted to do something like this for awhile. $750 right now is too much. Perhaps theres still a chance though?.

Pooling resources as a collective is a great idea. I have my eye on a name now in fact (tdnam) if only I could combine forces Id have a chance..

In the meantime anyone who wants to form a smaller collective or with a smaller $deposit let me know. Though I'd still like to join this group if at all possible..

Comment #29

This is really interesting..

Well... you live and learn..

Good Luck...

Comment #30

I really like the idea and would be interested..

Please pm any information..


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Good idea. What happens if you want out? Who monetizes the names? Sorry if these questions have already been answered..

You can limit the participants by raising the $ to get in. More money to spend the better...

Comment #32

From what has been said in the thread if you want out before the group is ready to sell then you could sell your share to someone..

Regarding raising the money and having more money to spend, they are purposely not going too high as you are then dealing with competing against some of the big boys in domaining and will either struggle greatly to get a HostGator or be forced to pay well over the odds with little chance to profit...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.