How do I register an internet Godaddy domain name?
My question is How do I register an internet Godaddy domain name? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... I'd just like to commend DomainSite on their great support, I was expecting to get a reply in weeks or maybe even months as I had heard that their replies aren't really that good but they have proved me wrong and replied to my support email in two days. I had a problem setting up custom nameservers and they fixed it and set it up for me..

I'd just like to commend and thank DomainSite for their brilliant support!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could assist you..

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Great, thanks for the info.

Added them to my bookmarks....

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Well, you can call too. Its just a bit more expensive..

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Yes I think Domainsite is the best registrar availible great prices and support you cant get much better then that..

Also there system is user friendly...

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I like domainsite, but I personally I think that their system isn't very user friendly. It is OK for domainers once you get to know the system, but when I first joined, it was very hard to find anything. Especially the bulk transfer of names. Very confusing..

Support is average. I usually get a response in 1-2 days. But for some reason I haven't gotten a reply for a week. Maybe I will send email again..

Overall is a good registrar, great prices, and it just seems to get better and better everyday, with more features, and more extensions...

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Setting up custom nameservers is a pain in my rear end..

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I agree Raymond.

When I registered my first HostGator with DomainSite I was quite confused where I would go to perform certain functions, etc.. It was really confusing for me.

I think that's something they can definitely improve on..

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I love domainsite and their control panel is very compact and easy to use. The only thing is that when I contacted their support it took a couple of days to get a reply but at least it answered my questions...

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I think I registered a few domains there before...

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May be a offline question here. Do they provide any discount or is there any coupon that could be used to avail discount from domainsite...

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Ya... I like the 2... most registars dont except paypal like them!..

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No they haven't. I reckon they should to attract more new buyers, but maybe it is because their prices are low already. Any lower and they won't be able to survive?.

Yes, they ought to try to improve their interface appeal as well. When I used namecheap and then domainsite, I feel that maybe the extra $0.88 for namecheap (which then also includes whoisguard) is more worthwhile with it's nice colourful interface than domainsite's...

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Just thought I'd chime in and say I LOVE Domainsite.Very good prices,much cheaper than GoDaddy,full IDN support,excellent interface,PayPal accepted,and pushing names is extremely easy..

With GoDaddy just to do a push you need the recipient's full name/addy/phone/email/etc...For Domainsite all you need is a simple "account code" and the push is instantaneous...

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Yes, I love domainsite for their IDN support. No other registrar beats them in price for IDN. I do all my IDN registering there...

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I also loved the free .info promotion..

That was a promotion Offered by afrilias ,the operator of .info.

Registry and was available from a wide range of Resellers of .info's ..

Myself I have found OK except they keep persistently sending renewal reminders for domains I have transferred away from them and Still listed in my Account..

I only opened My Account with them ,along with GD, RegisterFly,RegisterSite, and others to facilitate transfers of Domains I have PurchasedI Don't register Domains anywhere (except with my self) so don't know how they go on that score..

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Prices are great, although the support was much faster 6 months ago, it is much slower. Also the large number of names I transferred away are still in my manager...

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Had some problems a few days ago and they did respond in a good timely manner..

- SW..

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Great to hear that, I'll keep that website in mind...

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I use also Domainsite and I have never had any problems with their support. Usually I get reply from them within 24 hours...

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