How do I set my godaddy domain to my spruz website?
Question I have... How do I set my godaddy domain to my spruz website? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question....

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

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Comon guys .biz could be great it doesnt matter which name you choose as long as visitors get used to it and search engins have it in a high rank..

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Why don't you express your disgust to Businessweek and force them to change their section headings to Global COM and Small COM.


As I said many times, it is difficult for a person not working in MNC corporate b2b to appreciate .BIZ..

Familiarity for this extension is steadily growing in the B2B world, and when the tea lady starts taking a liking to .BIZ, it's already too late to invest into this extension..

When I first adopted some .BIZ babies back in 2001, I wasn't so sure it would take off. Today, I'm 110% convinced it will. I keep bumping into .BIZ sites in my line of work.BIZ grows on you over time especially when applied on true B2B sites..

If there is anything that will increase in value in the next 5 years time, it will be .COMs immediate small brother .BIZ.....

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I will take your word for it and keep an open mind even though I might have to hold my nose while I swallow it..

I am determined to reg a .biz this month. Pray for me...

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Moondog is selling here at the forum right now..

That would be a.

Most impressive.

Way to enter the land of .BIZ.

Granted, a wee bit more expensive than a hand registration...

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My sincere gratitude for that insightful, enlightening, detailed and fact based post. I'm sure we have all learned something from it, and I personally am a better domainer because of it..

Thank you for sharing...

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At present, I will reg dotinfo first if com/net/org is taken!..

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Ok, call me nuts but I have a .biz redirected to a .com. While both are the same product area the .com is not 'pure' but has been around long time. I am currently using the .biz for promotion. At some point the .biz will take 'top billing' & the .com will be sold...

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I have a number of .biz, but I'm very careful of what I pick for "fit". Examples of mine are,,,,,, and I normally look closely at other TLD's before picking a .biz. If at least 2-3 are developed, .biz is probably a good investment. If all other version are parked or worse yet some are availalbe, I'll usually pass..

Sorry, mallikrao79, I disagree that something you can buy for $7 and sell for $100 is useless. No, maybe you won't get 4 or 5 figures like .com, but price reasonably and .biz can be profitable for resale or very reasonable for development...

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I recall quite vividly many people, including myself, feeling it was not just funny but somewhat repulsive when in the mid-late 90's .com started appearing after every imaginable word/ we sit today, many like myself are still banging their head against the wall for not appreciating what was in the works then. I don't think we'd ever see a repeat of .com phenomenon with any new/future tlds. The internet, however, has continued to grow at a tremendous pace and has started showing some signs of maturation. The trend seems to be towards opening up and increased adaptation of ccTLDs with .US, .CN and .IN being the most prominent examples of this. In terms of additional extensions, Icann seems more inclined towards releasing sTLDs rather than gTLDs, .travel, .jobs, .mobi, etc. Now, put this all together and to me at least the future of .biz, as a gTLD geared towards business community, seems to be pretty secure.

They don't get much and this includes .com's sibs .net and .org. In terms of traffic/revenue generation via development and.


, .biz is no different than any other tld....I'm saying this from personal experience having had developed revenue generating sites in .biz, such as:.

, and some others...

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I Nominate this post for sarcasm of the year award..

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I think .biz can be a darkhorse ext. Lately I've become more interested in .biz as I have seen some decent sales made. I picked up a few names myself and I've definitely seen some interest in at least one of them for $xxx prices. I've seen a few .biz sites advertised lately both on TV and one some trucks so I feel that the ext. is growing and will be used. It offers a great branding name for businesses IMHO...

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And that is why we ,those who have .biz will make money and you will still be wondering where you went wrong. Expounding your wonderfully explanation filled.


Of wisdom..

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Yes, .BIZ is a slow and steady kinda extension, and catches you up on your blind side. Many domainers have autistic underappreciation of the B2B world, most however have uncanny understanding of B2C keywords like poker and lung cancer names..

You can see .BIZ appearing more and more in trade publications, like termites eating out the wall of .COMplacency...

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I'm sorry but is already registered. Please suggest an alternative..

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So something like or would be good, huh?.

Donate if you reg, k?..

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I find all the other extension have been registered,, and also have a huge results in OVT search, so registered it, my first dot biz!..

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I have many .biz names..

I have had some $$$$ sales with them & several $$$ sales. If that is a USELESS return on investment....I'll just keep up the USELESS work....

Just bought today....USELESS...USELESS USELESS.


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I did it. And I feel very strange. I regged my first .biz.

Seemed like a decent, fairly marketable one with good keywords. I hope anyway..

Man, I feel weird...

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So did I make Papa proud? Is it a decent enough of a name?..

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