How do I set up a Unix iPage web hosting account with 3 domains?

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First question I have is How do I set up a Unix iPage web hosting account with 3 domains? Looking forward for any response. Another question... I have a page with 10 - 15 INPUTs in a FORM. The method = POST, and it works fine. However, when I tried to add another INPUT to the form, it wouldn't work (I am using PHP, and the page that the form POSTed to had no values for ANY of the $_POST[] variables). So, I removed the new field and it worked fine again..

I also tried shortening the names of my fields, and that allowed me to add another field..

So, it appears that I am running into some limit with regards to POST, but all the documentation I've read says there is no limit..

My Server is Apache running under XP (OpenSA). My server side scripting is done with PHP...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Well, individual pc ram does play a role in how the pages are rendered.... though your most likely not even close to using all 512mb ram..

I've troubleshooted this problem before, when a user tried to put about 50 select boxes on a page. it crashed netscape by simply using too much ram..

Your problem is more likely aimed at your server side code/ cgi script. You'll need to post both the form code, and the cgi here for us to help you out..


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Thank you. Below is the code. Keep in mind that it is still pretty raw. I haven't pulled the JavaScript out into it's own file, or done much error checking on return values or clened up redundant code yet. I think my editor is putting tab characters in when I don't want it to, so this might not be formatted very well, either..

Oh well, it wouldn't let me Paste the code, as it's too big. I have attached it as a file..

Okay, it didn't like the .php extension, so I have renamed it to .html and attached it.....

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Well which part did you have the problems?.

And yes you have in there that might be cause errors. you don't need them if you use ..

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I have an extremly easy php script that will process every field in your html form without any editing of it..

All you have to do is edit where the email will be sent to and an URL to be redirected after the form is submitted..

Unlimited fields!.

Drop me an email at:.

And i'll send it to you with complete instructions..


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The 's are just in there so when I do a "Show Source" it's formatted a little. The tabs are bad?.

The file I uploaded works fine. However, as you can see from the code, as you add a new phone number, email address, or special date, the MySQL queries will display the new data. Therefore, the form starts out with 10 input fields (or whatever), but can quickly have more than that. On my machine, I've got a user that has 3 phone numbers (home, work, cell), 2 email addresses (home, work), and 1 date (birthday). If I try to add another date (anniversary), or phone number or email address, it fails..

It doesn't fail with an error message, it just fails to have any $_POST[] variables..

If it would help you, I could set up a publicly addressable version of this so you can see it in action (the current one is using SSL + Basic Auth to protect the data)...

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Are you storing the submitted information in a database? Or is it being sent in the email?.


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Thanks for the offer, but I have no desire to use email to submit my form. The submit interacts with a database, and sending via email would cause the user to wait a possibly long time to see the data they submitted...

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Not sure if I follow. "if you add a phone number?" do you mean if you add the html code or what?..

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No. There are "hidden" tables in the form that have a style of "display: none". When the user clicks on "Add a phone number", "Add an email address", or "Add a special date", the style changes to "display: block" and then there are input fields for the new data. These fields are named with "new" at the beginning (like "newemail"). So, when the form is POSTed, the PHP code at the top of the page adds the data to the database..

Then, the PHP code later on the page read the data from the database, so these new fields show up...

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I see it in action so I know of the hidden layers. but you still haven't told me where you are adding the form elements that disappear..

So when you push save changes, is that wha tyou are talking about? it looses the variables on submit?..

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I have set up a dev environment you can see what I'm talking about.



Click on Admin, ignore the warning about SSL, click on Login (you won't have to), click on List Users. You'll see the test user I put in there. Click on edit. If you try to add anything new (phone, email, or date), you will see what I'm talking about..

If you create a new person, you'll be able to add new things, for a while..

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. This is all still pretty new to me...

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For one you don't have any values for the hidden phone options.



>1 - Home</option>.

The bold is not in there..

But I added a phone number and it worked just fine.

Also I can see the script will never know if you hit submit. you need to check for submit and do the updates then show the form..

If you do it and it comes back and says no person id then you hit hard refresh (ctrl-refresh) then it works. so that is telling me you aren't chcking for submit...

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Thanks for taking a look..

Why do I need values for the hidden phone options?.

I don't know what you mean by "checking for submit". Also, I tried ctrl-Refresh (and Shift-Refresh and Alt-Refresh) and it still does not work for me. I am using IE 6...

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How do you get the correct value if you don't have a value?.

Newphonetype will be empty if you don't have an option value..

And to check for submit you need to do something like this.


Do your updates here.

} else {.

Do your form here.


That will also save on your script as it won't be updating all the time when it doesn't have to...

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Not sure I know what you mean. Here's what the table data looks like:.

<td><select size="1" name="newphonetype">.

<option>1 - Home</option>.

<option>2 - Work</option>.

<option>3 - Cell</option>.


If the user picks "1 - Home", then $_POST['newphonetype'] has a value of "1 - Home". I grab the "1" from there and put it in the database. You are saying that if I made it <option value="1"> instead, that $_POST['newphonetype'] would be "1" instead of "1 - Home" and I wouldn't have to parse it?.

Thanks on the $_POST['B1'] hint, I'll try that. However, if I'm not getting ANY $_POST variables, how can I test for that? We still haven't figured out why that is happening.....

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That is correct, if you give a value to the options then you won't have to parse it..

Also the reason you don't get variables after submit is because you aren't checking for submit. add that and see how it goes...

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Thank you on the value thing for the <option>, I will fix that..

However, since I do not get ANY $_POST[] variables (none, 0, zilch, nada, zip), I cannot check for $_POST['B1']. I added.


Print "button: "$_POST['B1'];.


To the top of the page (you can see it if you go there), and it prints nothing. In fact, I can put a "phpinfo()" call on the page, and you'll see that there are NO $_POST variables on the page.....

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Hmmm..... is this really just a simple HTML problem? It looks to me like your closing form tag needs to be moved to the very bottom of the page. Where you have the "add" checkboxes, those form fields are not embedded between the opening form tag and the closing form tag so they will not be sent with the form data when the submit button is clicked on. At least that is how it looks to me..

Your code:.

Try moving that closing form tag to just before the closing body tag and see if that helps...

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If those dynamic form fields give you a problem just replace them with regular form fields. I really see no reason to use the java script and the checkboxes to make those "add" form fields appear and dissappear, seems gratuitous...

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My /form is already at the very bottom of the page. The "add" checkboxes are right above the /form in the code. The javascript code to display and hide the divs is below the /form, but that shouldn't make a difference, right?.

I moved it to after the javascript, and it does not make a difference...

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OK.... it was a bit of a guess. I don't know why your form is not working...

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What version of php are you working with?.

Also try this:.


Print "button: "$_REQUEST['B1'];.


And can you post the new code with all these editions? because it seems you still don't have values in your options tags..

Also move the type=hidden fields to right above your submit button. and also your submit button should be the last thing on your apge, besides your ending form tag. I know this sounds funny but just humor me and do it this, I have found that on some forms the values do not get sent if the hidden fields are clear at the top. so change alll this and post the current code..

Also you have to remember that when setting the hidden field with personid you can't do it in the code that updates everything. if you check for submit and you have the hidden personid in that code it will not get set..

We can condense your code if you do it the right way adn that will cut down on the errors..

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I am using OpenSA 1.0.4, which is a combination of Apache 1.3.27, mod_ssl 2.8.11, OpenSSL 0.9.6g, PHP 4.2.2, mod_gzip, and DAV 1.0.3..

I added all the changes you mention, and it seems I can enter a little more data now (the Sally Smith entry has more data than the Bryan Archambeault one)..

But, it still craps out after a while. The new code is attached (again, as .html instead of .php).....

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Also, if it would be easier, I could ZIP up the whole thing and send it to you (the ZIP of the whole thing is 129K).....

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Well, I think you are losing the id because you are expecting ti in the url. so ad this to the forms action..

Action="editperson.php?personid=<?php $_GET['personid']?>".

That way the personid is always there...

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I only expect the personid in the URL when you click on Edit from the "List People" page. In that case, I call editperson.php?personid=x. Then, in the editperson.php page, I use the $_GET['personid'] to get that data and read from the database and build the page..

However, the form does a POST, not a GET. So, the code at the top of the page checks for $_POST['personid'] instead of $_GET['personid']. That's how it knows if it's a POST from itself, or a GET from the "List People" page..

I know we are getting closer, but I still don't think you are understanding my basic problem. I don't get ANY $_POST[] variables. None. In fact, I don't get any $_REQUEST[] variables of ANY kind. If I put a "phpinfo()" call on the page, all I get is the normal $_SERVER[] stuff, no $_POST[], no $_GET[], no $_REQUEST[]. Nothing..

I really don't know why I'm stressing about this so much. No one in this database is going to have more than 3 phone numbers, 2 email addresses, and 2 special dates. That's 7 pieces of data. The Sally Smith entry has 15 pieces. Way more than I'll ever need..

It's just the frustration of figuring out what's wrong at this point..

Thank you again for your time...

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Actually come to think of it, I do believe this was a bug in php on how the POSTED variables would go away sometimes. I think it was your version you are using. or it was 4.2, so you might want to upgrade php..

Other than that if you don't get POSTED variables then not much you can try. I was trying the GET because I wanted to make sure that the personid was acually getting set. I understand your problem but in php you have to try things to see if other things get set...

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Taking your advice, I signed up for the mailing list for OpenSA and asked how to upgrade from version 4.2.2 to 4.2.3 of PHP for my OpenSA server..

Someone responded with the suggestion to remove support for mod_gzip from my httpd.conf. That fixed the problem! I am waiting to hear back from him as to why I needed to do that..

Thanks again for taking the time to try to help me...

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And glad to help..

And see I new it was a bug..

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