How do I set up a website with a "www" prefix with iPage?

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Quick question: How do I set up a website with a "www" prefix with iPage? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. Hey, Everytime, I add more text on my frontpage with define languages.. it ives me a error... my front page is .. how can I add more info?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Post the error messeage...most of us who will try and help flunked mindreading...

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Hey, I like your website! I have a problem with the main page. You know when you first install it, it says that the products will not be billed or delivered. Well... How do I change that..

My shopping system is at

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Oh definately... we are supposed to be nice, but what do you do with those emotions that are not so nice? Suppress anger with crunchy foods... just crunch crunch crunch? For that, I know.


Or hammering copper is a good alternative outlet. But the repressed sexuality? That is a panadora's box... the desire to hide in a fat disquise so as not seen as a sexual object vs. the desire to be loved and wanted, and to have a fullfilling sex life. Without a man in my life, I tend to crave chocolate and eat more ice cream so I don't have any advice on what to do about it...

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Thanks for you replies guys. I just have the impression that repression, stuffing anger like Mars said, is done by stuffing food. Actually you both (Jessie as well) said it in different ways. Something in my intuition tells me that if I could solve this link, could work out how to deal with my anger without stuffing, I would be able to help not only myself but a lot of others. I'm stuffed, going to bed..



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Define('TEXT_MAIN',your info here');.

I got tired of cutting and pasting html into this file so I made a change that allows me to create an index.html file that I can edit in a WYSIWYG editor. I can then design pretty much whatever I want it to look like and not have to worry about hardcoding it into the index.php lang file..

Here is what I did:.


In /index.php find this line:.

<td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_MAIN; ?></td>.

And replace it with:.

<td class="main"><?php require('index.html'); ?></td>.

Then create an index.html page with all the bells and whistles that you want to show on your mainpage and upload it to the same directory as your /index.php file..

The "require" statement will then call and place the index.html on your mainpage. This will allow you to frquently update the mainpage of your iPage website by just editing one file and uploading it..

See it at

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I do eat when I'm angry. But over the years I've learned not to stew or dwell on things that make me angry. Either I try to change the situation or I walk away from the situation..

I'm trying to eat at planned meals. If I want to binge, snack, stuff Medifast food in my mouth because I'm bored, mad, or upset... I reach for a bottle of water. If I am still "hungry" 30 minutes later, I will sit down and eat something. Nothing in front of the TV or on the run!.

As far as sexuality... As a very happily married wife of 25 years, I don't think I repress it.....smiling...

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Alternatively you can use the Define Mainpage contribution that allows you to add the frontpage text via admin. Simple...

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I think many of us have that issue. Even My husband knows I am an emotion overeater. He tells me all the time to talk to him instead of reaching for food. My history with my Mom is not pretty. She was verbally and physically abusive,and I was never allowed to be sick or sad or display any emotion. I used to yell alot at my children and my husband until I realized that I was sounding alot like my mother.

And when I am really stressed out I try very hard to walk away and not reach for that cookie or candy bar. And after 8 year of marriage. I finally learned to talk to my husband about things. It helps that he has learned to listen,{ with the help of a marriage councler}. I know that my Mom treated me the same way my Grandmother treated her.

It has taken me 20 years to get to the point of forgivness and aceptance I am at now. Now I.


I can work on me. I know the root of my problem and It wasn't my weight. That is a symptom of a bigger problem...

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Hey, Everytime, I add more text on my frontpage with define languages.. it ives me a error... my front page is .. how can I add more info?..

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Jim, thats all so true.I got married at 16(cause when your 16 you know it 18 I was attacked and my husband acted like he was attacked. I started to eat and eat.Then he didnt want anything to do with me til I lost weight..I had so much anger and depression.The only thing I trusted was food.I lived to eat.It has taken me 25 years and a great husband to shed all that negitive emotion.Its very difficult to push all that emotion away and be the important person you are!And you are important!You owe it to yourself for yourself.Figure out what has caused you so much pain..It wont be will probably be the hardest thing ever....

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I never thought of hiding from sexuality inside my fat. I do know that my excess weight is used to make me feel more secure within myself from outside people. Like a wall or barrier. It doesn't stop me from doing things in life, never has... but at times it does feel like a cushion to the world..

I get the stuffing. I have fibromyalgia so I'm often is severe to way severe overall body pain. For some reason when I eat sweets, for those moments that the sweetness fills my mouth, I don't think about the pain! It's heavenly! All my brain is doing is enjoying the carbs I guess, but it's not busy sending pain signals. When I decided to.

Lose weight.

I knew I'd have to give up this calorie heavy pain killer. It's been hard, but I can do it..




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Joyful it's not that I think we hide our sexuality inside our fat, rather I think we shove it down out throat. "I am not attractive therefore who gives a damn what I look like". "So I can just eat whatever I want and if I die who will care." That's what I feel, that's the repression, the stuffing of my emotions because I don't feel attractive, and it's a self perpetuating cycle. The more I eat, the fatter I get, the less attractive I feel, the more I eat, blah blah blah blah blah. I have discovered that a women can enjoy my sexuality, my genitals, my touch, my carressing, even if I'm fat, and I think it's starting to turn my life around...

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DJ, thank you for the response. Your story reminded me of myself. I was madly in love at 15 (I think). Obbsessed with the girl. When that broke up, I did it, I went ballistic. Drinking etc.

I still loved that girl, as with my first wife, when we broke up. I always, always did the breaking up. What is that about. No matter how much it hurt, I pushed them all away. Hmmm that really does touch a nerve in me.

I have no idea what that is about. I still love that first girl, and my ex. Really really sad feeling around all that. Thanks, I think, DJ...

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(maybe we should eat the people who hurt us? JK)After years of pretending that I am happy with turns out I really am.I`m on a Medifast diet now and hopefully I stick to it. but i`m not doing it for anyone but me and my health.All of you seems to have some insight to your pain.I just want to say thank you ..all of you...

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Just thought if any of you are carrying around anger like I do. I think repressed anger and repressed sexuality have been a really big part of my life for many many years and that they drive my addictive behaviours, like over eating. I'd be interested in all your thoughts on this and what you think I can do about it..


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People die of being ashamed of their weight. It's called anorexia. People with 5 or 10 lbs to lose hate their appearance and hide from the world..

The reason you are obsessed with Medifast food is the same *&^%# reason you would be obsessed with water if you were always thirsty but could never slake your thirst, even if there was a waterfall in front of you. Your genetic throw-of-the-dice gave you the appetite AND the fat-storage AND the low metabolism. The fat itself limited your self-worth and isolated you from opportunities and options for pleasure so that it became that much more valued. Restricting, starving, scolding by yourself and others about Medifast food focused you obsession even more. As the weight piles on and you become more self-hating, more isolated and the amount of weight to lose is so overwhelming that it is better to crawl back under your rock and stuff. After all how could this one day's 3,000 calories matter? Who would care? What would they matter in the long run?.

Yes, even thin people eat the wrong stuff and too much of it in times of stress or sorrow. It's not your fault that you got the genes that made your appetite meaningless and your fat cells endlessly able to store every calorie metabolically possible..

The point is that a vicious circle is established. You may need more help than most to break free of it..

It really is like alcoholism. Almost everyone will self-medicate with booze once or twice in their lives; some become alcoholics, some don't. The trouble with being obese and food-obsessed is that you can't quit Medifast food "cold turkey". But you can make a start, you have the rest of your life to finish. One way or another you have to live the hours to the hour that you die. Could be in a car wreck or asteroid hit in the next ten minutes.

Get a doc with a brain. Get started...

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Oh, yeah...I have never known one single person who was intelligent, insightful and interesting that DID NOT have an emotional problem-or five or six....

Not to say that boring, shallow losers don't come in every shape or size too!.

People have been convinced by pop-psychology that to end a weight problem, emotional problems must be "solved". It seems to me that tackling and winning your battle against obesity will clarify what those issues really are, instead of hiding them under your shame and guilt and isolation...

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Interestingly I have never really heard any pop psychology about weight lose. I hear gallon and gallons about diets, and.


Every day there's a new diet. I just think the diets and weigh in increase the obsession...

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Laura, people with diabetes and high blood glucose levels are always no matter how much water they drink. It is because the body is drawing all of the water out of their cells in an attempt to dilute the glucose in their blood. I think it better to stick with what is factual in a.


Like this rather than metaphor. The only other driver I am aware of like this is.


, where people feel really hungry becuase of the way the drug affects their brain. What I do know is that everything related to our bodies is chemical, biological, and that includes out emotions. That is why mental health drugs work. As I said, I am not against the use of every form of technology available, but I also beleive that emotional experience, being sexually abused for instance, plays a big role in all of our obsessions, addictions. The affect of addreneline for instance, in a trauma situation. A huge rush of addreneline has after affects, like shock, depression.


, that has caused the emotions (fear, anger) and set off the biological affects, the injection of masses of addrenoline into the organism. They are all related. But memories of those experiences can keep the biological affects going because the brain continues to respond to the memories just as it did to the actural event. Thus, I beleive that emotional therapy can have a very real affect on a persons body. We are really nothing more than a storehouse of chemicals...

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I will be on 300mg..


For the rest of my life, and I have the benefit of living that life because of that.


I am a science-junky. People give me textbooks for my birthday. A year ago I got mine on molecular biology. I read science for fun, and I read a lot of it. I am a screamin' geek, no question..

You are the first person I ever met that said he never heard much about pop-psych and weight loss. Amazing. When I say "pop-psyche" I am referring to the thousands of.


Titles like "It's Not What You're Eating, It's What's Eating You", and the like. Dozens of people with weight (and other problems) do in fact believe that their emotional quirks and/or the traumas they have been shelled by that thwart their desire to.

Lose weight.

They have been told on talk shows, in these.


, and by well-educated and caring therapists that dealing with their issues will help, or even solve their weight problem. This site is also filled with those who have worked courageously for years to deal with issues from their past that should give anyone nightmares; or chronic depression and low-self esteem and rage, frustrations, that they feel make them turn to overeating to self-medicate. I do know that dealing with emotional issues can help, or I wouldn't be on this site!.

Not only do I keep up on the latest.


Most of what fascinates me are the biological underpinnings of behavior. You mentioned the adrenaline/memory link. The puzzle of why some people are more emotionally resilient than others, such as the one young soldier in a platoon will suffer the rest of his life from PTSD, and most won't, even though all of them experienced the same abominations and terrors. This is because some people's adrenalin-enhanced memories will "back-flash" and NOT go through the usual intensity-lowering, editing, filter of the pre-frontal cortex. It is as though the sufferer is reliving the whole event as it it were happening that moment. Most people who survive trauma live with some intrusive bad memories, but they do not feel like the event is actually happening.

These people and others that did not suffer lingering emotional effects were asked to call up their memories of traumatic events in an interactive positron emission tomography (iPET)scanner. These subjects were given radio-nucleotide 'tagged' doses of glucose. The metabolic use of this tagged glucose pops off a positron, which the scanner records,.


A real-time picture of what parts of the brain are most active. The PTSD sufferers were not wired to filter their memories through the pre-frontal cortex, which would normally be able to moderate the emotional intensity of their memories of trauma. They were BORN to be susceptible to PTSD, whether they had a traumatic experience that others would consider "traumatic" or not. In some patients sessions in which the sufferers of PTSD are asked to repeatedly, purposely remember traumatic events until they lose some of their impact, and in some of them, this helps..

I am using this as an example of a hard-wired, biochemical disorder that you can treat, some of the time, with therapy. I am not trying to impress you, but to show you that I know my stuff, and to let you know that I now know that YOU know YOUR stuff, which means I don't have to use analogies, even though I love them..

It does not seem too far-fetched that interrupting the re-living of trauma by, say, banging your head against the wall, violently lashing out, or eating might just be that temporary distraction..


Back on a few of your entries I do think there are emotional issues that you are burdened with, and a therapist could help you a lot, especially since you don't dismiss that possibility. (I used to snarl at suggestions I should "talk to a therapist" and say "it's all biological and I don't have time for any Blah-blah bullshit"..

What I am saying is that you could make your life much better by tackling emotional issues with either drugs and/or therapy...BUT, you will still be a guy that inherited an appetite that won't quit and a body that is storing fat like it is convinced that the 7-year famine starts next week. This is no more a "fair" genetic hit than that one soldier in a platoon that survives the war only to live under an overpass and die of an overdose or exposure or both..

I think you are depressed, and full of rage, and although I know so little about you I think you are particularly sensitive to feeling controlled by others. That's why your nice father-in-law drives you nuts when you were cooking. Maybe that's part of why you ended relationships-you felt so badly about yourself that you were sure your partners would reject you at some point. You ended the relationship before she could, thus keeping control of the situation and protecting yourself. I also am wondering if your attempts to.

Lose weight.

Feel too much like one more overbearing control from a judgemental world that pushes Medifast food at you and tells you that you can't eat it. Sex is sometimes like that too. Sex is everywhere, all the time, but when you're not getting any...Don't think I'm not aware that I am pulling ideas out of my....well, enough said..

I'd like to tell you how I'd go about working my way toward a body you'd be more comfortable in, and I think that would be as helpful as sorting through your emotional warts with a smart professional..

Your postings touched me (obviously), and these are issues I have thought and read a lot about. I.


You keep in touch with DS. Sounds to me like you are close to some kind of turning point, but of course, I don't know...

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Laura, I can see your a winner. Well done. I decline to you. This.


Is yours...

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I'm laughing, I'd probably have the same passive-aggressive response..




, not change a person or people's minds on a topic..

Somewhere in this.


Thread someone asked the question...don't all fat people feel ashamed of how they look...I'm paraphrasing in my own language terms..

My answer. When I'm just with myself I am not ashamed of my looks. When I enter the world with people. I am very ashamed at my obesity, average looks, simple way of dressing. I'm not hip, I'm not cool when I'm in the world. When at home, I'm am all those things and more..

That's my answer and I'm sticking to it. Big hugs to everyone!..

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Heyyyyy, now. What opinion did you think I was trying to change?.

I just don't want you to wait to.

Lose weight.

Until you feel emotionally healthy or wait to feel emotionally healthy before you.

Lose weight.


And when I was over-overweight, I felt ashamed no matter where I was or what I was doing...

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So there! Humph. (lower lip pushed out, marching away with nose in the air and arms folded across my chest...just kidding, guys!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.