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My first question is How do I switch from Website Tonight to Hosting on iPage? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... Hi,.

I have a small store to sell T-shirts for my small theater company in NYC. I really don't get many orders and almost all of them have been from friends or "regulars" of our shows. Suddenly I am getting a bunch of orders from a few different people in Nigeria. While I think it would be great to suddenly have an international market, I am a little worried and not quite sure why someone who hasn't seen my shows would suddenly want 20 t-shirts. Should I be worried?.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Yes, be worried. before you process their orders, verify the CC number and address..

I had a few people from indonesia (that I talked to via email several times) that wanted to order a ton of stuff. they were all scams..

Rule of thumb: if it smells fishy, check it out. it's worth it!..

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I have to agree on the Torrid suggestion. I was so excited when I found them a couple years ago. Now all my clothes come from there...

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I would agree with Noobish-n-stuff.

Make sure all payments are secured before sending goods and if using cc then only ship to card holders address..

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Hi Lais, I thought that finally Lane Bryant had caught up with the trends myself but I am older than you. I don't dress dowdy as I feel like I'm still in my early 30's! Have you asked at the Lane Bryant store about them ordering for you online there at the store? If they can do it there, you get FREE shipping! I have them order my bras as my size is not on the racks. When I was bigger, neither was my size in clothes so they would order what I liked too. Ask if petite is available and or make a request to start stocking as the more requests they get, the better. Also, buy Figure Magazine through the mail, I got 3 years for the price of one by calling and asking. Not only does it come with coupons each time, but there are plus size models and they tell you where the clothes can be purchased! Also try Ross for cheaper clothes while your going down in sizes. Good luck.....

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Unfortunately, I already sent out one order. Their CC was fine, but now they want to order more. Is the scam that they are possibly using stolen cards? Should I report this to someone?..

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Opps...that was for Katie! I thought Lais started the.



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Remember if they order by cc the money is not yours. They can reverse the transaction for up to 6 months...

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Torrid is great!!!.

This site has some really cute things too :).


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We got burned from a Nigeria order.. we sell health supplements and all of sudden we got like 12 orders each order was for about 3800.00USD. we did send the one and six months later we got all the others... come to find out that the card was bad. we even sent it to the cardholder address.. but still....

Beware of any 3rd world country......

It's to easy for them to deny payment. and call it a day...

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Ok this is a great site is.

They have great stuff!!!!! Its up to date and I have ordered from them and the clothes are fantastic!!! Check it out. Hugs Denise..

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Hi, guys.

Never ever receive order from Nigeria, all of them 100% are fraud..

Just keep in mind or you will get chargeback more than that!!!.

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: 10 December 2003, 02:49..

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For the people who want me to ship out of the country, I require them to do a wire transfer only, prior to shipment. it elimenates logs of headaches..

I also got burned 8 years ago for $250,000 when I was selling high end equipment, that got sent to england...

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Well ive always felt that women had all the options.I go to the local big and tall shop...

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Terran is totally correct. Nigerian E-Commerce is about as legal as Microsoft...

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It's true there is a lot less out there in plus sizes then in other sizes. BUT - there IS stuff out there. You just have to put the work into it / have to really look around..

Everyone has a different style - so youve just got to actually take the time to look around..

Lane Bryant has gotten better (sometimes) - but you still have to look around. You also have to shop around locations - as well as stores. There are about 10 different Lane Bryant Stores within a reasonable drive from me - and different ones carry different stock. Same with Torrid..

Torrid also use to be a lot younger and alternative in style - but they are going more mainstream and now I think they are interchangable with Lane Bryant in many ways. Once again - though - there are different styles in different areas/ locations..

The stores will have almost everything on line - as well as some styles not in the stores. Lane Bryant has a newer Jr. selection on line..

If you like to shop in person - hit up the discount stores like Ross / TJ Maxx / Marshalls.... they may have nothing but then get in a great shipment once in awhile. Nordstroms Rack is good too. And again - different locations tend to get different stuff..

Ebay has a huge selection - along with some "ebay stores" that cater specifically to plus sizes. Holy Clothing is one that has really cute stuff in Plus sizes - mideval and rennisaunce styles (but stuff you can wear every day)... and there are other stores. Just go to CLOTHING / Womens / Plus Size - and then once you are in there type in the SEARCH filed a description of what you like (Brand, color, item , style) and see what they have. If you type in "GOTHIC" you will get a lot of younger styles - or type in "Club Wear" or "Rennisaunce" or even "Sexy" and any good seller will write a good description so thier stuff is shown if you describe the style you like. (Check the spelling on those).

I saw some really cute "Hippie" style clothes on ebay - and then those sellers had no items - so I did general searches on line for : Plus Size Hippie / or Hand Made Hippie Plus Size, etc....and found a lot of different websites..

Look for DYI or HAND MADE or INDI clothes - these are either small independant lables or even just 1 person who is sewing cute styles and makes a living at it. You can request stuff that way also to be custom made..

As far as Petite sizes - you just have to accept that you have to find a tailor and get many things altered. If you find a good one - you can get other things altered (Rather than just a hem) - and make all kinds of things fit better. Or tell them what you like and have it made..

Some of those opitions are expensive - but you can get some really original stuff that you really love..

I'd say I usually see around $250 to $300 as the VERY MOST for the MOST ELABORATE custom items. Other stuff is more affordable..

Im short - and a lot of "petite" pants are still a bit too long for me..

I also see bigger selections of Plus Sizes at thrift stores now - than I use to..

The key to finding stuff involves :.

1) Trying different places - you may not realize how many places sell plus sizes. Just go in and look..

2) Try different locations of the same store..

3) Shop Often - if you can stop by 1ce a week or 2 times a month - you will see how much the selection varies and learn when they get in new shipments..

4) Try stuff on. - I KNOW it's a hassel - but it's the only way. Dont limit yourself to a number either. Different brands and styles fit different - so you may range in size much more than you realize depending on the item..

I have some things that are size 16 or 18 - some in Large or XL and other things that are size 24 or 26 - and 3x .... and they all fit. Different brands / different styles, different just have to try them..

Start with your size and go up or down from there depending on the fit of the item. You will find some styles and cuts that run large and are accomodating - and you can then look for those in the Misses Department - and maybe find some that fit...

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Any time I get orders from Nigeria, or Indonesia (among others!), I call Visa's AVS system (or MasterCard's helpdesk) to obtain the phone number of the issuing bank. I then call to manually verify name and billing address and alert them to a possible stolen credit card..

In every single case I've encountered, the transaction has been fraudulent. I have implemented a couple of policies to avoid this:.

1. I maintain a posted list on my Web iPage site of countries/regions that I will not sell or ship to, some due to the high instances of fraud, and others because the post office will not insure deliveries (or won't insure them for high enough values) to certain areas. Nigeria and Indonesia are among them, but I've also had trouble with orders from Romania, Russia, Malaysia and Korea, and more. (If anyone wants to see my complete list, let me know.).

2. Through posted policies, I've retained the right to decline any order for any reason. That way, if my gut instinct kicks in and says " Don't Do It! ", I don't have to..

Hope the order you shipped doesn't come back to bite you in the behind. In future, JUST SAY NO!.



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Hi, I don't know in the U.S. but here in Toronto, Canada we have some great plus size shops that are reasonably priced and for young girls too. Have you checked plus size boutiques? Good luck, Margaret..

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I received a cashiers check for $5,000 from a guy in nigeria. After a week my bank finds out it was cashed 7 yrs ago. Beats me. Luckily for me I waited upto 10 days if the check would cash or not. When I deposited the check , half the money was available , and the funny thing is the bank couldnt tell me if the check was good or not. They found out after 7 days..

So NIGERIA can KISS my A**...

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I agree with Karri27, my niece used to shop at Torrid. She had real nice clothes and she isn't very tall. I wish you the best. vickie..

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Terryk is completely right. you should call the helpdesk to find out if the address matches the cc number. in my case all of the cc numbers were good, but stolen. so if I would have made the sale, I would have gotten burned for nearly $5k..

I'm always leary of international orders. That's why I manually process and verify cc info. no gateways for me! I can't take that kind of chance. besides, the extra 1.5% i'm getting charged by doing it manually, is cheap insurance...

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We don't ship anywhere other than Euro, Japan, US, Canada, Aus, NZ. In 4 years of trading 100% of orders from outside of these countries has been fraudulent...

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I've had the same effect from other countries. I've recently actually received emails from these groups each asking if I would deliver to Nigeria. If anyone is interested, Ill post it...

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I've gotten quite a few of those, too. I also received this letter, sent by mail ( they paid for a stamp! ), which kept me chuckling for a couple of days. (Note: linebreaks are exactly as they were in the original letter.).


It is my grate pleasure of writting you.

This letter. My main point of writting.

This letter. I want you to help me for this pro.

Blem I am in need of all this thing are.

I dont have money. so I want you to se.

Nd it to me free. And send it to me.


1. New at KIDiddles seasonal songs in.

Motion CD.

2. Children's videos.

3. Children's stories.

4. Song books.

5. Jewis musi for children..

I want you to send it true (fedex shipping.

Agen). so he can fast. because I need.

It fast. So mail me about it this.

Is my mail address. ******at. I we be execting it..

Send the (fedex track number) to me.

Mail box..

Your faithfull.


The 'list' I was requested to send (for FREE) worked out to about 400 products. Too funny....


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The credit card scam works this way. They will give you a varity of CC numbers based that one card is not apporved etc and they are going to use a different card etc. If you do not call in to your credit card service for approval to check address what happens is the machine will approve the purchase, you send off the goods, You may get another order from the same person shortly, usually as soon as they know you have shipped. Then about a month later when the real owner of the card disputes the charges on their card you get a call from the card service saying this number was stolen and you land up on the hook for the goods. I was stung for $12,000. over 3 orders to indoseasia.

So I hope you don't have too much on the line...

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My favorite was the gold mine scam where their intended scamee actually talked them into sending a *real* gold nugget prior to telling them that they were morons. It's on the web somewhere. Classic example of turnabout as fair play..



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Its interesting that people actually fall for the most outlandish scams though. When I get an email saying, " Send us $200 so we can transfer $12,495,344.45 USD to you" I generally don't cave... lol..

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I have just removed the offending countries from my countries list in the database...this way they cant sign up even with that country as an option to ship to..

I agree with Burt about the good country list but even still you have to be careful. When anything from Nigeria comes my way I get a good laugh. It's like someone is Jail asking the guard if they can hold the gun for a while.....

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If you using Worldpay, use the pre authorisation option which gives you time to checkout suspicious orders before accepting the payment..

At least this does not incurr chargeback costs if you decline the order, the payment expires after 5 - 7 days if you don't accept it. Also Worldpay gives you a 'WorldAlert Configurator' to exclude any fraudelent names, email, IP etc. from purchasing on your site..

We have had orders to be delivered to South America, the shopper used Dutch IP address and the card holder was a sailor on a US aircraft carrier on duty in the Arabian sea during the Iraq conflict. I don't think his mind was on buying jewelry!!.


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We decided to concentrate ourself only on the german market only with "Cash on Delivery"..

It may sound crazy, but make a bullet point on your "Terms and Conditions" iPage site that explain why you are doing this:.

1- First to protect the custommer.

Nothing to pay in advance without recieving goods, no cc numbers given out even if it is with SSL encryption,..

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Sorry I was quicker that my conputer... here is the whole message..


We decided to concentrate ourself only on the german market only with "Cash on Delivery"..

It may sound crazy, but make a bullet point on your "Terms and Conditions" iPage site that explain why you are doing this:.

1- To protect the custommer:.

.nothing to pay in advance without recieving goods.

.no cc numbers given out. even if it is with SSL encryption (what will happend with the numbers after you recieved them ?? stored in a database ? send per email to some one ?? who will take care of it, and how long ?).

2- To protect yourself:.

.you will always get the money. I repeat 100% money recovery after shipment..

.no special security levels to your database..

.no problems with lawyers, or bank or who ever comming 6 month after payments saying it was fraud..

3- Make "Licenced shops" for other contries and developp your business without having more work. (we have people taking care of other countries. We ship goods to our partner, they take care of it and send it to customers.).

Belive us or not, we develop more quickly that we would have dream about..

Even if it is not a general solution,it is in our case something we will never change..

Make business, not problems...

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Trust me, don't do it!.

All you will get in a few months time is chargebacks and grief! Why don't you remove those countries from your list?.

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: 21 December 2003, 15:29..

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Talking about Nigeria....heres what I got..... I told her I don't ship to her country..


Top of the day.

I visted your iPage site and would like to make an order for some your Products :Posters,movies etc Please send me a List of what you have in stock and Kindly provide me with prices and avaluibilty of what you have in stock ready for shipment so that I can choose from. I'm based in Nigeria. I'll be glad to do business with you..

Thanks for your Anticipated co-oporation..

Yours Faithfully, lol.

Jane Smith..

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I have a small store to sell T-shirts for my small theater company in NYC. I really don't get many orders and almost all of them have been from friends or "regulars" of our shows. Suddenly I am getting a bunch of orders from a few different people in Nigeria. While I think it would be great to suddenly have an international market, I am a little worried and not quite sure why someone who hasn't seen my shows would suddenly want 20 t-shirts. Should I be worried?.



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