How do I transfer my domain name from 123 reg to Yahoo server?

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First of all How do I transfer my domain name from 123 reg to Yahoo server? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: And it's ugly! LoL.....

They definetly needed a new one, but what Im seeing so far, is definetly not an improvement...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I didnt think they could of made it worse but oh yes they have outdone themselves this time, it's terrible..

Comment #2

It just looks like they tried to squeeze it into the 123 reg template, probably some marketing type thought it would be clever and communicate a consistant brand or some rubbish (not how the 123 reg part of the logo is now loads bigger than the TDNAM part).

My opinion: eck!..

Comment #3

Ugh - Already found a few errors with it in terms of searching - less functionality thus far.......

Comment #4

Slow, ugly, bad functionality.

Ironically it is a brand of net's one of biggest registrar, host, etc..

What a shame...

Comment #5

I was mad.

That I couldn't log in, so I missed my auctions..

Why do people not ask there users what they want? HELLO GODADDY!!!..

Comment #6

I just renewed my subscription yesterday, then I login to see this today.

Definitely not impressed. They got rid of the "This Category" search feature, so it's impossible to do an advanced search on Fire Sales, for example. Unless I'm missing something?..

Comment #7

Herb, your not. Im emailing them now to let them know about this...

Comment #8

I emailed them too. If I can't sort by traffic or price or name, then I can't really use tdnam to find names...

Comment #9

My issue is the same Herb is having - I cant select FireSale as the category and search through the BIN names.....

Comment #10

I cannot find my list of won, lost, or pending domains in my account. Doesn't anyone at TDNAM test market these major changes beforehand?..

Comment #11

Apparently not... And instead of adding more features, they've decided to eliminate them..

Comment #12

Home buyer, it's there, but it's difficult to get to..

Login and on the right hand side, hit the "+" next to "My Bidding List".

That will expand below, here you will find what your lookin for (won domains).


Comment #13

Yuck! I liked it better before. I always hated the 123 reg layout and this just copies it. At least before I could tell the difference between GD and tdnam. It could be confusing now..

Looks over functionality...

Comment #14

Sadly I must agree with all that I think their new layout is a major step backwards. I use TDNAM every day and have hundreds of domains listed and must say that I am very disappointed with their decision to implement this new layout..


Comment #15

My Bidding List? I clicked it a dozen times and found nothing. Then I clicked the "+" icon a hair to it's left like you said, and there it was - my wins and losses lists. Thanks..

What were they thinking when they put the "+" icon right next to the "My Bidding List" link with no distinctive color, size or separation that would lead the viewer to recognize that there were two independent links side by side?..

Comment #16

LoL Hombuyer....

Ironically, thats exactly how I knew to look there... I figured they would do something like that...

Comment #17

Seems All the navigation part is similar to

Comment #18

What is wrong before? they should not fix anything unless something broken..

I don't like the new thing at all...

Comment #19

I have spent 20 minutes trying to find the "won" or "did not won" section, for my.

Past winning auctions, but I could not find it anywhere, am I the only one?.

Or is it in an obvious place? I hate tdnam!!!!.

(never mind, I have found it. I missed it since I have the "bidding list" count.

As zero)...

Comment #20

I hate the new layout. If they kept the old features & incorporated them into this layout, I would have been fine with that. I want to search "this category" as it makes life much easier!..

Comment #21

I hate their new layout as well, altough searching seems faster than before. But not be able to search on traffic, number of bids, etcetera should really be added asap..

Bad move from GoDaddy.....

Comment #22

Not only is the layout terrible but ever since they redone the site I have not been able to relist any of my 7 day auctions. It keeps coming up with an error when I go to do the listing. Anyone else having troubles??..

Comment #23

The more I use it, the more it sucks...

Comment #24

I also noticed that if I search for "Buy it Now", it returns listings for "Offer" as well....

Anyone figured out some sort of workaround to actually be able to search Fire Sales?.

Thats really the only thing I use it for...

Comment #25

Thumbs down on new layout. It really offers no improvement over the original design. Actually harder to look at imo...

Comment #26

I've been spamming their feedback address recently. Every time the new layout prevents me from doing something I used to be able to do, I send 'em an email, also pointing out that I used to buy a lot of domains from tdnam, but since the new design: zero purchases..

No replies as yet. not even a "thanks for your feedback"..

Comment #27

I believe that the new TDNAM homepage uses at least one third less bytes than the old one. Perhaps this saves them on bandwidth and makes for faster and easier page loading on, let's say, the iphone...

Comment #28

They already have, they dont need to screw up the main site for that purpose...

Comment #29

I guess I am the only one who likes the NEW tdnam site. Now it is not limited to only 10 different saved searches (I have 23 saved right now not sure what the limit is), I can make it so it automatically shows up to 500 results per page from my search so I dont have to select it everytime in the drop down, and when I am looking at the lists and add to the watch list I can now checkmark to add multiple names at once and the screen doesnt change so I dont have to hit back or anything...

Comment #30

Yeah, you're absolutely right. And if they had added all of those features without completely crippling or eliminating more important features, than we'd all be praising them instead.

The amount of saved searches is pointless to me, seeing as how search doesn't even really work anymore..

It's kind of like Ford coming out with a car that has a bunch of nice features, but no axles..

Comment #31

I emailed 123 reg support this morning to ask how to sort results by price. They replied that you just click the column header. I wrote back to say that this doesn't work on a saved search, and I strongly suggested that they add that ability. I'll let you know what I hear...

Comment #32

The recent TDNAM changes could be precursor to their upcoming participation in the HostGator Distribution Network (DDN), which will allow for an instant transfer protocol. Not sure about this, of course, but look for news at 123 reg of their incorpoaration of the DDN protocols in the coming month or so...

Comment #33

When I tick a box or 2 and hit the watch button, I get taken back to the first page of the results!..

Comment #34

GoDaddy's response (see my earlier post):.

"Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. As we highly value your new ideas, I will forward your information to our developers for consideration. Please feel free to e-mail us at.

Any time with any further suggestions you have.".

Great! I'm sure they'll be implementing it any time now...

Comment #35

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