How do I upload html to a 123 reg domain?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do I upload html to a 123 reg domain? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I present to you, real American heroes.

(Real American heroes).

Today, I salute you, Mr. buyer.

(Mr. buyer).

In an online world with so many choices, you're all about .com..


Sure, anyone can buy a HostGator that doesn't cover it's registration fee in a year, but not just anyone can buy one with 4 letters..

(You've got a big name that looks small).

Find, register, promote, and spread hype. You've been buying thousands of them. One mistype and you'ld have a useless, and a potential renewal nightmare..

So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light Mr. buyer, because as far as I'm concerned, you're not just buying a piece of the Internet, you are a real net citizen, providing links for the lost visitors of the Web..

(Mr buyer).

Just a little parody I put together that sums up my feelings about the craze. names get type-ins and cover their registration costs; names don't quite live up to that...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Very funny.. LOL I like the parody and I think I sang it while I read.

Though there are alot more than just "american" LLLL.coms investors, and it is a solid investment IMO, otherwise ... Props to you for the funny post..

Comment #2

That's exactly the same feeling I have when I hear that filthy Rick Shwartz talking about how is providing a "useful" service to the internet community redirecting traffic through stupid adverts on landing pages. At least have a bit of good sense and avoid telling anyone that you get money from dumb *ankers who mistakenly click on the links on your porn pages thinking they are legit..

By the way. Nice post..

I do beleive that some are worth registering especially if they are pronunciable, but I feel the same about the hype that some people is trying to spread..

Glad to hear something different from time to time...

Comment #3

Funny post. A health dose of skepticism is alway good when the herd has left for the train...

Comment #4

I think billinchina is just angry because he dont have/get any

Comment #5

I'm not angry about that (although I do wish I would have bought a bunch of domains in the $700 range a few years ago). I generally don't like holding names that don't cover their registration fee...

Comment #6

Whats illegitimate about HostGator name traffic? The quality of traffic on generics is top notch...

Comment #7

I know I'll be quite unpopular saying this, but I do believe that type-in traffic is still a way to fool people to click adverts which they probably consider to be internal links of a proper website..

In my opinion a parked page makes sense solely for the purpose of not losing traffic money while in the process of building a 123 reg website on the domain, or to obtain statistical informations on it if you acquired the name to keep it as an investment due to it's rarity..

That said, there is nothing wrong with parked pages, I own a few traffic domains myself, what I want to say is that at least I have the decency to recognize that the page is in no way useful to the user who stumble upon that..

When somebody click a link on my landing page, I don't feel "proud" like if I'm providing him/her with a valuable service..

The 99,9% of internet users are not interested in the commercial proposals coming out of my pages, and even if they do, I'm sure they'd be choosing a much more reliable source than an impersonal parked page to do their shopping..

This "big domainers" instead, try to legitimate their pages like if they are providing a vital service to the internet community, redirecting traffic to where the people want to go..

You have just been lucky enough to register more then 10 years ago, when the web wasn't that popular, and you're living out of horny guys typing in porn in the address bar and clicking the first thing that comes over their mouse..

They haven't been creative or anything else, they have just taken advantage of non-savvy internet users, so don't expect me to admire them for their success...

Comment #8

Nice parody! ...Although rumor has it that a certain beer company's lawyers are wording their C&D letter to refrain from infringing on their trademarked intellectual property based on their beer commercial. It seems you can't parody a parody..

I'm not a real fan of 4 letter .com's just for the sake of being a 4 letter .com (after all, there are 456,976 of them), but I would.


Like to have the actual domain.

Right now, because I'll bet it gets a ton of incoming links and high google search rank due to all the recent hype (what do you know...I just gave it one myself.)! Oddly enough, it's parked at sedo not pointing to acronyms or "" type domains, but to adult sites..

Before any newbies think they'll get in early on the craze, the math shows there are 11,881,376 of them possible. There's only enough for a million domainers to get about 12 each, so register early...

Comment #9

I dont think I've ever had a name that covered it's own reg fee. It would be nice to offset the cost of renewals, but it's definitely not a prerequisite for a nice sale....

Personally I'm torn here. I'm a big supporter of nice pronouncable LLLL.coms. Its not hard to see that their value to end users has historically been strong, and will continue to grow as they become rarer. Random letter LLLL.coms really have limited use though IMO and I'm glad I cleared those out of my port..

Funny post though!..

Comment #10

I like to compare shortness with domains to distance from water with real estate..

Profitable real estate properties are always desirable because they pay for themselves. Profitable domains are always desirable because they pay for themselves. Like profitable real estate, the value of profitable domains is usually proportional to how profitable they are and how predictable the profitability of the HostGator is..

Properties that are close to a river, lake or ocean are also always desirable as a large percentage of people prefer to be close to water than not. Water regulates the land temperature, sustains life, provides great views and also great leisure opportunities. The closer to the water, the more limited the supply. Typically, shortness to a HostGator makes it quicker to type and easier to remember. The shorter the domain, the more practical it is. The shorter the domain, the more limited the supply..

Properties close to water are great to have in periods of growth as the competition in the market for closeness to water pushes the prices up dramitically. The same can be said about short domains. Now is a period of high growth..

Finding profitable property & profitable domains usually requires a bit more skill and research for the novice investor..

Some prefer profitability. Others prefer shortness. Some do a bit of both...

Comment #11

Make it a youtube. It'll get roars at the next conference as the roundtable icebreaker...

Comment #12

Memorable 4Ls will eventually pull the price up of random


Happening now with 3L, as.


Happening now with second rank 4L...

Comment #13

I feel the same, however I still buy

Comment #14

I have since it's only one letter off, I'll sell it to you for 75% of what would go for... say $15K?..

Comment #15

I think you're quite misguided. Maybe if you own meaningless 4 letter .com's the traffic is worthless, but targeted traffic converts to sales extremely well..

So while it's not something I would claim to be providing a "vital service" to the internet, it's undeniable that it is providing a service to both the advertiser and visitor...

Comment #16

A funny post, but I cannot agree with the message..

There are something like 100 million domains out there. LLLL.coms are 1/2 of one percentage of them. The HostGator market continues to grow at a 30% per year rate. The mobile web is just beginning and short HostGator names are even more helpful with those little buttons..

There is IMO going to be a growing demand for short HostGator names, mostly concentrated on .com and, if the stars align, .mobi..

456976 websites on the prime (.com) water-view lots, worldwide, 10 years down the line. Not hard to believe at all...

Comment #17

Nice analogy, but there are exceptions to short domains just as there are exceptions to the desirability to closeness to water with real estate. swampland is next to water but not necessarily more valuable if it isn't suitable for habitation or building on. neither is land next the the outflow of a sewer plant or in a flood plain. Short domains are generally desirable, but don't buy swampland by registering just any just because it's available. Sometimes a nice mountain cabin or 30th floor penthouse is just as valuable as waterfront property. length is only one of many desirable factors, but lack of it doesn't mean the HostGator isn't valuable.

At least with real keywords, you know who your potential buyer might be to target them..

I wish you luck...

Comment #18

Ok that post was so funny I decided to try one of my own (don't forget to read it to the tune of the Bud Lite commercials that it's based on!):.


I present to you, real American heroes.

(Real American heroes).

Today, I salute you, Mr. Dot Mobi buyer.

(Mr. Dot Mobi buyer).

You know the personal computer is as outdated as your grandfather's abacus..

(grandpa's abacus!).

Well who wouldn't want to do a little research on watermelons on their mobile phone?.


Keeping the faith despite all the shady activities of the mTld, you don't need to hear any hype about an iphone.. You've been buying .mobi names like they didn't have anything to do with a 1" x 1" LED screen with no mouse or keyboard. Forget css and browser detection code, you know all the major corporations are going to want to redo their sites with a different extension no one has ever heard of..

So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light Mr. Dot Mobi buyer, because as far as I'm concerned, you're not just supporting a few rich guys who hyped up a new extension, you're ripping off hundreds of would-be domainers who can hardly afford to lose their savings on names like ""..

(Mr Dot Mobi buyer).


Keep in mind the names used in this parody are actually registered! Please don't reply with any flames as this is all in good fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously...

Comment #19

Holy crap - that's funny! In comparison I just made the same point in the most boring, verbose, and monotonous way possible in a related thread.


Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.