How do I upload to 123 reg's FTP site?

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Quick question... How do I upload to 123 reg's FTP site? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... A decision has been made by ICANN regarding Registerfly's domains..

Godaddy will be taking over these domains..

The following was sent out from an ICANN announcement a short while ago:-.



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

You can't see me but I'm jumping up and down!.

Thanks for the news conradseeds, made my morning..

Comment #2

So happy. My domains at Registerfly are going to expire in 2-3 months, so happy it has been resolved before then...

Comment #3

I hope the guilty in this one didn't make off like bandits....

'nuf said..


Comment #4

Compare that statement to the one sent out by 123 reg (See thread in main forum... maybe should combine these two to avoid redundancies?) - some identical language, but nice to see the focus is still set to 6 inches up Bob's butt.


Comment #5

HHhmm, another 850,000 possibilities of safe domaining or risky ones?..

Comment #6

I assume I will be able to renew my domains that expired after RegFly stopped handling renewals ......

Comment #7

Oh well I had ~80 doms at regfly guess this is good news for me..

Comment #8

I'm hoping the same thing!.

Except I had to contact the person that registerfly changed.

My whois into. AFTER it expired!!.

He agreed to accept the transfer for me when it comes through!.

IF it comes through...

Comment #9

Why GoDaddy? Why not eNom? Hmmm.....wonder how much money changed hands for this?..

Comment #10

Only time will tell..

If anyone's up to picking up the pieces, it's Bob...

Comment #11

What a nightmare trying to sort it all out though. I still had domains with registerfly's privacy info - that couldn't be changed -.

I transferred almost 300 out - but they all were still reflected in my HostGator list as still being at registerfly..

I HOPE this is easy for all concerned - but seems like there will be some pitfalls and not everyone is going to be happy!..

Comment #12

I think the folks at 123 reg deserve some praise for jumping into this mess. Sure they will make some cash on the renewals but they are likely looking at delivering several thousands hours of phone support calls..

I hope things work out for everyone involved (myself included)...

Comment #13


1) Is "RegFly" getting paid in any way for this?.

2) How much is 123 reg getting paid by ICANN to take this on?.

3) What domains (Exactly) are transferring since 123 reg doesn't register the same extensions (Only's come to mind - note to self: Thank God I still don't fall for subdomains.

), and as of what date..


Comment #14

I had submitted a support ticket to 123 reg yesterday.

Regarding a concern with an expired HostGator at registerfly.

I just got the response - They told me that they have worked something out.

With ICANN and I'd have until June 28th to renew it after they.

Transfer it. They also said I'd be getting my welcome letter soon,.

So hopefully it'll all go as planned..

Comment #15

Awww, not really good news for me, I hoped someone else will take over, for some reason I don't really like GoDaddy..

Comment #16

Anybody know what will happen to money left in the account?..

Comment #17

Not really ICANN's problem though is it.

If you dont like 123 reg you can always transfer out.....

Comment #18

You will lose it, most likely. Sign up for the class-action against them. I don't have the link anymore, but I'm sure you can find it on

Comment #19

Now the fighting begins where names have their whois changed for no apparent reason. How will 123 reg deal with calls saying...hey that's my name!..

Comment #20

1. But of course. The deal's between Regfly and Go Daddy, remember?.

2. I doubt ICANN paid a single cent to Go Daddy to take this on. One of their.

Blog posts indicate they've been told about it midway in their civil suit, then.

Decided to just tag along..

3. Just those Go Daddy supports. I wonder who's going to handle the ccTLDs..

I can imagine a few ways. But that's for Go Daddy to deal with...

Comment #21

Just got this in an email from ICANN in response.

To an email I sent them on the 21st...

Comment #22

Yeah basically this appears to be a buyout more than ICANN assigning the names. This was all handled so damn poorly. ICANN has no idea of who owns what out there...

Comment #23

Just got an email from 123 reg and initiated transfer..

Comment #24

This is really good news, unfortunately one of my domains is missing...

Comment #25

Bob Parson's actually explains how this all came about in his 'life online' podcast this week..

Basically, he makes it sound like he was doing a community service by taking over RegisterFly's muck. Have a listen to the podcast yourselves to have a feel of what was said. Whilst it was pitched as being altruistic, I hardly think it was..

As an aside... in the same Podcast a question was posed as to why Register Fly was still taking HostGator registrations... apparently Register Fly are now a HostGator reseller. So...who is minding this ship?.

Another aside... Bob Parson's also addresses the 60 day moratorium on HostGator names being moved and states that it is an ICANN requirement (not Go Daddy's) - however having read some comments here - I thought this was a Go Daddy TOA. I've not seen this 60 day rule anywhere else though... (is the truth somewhere inbetween here)?..

Comment #26

He IS doing the domaining community a favour!.

Without someone stepping up and cleaning up.

This "muck" we'd all be up to our eyeballs in it!.

Without our domains!.

He's taking on all the flack that you know is coming,.

Putting his staff through "muck".

Sure, it may have a monetary tale to it in the end,.

But so what, he stepped up!..

Comment #27

Sure...GoDaddy put their hand up to take this project over - but it's not a community service... if 123 reg hadn't put in a proposal to ICANN - ICANN would have assigned a number of registrars to do this - 123 reg just beat everyone to it..

I'm not sure why you are so aggressive/defensive in your response. More transparency is usually a positive thing I would think...

Comment #28

Woah.. all my RF names show GD as registrar now..

Comment #29

Mine too... I still haven't received an email though...

Comment #30

Faster way... don't wait..

Click forget account #, then enter RF domain, then go to email for account #. Repeat for forget password..

You should have your RF domains at GD then.....

Comment #31

Yea I noticed some of my domains at registerfly had registerflys whois info as the whois, so it was hard to transfer out,.

Also I had domains renewed there but they still come up expired,..

Comment #32

Thanks!!!! this was VERY helpful for me.

I'm so impatient!..

Comment #33

Just got my 80 domains from registerfly to 123 reg including those that were expired!! Really nice. If you didn't got your login info just go to 123 reg press forgot customer number than type a HostGator you had @ regfly and they'll mail you the customer number. After this just press forgot pass and fill the customer number in and you'll get your pass...

Comment #34

I can access all my domains now, yippeeeee.

Just waiting for the merge of both accounts now..

Comment #35

They won't ... just do an account change.


Comment #36

They told me they would merge it for me, I have been dealing with support.

On another issue related to this. I just had to verify both accounts. (pin's).

Because of the status of the RF domains (pending) I didn't want to attempt.

The transfer on my own in case I screwed it up.....

I can access both accounts still though, it should be one within.

The next day or so..

Comment #37

The real question is how much did GD pay for getting the domains? Just wait for a large portion of these domains to be up on TDNAM before too long..

This seems to be a drastic overstatement......

Comment #38

Probably Bob gave Medina some 123 reg girls so he doesn't need to spend on escorts anymore and $.25/dom to icann..

Comment #39

Received an email saying the merge was approved and will.

Happen in 3-5 days..

Logged into my 123 reg account and they are already there.

Still pending registerfly transfer on the .info's, but their all in the cpanel now....

I'm so happy..

Comment #40

Medina is homosexual. Bob would have to send him one of the programmer guys from his staff or something...

Comment #41

If you can't wait for the email. Follow the.

Instructions here...

Comment #42

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