How do I use a code to set a theme on godaddy?
Got a question... How do I use a code to set a theme on godaddy? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... I haven't seen a post for this yet..

Has anyone regged one? They are like 160 bucks a peice with application fee..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could assist you..

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You are refunded the 120 just not the app fee if you dont get the name..

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I probably wouldn't reg one of these if it was $1 and no restrictions (with a few exceptions). Now with a $160 reg, it's simply out of the question...

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Most of the names are actually taken, I was going to reg computer , medical and find, but all are taken along with a few others I checked..

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Yes ... they all are taken .. I also tried em .....

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The only place that I have seen .jobs HostGator names avaliable is at enom, but it appears that other registers are now offering it too..

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Blow. was taken too..

I'm finding some decent one word names, related to jobs though...

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Damn costly domains..will buy when the price comes down..

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I just registered, man I hope they except it, I cant afford to lose 40 bucks...

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Definately not! .jobs will not be a smasher in any way. Nobody knows about it, nobody cares about it & it's way to expensive..

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Umm. Okay, it's not easy to get approved for .jobs I heard from someone, apparently you need some sort of a agency or proof that you actually employ people, like a computer firm, or a computing only job agency! I dont think us normal domainers will get to have the .jobs.

Same will probably go for the .travel..

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And this is exactly what they are trying to avoid by charging so much for them. While might be cool, it is not what the extension was meant for. The extension is meant for jobs, not cool domains..

They should up the price for .XXX and .Travel when they are released to over $100.00, too..

It's only expensive for those that want to register useless .JOBS domains but for those that actualy want to develp a serious .JOBS site, $160.00 is not too expensive..

Then you probably should not have regged it in the first place, right?.

From the GD page posted above....

That said, I wonder how they approved BLOW. I mean, unless you are a glass blowing factory or a whore house, how would one "qualify" for such a domain...

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Its a new extention so pretty expensive, after a year I should think it will become cheaper but yes right now it's $160 too still for renewals...

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Now these would be worth registering...

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