How do I use a different host (ion hosting) with my 123 reg account?

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Got a quick question: How do I use a different host (ion hosting) with my 123 reg account? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... Is it just me, or the HostGator forums slowing down? Not just Np's but others as well..

I have seen as of late, that there are only a couple newer posts per day or every couple hours in this section, as a couple months ago, about everytime I checked, there were new posts all the way down this page..

At post, there were 335 Members online and some 1,300 ish Visitors. Are the visitors also Bots?.

What can we all do, to get more people here, so we can all start selling more domains, getting more idea, etc...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

At least for us in the northern hemisphere.

Ski lifts are running in Australia..


Comment #2

I think the Traffic auction might slow it down some, but not much. Most big players are not on the forums, and if they are, they rarely post..

Do you think with NP's being down several times last week, has any effect, or is it just the industry as a whole?.

I think the "Summer" is a push... lol With all the gadgets available now, it's hard to stay away from domaining. (for me atleast)..

Comment #3

No it's summer..

My pool is 85 degrees and perfect, so I sneak out there about 3-4 times a day for "breaks"...

Comment #4

Yes I saw this,.

Ex. it is harder to find buyer in forum marketplace then before.....

Comment #5

It's definitely quieter in the programming forum as well...

Comment #6

Summer usually brings a period of quiet. I'm experiencing this both in the HostGator arena and the web hosting arena. People tend to go outside and spend more money on recreation and are not locked inside with cabin fever...

Comment #7

In my experience, ~ July 4th - ~ August 20th (back to school time-frame) is generally.


On the site, IMHO..

Good to see the outside during the.


, as well!.


Comment #8

Outside right now on my laptop..

About 75 and partly sunny, light breeze..

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I gotta get a laptop but it's to hot to be outside anyway, I burn too easy, something about Scottish skin and Canadian sun....

...82.4 sunny and windy.....

Comment #10

Outside? it's 113 degrees - Sunny.... You kidding me? Wish my laptop was waterproof....

I also wish Cox would get my internet connection working......

Comment #11


Portfolio sales.

Non-English Speaking Owners.

High fraud frequency.

+'s and -'s, but I think we've seen a general "weariness", for lack of a better term..


Comment #12

Cox = POS.

I was "lucky" enough to have to deal with comcast cable out here (although I switched to DirecTV a couple of months ago because of better pricing). The best cable internet I've ever had was TimeWarner, believe it or not. Lightning fast..

Although the forum may be "slow" right now, there's one advantage to the low number of posts: better exposure for your sales threads! There's been days where I've posted a name for sale and it was dropped to the next page within minutes...

Comment #13

Great place to collect your thoughts and to garner some power ideas. especially if you're sipping from a glass with an umbrella sticking out the top whilst floating on a lilo..

Comment #14

It has a lot to do with the nice weather, imo.

I have noticed that there have been very few traffic/revenue names for sale both on here and the other forum - whereas a month or two back there were very nice names going up a couple of times a day.

Maybe it does have to do with portfolio consolidation - larger companies froming and people holding onto their names for dev...

Comment #15

Namepro's record online was set just 4 days ago, most ever online in a day 3 weeks ago. That doesn't indicate a slowdown...

Comment #16

May be off topic. Summer in Pakistan, on 9th June it was 48 C (118 F) in my city. In some cities it is 52 C daily...

Comment #17

Wish all the bidding at snap or tdnam would be quiet so that I can snatch a few...

Comment #18


Yes it is damn hot these days in India so I think most of the indians are online (indoors)..

Comment #19

I am getting a credit card real soon and I will be there snapping up domains...

Comment #20

First day of summer today..

This is the point in the year where I leave my computer for long points to have a vaguely acceptable social life...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.